microsoft-flight-simulator-world-update-4-takes-you-to-the-skies-of-france,-belgium,-netherlands,-luxembourg VG247

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 4 takes you to the skies of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

By Stephany Nunneley 13 April 2021 18:14 GMT The latest free World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available.It includes the Western European countries France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.You will enjoy flying over seaside communities, urban centers, vineyards, mountain ranges, and resort towns.Watch on YouTubeWorld Update 4: France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg also brings improved digital elevation data and aerial imagery, high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for Paris and Amsterdam, and three new hand-crafted airports (Megeve, Nice, and Rotterdam), plus visual and logistical improvements to 100 additional airports throughout the area.More than 100 famous landmarks and points of interest have…

nier:-automata-is-finally-getting-a-patch-on-steam Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nier: Automata is finally getting a patch on Steam

As much as I adore Nier: Automata (degree: a lot), I cannot deny the PC version is a bit bum and has been since it launched four years ago. It’s daft that we’ve had to use a fan-made fix to run it in the correct resolution or stop cutscenes stuttering. Square Enix did us dirty. But oh my giddy aunt, the stars have aligned and today they finally announced an “upgrade patch” for the post-apocalyptic RPG’s Steam version. Presumably with the fixes from the recent Microsoft Store edition? Read more

how-to-defeat-yagak-in-outriders PC Gamer

How to defeat Yagak in Outriders

Need a hand with the Outriders Yagak final boss? So you’ve almost made it all the way to the end of Outriders, and that nasty beast boss, Yagak, is standing in the way of your glorious conquest of Enoch. Yagak’s wide variety of attacks make it very tricky to deal with, so in this guide, I’m going to show you how to dodge his most vicious abilities and use your build to your advantage to get past the game’s final challenge, regardless which of the four Outriders classes you chose.  Players will take on Yagak during The Caravel story point,…

nintendo-indie-world-showcase-to-reveal-new-games-tomorrow,-april-14 VG247

Nintendo Indie World showcase to reveal new games tomorrow, April 14

By Stephany Nunneley 13 April 2021 17:45 GMT Nintendo will host an Indie World Showcase tomorrow.The company said to expect the Indie World Showcase to last around 20 minutes and to feature new indie games coming to Switch.You can expect things to kick off tomorrow, Wednesday, April 14 at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK/ 6pm CEST.Watch on YouTubeDon’t expect anything other than third-party titles, as this is indie-focused. You can expect release dates and trailers, and since the games on show will be “fresh” we expect to see some exclusive game reveals.The last Indies World Showcase was held back in December…

gigabyte-qhd-curved-gaming-monitor-now-$30-off-at-newegg Toms Hardware

Gigabyte QHD Curved Gaming Monitor now $30 off at Newegg

When it comes to finding the best gaming monitor deals, it can be hard to find the right balance between resolution, refresh rate and price. Gigabyte’s G27QC nails this with a sharp QHD panel, 165Hz refresh rate and, thanks to this discount, a price cut to below $300. Right now, Gigabyte’s 27-inch curved screen is available for just $289.99. More: Best gaming monitorsBest 4K gaming monitorsBest gaming PC and laptop deals Gigabyte G27QC: was $319.99, now $289.99 at Newegg With $30 off, this is a seriously tempting deal for any enthusiast looking to upgrade their gaming setup. The G27QC features…

ghostrunner-free-and-paid-dlc-drops-today,-physical-edition-coming-to-switch VG247

Ghostrunner free and paid DLC drops today, physical edition coming to Switch

A free game mode and the paid Metal Ox Pack for Ghostrunner were released today.Today’s new content for the first-person cyberpunk parkour action Ghostrunner includes the free update Kill Run Mode.In Kill Run Mode, players slay enemies to add seconds to the timer, dash through sections in Dharma Tower as quickly as possible, and hit new heights on the leaderboards. Players can also capture photos with Photo Mode.Watch on YouTubePaid content consists of the Metal Ox Pack, which celebrates the Year of the Ox with four new swords and gloves modeled after the Confucian principles and virtues of benevolence, justice,…

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Preview: the Elite Dangerous Odyssey FPS expansion is best when you’re not shooting

