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the-top-10-games-on-pc-in-december Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The top 10 games on PC in December

I come to you today with important news: there is in fact more than one video game out this month. Yes, that one video game is quite a biggie, and it’s definitely the one most will be picking up this December, but that doesn’t mean everyone is champing at the bit to play it. Maybe you’re not interested in the Deus Extra RPG that is Cyberpunk 2077. Perhaps you want gangsters, underwater puzzles, two-headed dogs! So, if you’re one of those people, and you’re looking for a new game to play over the festive period, look no further than this…

the-top-10-games-coming-to-pc-in-november Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The top 10 games coming to PC in November

Sure, you could drop a few hundo on one of those spang new consoles to play all the games coming out in November, but why would you? Every exclusive’s been delayed and all the best November releases are coming to PC anyway. What’s that? You don’t know what video games are coming out during the penultimate month of this hell year? Well, let me tell you! (more…)