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how-men-of-war-ii-aims-to-reshape-the-frontlines-of-world-war-ii-strategy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How Men Of War II aims to reshape the frontlines of World War II strategy

I’ve always found it hard to get excited about the Men Of War series. This is admittedly partly down to the name. Short of outright calling your game “War”, Men Of War is about as generic a title as you can get for a video game. And I think this was at least partly reflective of the games behind it. Men Of War has generally delivered dependable real-time tactics games, but the series has never excited me in the way that, say, Relic’s Company Of Heroes does. So it’s a promising sign that, at the end of Best Way’s demonstration…

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Kings Bounty 2 review: good strategy packaged with a baggy RPG

You know when you order, say, a single HDMI cable from Amazon and it comes in a cardboard box the size of a dog coffin? That’s King’s Bounty 2. Excessively over packaged. There’s a tight, varied, often-challenging Heroes Of Might And Magic-style tactical battler here, but you’ll have to tear through layers of baggy Dragon Age-style RPG to get to it. Don’t get me wrong. Some of that packaging is really quite nice. Wintery snowscapes. Marble courtrooms with intricate, stained glass murals. Opulently textured facial hair flowing from the chins of impeccably groomed pig farmers. It just feels like King’s…

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Throwback fantasy FPS Graven has launched in early access

Throwback FPS and RPG hybrid Graven has summoned itself an early access launch. Co-publishers 3D Realms and 1C call it “a marriage between modern development tools and techniques with a stark late 90s aesthetic”. It does actually look nicer than the old shooters it was partially inspired by, but it sure does look how I think I remember them. It’s even planning for online and split screen co-op later in development. If you’re hungry for a spot of first person spell-slinging and puzzle solving and crossbow shooting, it’s just launched in early access. Read more

king’s-bounty-2-no-longer-out-in-march,-now-slated-for-august-24 VG247

King’s Bounty 2 no longer out in March, now slated for August 24

King’s Bounty 2 has a new release date.1C Entertainment and Koch Media today have announced the release of King’s Bounty 2 has been moved to August.The upcoming entry in the turn-based tactical role-playing series will be released on August 24. It was originally slated for March, but the team needs more time to ensure it has adequate time to deliver the best possible experience.“We are currently at a stage where the content is complete and playable, but we need more time to finish playtesting, fixing, and polishing,” said producer Denis Maltzev. “The revised launch date will give us additional time…

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3D Realms announce Graven, a fantasy FPS loosely inspired by Hexen 2

Swords and sorcerers will collide with a big wet thunk in Graven, a retro-styled fantasy FPS announced over the weekend by co-publishers 3D Realms and 1C. They claim it’s a “spiritual successor to Hexen 2”, with puzzles, monsters, “open-ended regions” to explore without waypoints directing you, and all sorts of stabby and zappy weapons. It’s being made by Slipgate Ironworks, who did 2013’s Rise Of The Triad remake and the dire Bombshell. The game’s not out until 2021 but they have shared big lumps of gameplay to watch for now. (more…)