There’s a Vulture circling overhead. Not a scavenger bird, but the somewhat larger Core Dynamics Vulture. Its engine reverbs across the moon’s surface as it boosts off into orbit, ignoring me. I’m not worth the hassle. My Sidewinder, the trash-tier space banger of Elite Dangerous, is parked quiet and unoccupied on the edge of a huge meteor crater. I’m out for a walk, you see, with the long-awaited space legs of the upcoming Odyssey expansion. Not everything is smooth and picturesque in this ongoing public alpha. Despite that, it’s gratifying to boot up your favourite space-trucking game and find not…

amd-ryzen-5000g-cezanne-apus:-shipping-to-oems-now,-coming-to-diy-later-this-year Toms Hardware

AMD Ryzen 5000G Cezanne APUs: Shipping to OEMs Now, Coming To DIY Later This Year

(Image credit: AMD)AMD has announced that its 7nm Ryzen 5000G series APUs, codename Cezanne, are now shipping to OEMs with availability for the DIY/retail market coming later this year. AMD announced three primary 65W models that span from four Zen 3 cores up to eight cores, accompanied by Vega graphics that span from 6 graphics cores to eight. AMD hasn’t shared pricing for these processors yet — that information will likely come during the retail launch later this year.  Compared to intel’s Core i7-10700, AMD claims the chips are 38% faster in content creation, 35% faster in productivity, and are…

black-is-magic:-how-magic:-the-gathering-is-transforming-one-teacher’s-game-club Twitch

Black Is Magic: How Magic: The Gathering Is Transforming One Teacher’s Game Club

On the wall in Mike Lawton’s classroom rests a cardboard cut-out of a Black man. It’s not Martin Luther King Jr. or any other famous Black figure from history—it’s a mage—dark skinned and powerful-looking as a spell shoots from his fingertips. It’s Teferi, one of Magic: The Gathering’s most powerful main characters known as Planeswalkers, and he’s Lawton’s students’ favorite.

the-best-left-handed-mouse-for-gaming-in-2021 PC Gamer

The best left-handed mouse for gaming in 2021

Finding the best left-handed mouse for gaming shouldn’t be this tricky, but even in 2021 we lefties still have a startlingly small choice of gaming mice. While you might find something close to what you’re after—there has been a slight resurgence in southpaw mouse models—there are still very few barely any that are actually built for us. Now, of course, a lot of us left-handers can use the rodents designed for the masses quite competently, having had to for most of our lives, but it’s not really the same. The ergonomics are all wrong and side button arrangements are a…

ubisoft-shutting-down-servers-for-some-of-its-classic-games VG247

Ubisoft shutting down servers for some of its classic games

By Stephany Nunneley 13 April 2021 13:56 GMT Ubisoft is shutting down multiplayer online services for some of its older games.The company has announced a select number of older titles will no longer be playable online starting in June.While solo features will remain available, multiplayer services will go offline and any in-game news and Player Stats services will be shut down.Watch on YouTubeOn June 1, the following PC games will be affected: Assassin’s Creed 2 Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands Far Cry 2 Anno 140 Might & Magic – Clash of Heroes Splinter Cell Conviction The Settlers 7 Might &…

msi-patches-amd-usb-issues-with-latest-x570-and-b550-motherboard-updates PC Gamer

MSI patches AMD USB issues with latest X570 and B550 motherboard updates

MSI has released BIOS updates for its X570 and B550 motherboards that address the intermittent USB issues affecting Ryzen 5000 owners. The new firmware implements the AGESA update AMD released to manufacturers just over a month ago, and while these BIOS updates are officially still in beta, reports have been positive so far. Not everyone has had USB problems with AMD’s Zen 3 chips, but plenty of users have experienced dropped connection for things like external DACs and cameras through to external drives.  The stop-gap suggestion from AMD was to drop the PCI Express connectivity from 4.0 to 3.0…

nvidia-q1-revenue-exceeds-expectations.-cites-demand-for-datacenter,-gaming,-mining-cards Toms Hardware

Nvidia Q1 Revenue Exceeds Expectations. Cites Demand for Datacenter, Gaming, Mining Cards

Nvidia on Monday said first quarter revenue would exceed the previously expected $5.30 billion, citing strong demand for its GPUs for datacenters, gaming, and cryptocurrency mining. The company says that demand for its products exceeds supply and will continue to throughout the rest of the year.  “While our fiscal 2022 first quarter is not yet complete, Q1 total revenue is tracking above the $5.30 billion outlook provided during our fiscal year-end earnings call,” said Colette Kress, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Nvidia. “Within Data Center we have good visibility, and we expect another strong year. Industries are increasingly using AI to…

here’s-what-the-last-of-us-part-2-would-look-like-running-at-4k60-on-ps5 VG247

Here’s what The Last of Us Part 2 would look like running at 4K60 on PS5

By Dom Peppiatt 13 April 2021 10:13 GMT Ever wanted to know what The Last of Us Part 2 would look like playing on your PlayStation 5 at 4K resolution with a 60fps framerate? Well, wonder no more!Amidst rumours that we’re getting a remake of the original The Last of Us game, a Naughty Dog fan has employed the use of editing software and AI upscaling to give us a taste of what a true 4K60 patch would do for The Last of Us Part 2.Though once we heard whispers about Naughty Dog’s blockbuster 2020 survival game getting a dedicated…

have-you-played…-don’t-starve-together? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have You Played… Don’t Starve Together?

I hadn’t played Don’t Starve before, despite it being a thing I knew about for quite some time. I just never fancied getting into it as I often get frustrated with survival games I’m not immediately good at (read: all of them). When some Stardew Valley bug problems ruined some lockdown date nights though, Don’t Starve Together was recommended to me on some internet list as one to try out, and what a recommendation it was. Read more

become-a-viking-wizard-with-this-valheim-mod-skyheim Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Become a viking wizard with this Valheim mod Skyheim

Valheim already has its own sort of magic with the forsaken powers you get from each boss, but if you’re more into to slinging fireballs around you may want to try out Skyheim. This mod adds runes that you can craft with loot from bosses and dungeons. Summon a light instead of carrying a torch. Scorch a forest full of Greylings with your fire. Oh, and teleport yourself back to your bed at will. It sounds pretty powerful, but chucking fire and ice around sure looks like a good time. Read more

a-roblox-roleplayer-scammed-their-way-into-real-white-house-press-briefings Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A Roblox roleplayer scammed their way into real White House press briefings

What does it take to get your questions answered during the White House press briefing? Less than I’d have imagined, apparently, thanks in part to Covid-19 protocols. A player in a Roblox political roleplay group managed to invent a journalist persona for themselves that was good enough to fool their supposed colleagues and have their questions asked to White House press secretary Jen Psaki multiple times. They seemed like legitimate press corps questions, too. Power to the players, apprently. Read more

a-roblox-roleplayer-scammed-their-way-into-white-house-press-briefings Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A Roblox roleplayer scammed their way into White House press briefings

What does it take to get your questions answered during the White House press briefing? Less than I’d have imagined, apparently, thanks in part to Covid-19 protocols. A player in a Roblox political roleplay group managed to invent a journalist persona for themselves that was good enough to fool their supposed colleagues and have their questions asked to White House press secretary Jen Psaki multiple times. They seemed like legitimate press corps questions, too. Power to the players, apprently. Read more

nvidia-refreshes-expensive,-powerful-dgx-station-320g-and-dgx-superpod Toms Hardware

Nvidia Refreshes Expensive, Powerful DGX Station 320G and DGX Superpod

Nvidia today revealed its updated DGX Station A100 320G. As you might infer from the name, the new DGX Station sports four 80GB A100 GPUs, with more memory and memory bandwidth than the original DGX Station. The DGX Superpod has also been updated with 80GB A100 GPUs and Bluefield-2 DPUs. Image 1 of 7 (Image credit: Nvidia)Image 2 of 7 (Image credit: Nvidia)Image 3 of 7 (Image credit: Nvidia)Image 4 of 7 (Image credit: Nvidia)Image 5 of 7 (Image credit: Nvidia)Image 6 of 7 (Image credit: Nvidia)Image 7 of 7 (Image credit: Nvidia)Nvidia already revealed the 80GB A100 variants last…