intel’s-$64-pentium-gold-g7400t-alder-lake-cpu-overclocked-to-5.8-ghz Toms Hardware

Intel’s $64 Pentium Gold G7400T Alder Lake CPU Overclocked to 5.8 GHz

Professional overclocker Hicookie managed to increase the frequency of one of Intel’s cheapest Alder Lake-based CPU — the Pentium Gold G7400T that has an RRP of $64 — from 3.1 GHz to 5.8 GHz by altering its base clock (BCLK). Running a modern dual-core processor at such a high frequency means that he owns of the fastest dual-core CPUs ever produced.  Intel’s Pentium processors are aimed at inexpensive PCs that are not meant to be overclocked, which is somewhat ironic since the cheapest computers arguably benefit from overclocking the most (as expensive CPUs are fast by default). The last time Intel offered…

solo-bitcoin-miners-are-striking-crypto-gold-with-tiny-rigs Toms Hardware

Solo Bitcoin Miners Are Striking Crypto Gold With Tiny Rigs

Most ordinary people haven’t been able to mine Bitcoin at a profit for years. As the difficulty of mining the cryptocurrency has increased, most rewards have gone to massive operations that rely on a bunch of incredibly powerful machines. But solo miners with relatively weak setups have found success in recent weeks. The most recent example comes from a solo miner participating in “,” which purportedly offers “no frills, no fuss 2% fee anonymous solo bitcoin mining for everyone.” The miner solved a block with a rig that had a hashrate of approximately 8.3 terahashes per second (TH/s) and earned…

steam-dynamic-cloud-sync-will-make-life-easier-for-deck-owners VG247

Steam Dynamic Cloud Sync will make life easier for Deck owners

An improvement to Steam Cloud Saves will make it easier to move from Steam Deck to other PCs. As part of its ongoing work to support Steam Deck, Valve has released a new Dynamic Cloud Sync feature to Steam Cloud. The free feature will allow users to seamlessly move between Steam Deck and PC instances of their games without worrying about exiting the game on Deck. Valves says it anticipates users will frequently suspend their Deck without exiting the game, which is common with other hand-helds. But with Dynamic Cloud Sync, if users then choose to play on another device…

having-recovered-from-success,-final-fantasy-14-is-back-on-sale Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Having recovered from success, Final Fantasy 14 is back on sale

After six long weeks, Final Fantasy XIV is back on sale. That’s after Square Enix stopped selling the MMORPG after the critically acclaimed life-hog overwhelmed its servers, causing massive server queues and network errors. Thankfully, those days are behind the game now. So yes, if you’ve been longing to check out its excellent Endwalker expansion or famous smooth grapes, you can! And from a new Oceania server too, because Squeenix now have room for those down under to sample Eorzea’s delicacies. Read more

amd-ryzen-9-6900hx-can’t-catch-alder-lake-mobile-in-geekbench-5 Toms Hardware

AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX Can’t Catch Alder Lake Mobile in Geekbench 5

A new Geekbench 5 benchmark result has appeared featuring AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 9 6900HX mobile flagship. Courtesy of @TUM_APISAK on Twitter, the benchmark scores show competitive results against Intel’s Core i7-12700H. However, AMD’s latest chip pales by comparison to the Core i9-12900H, its intended competition. The 6900HX will be one of AMD’s new leading flagships in its Ryzen mobile 6000 series lineup. The new chips feature the updated Zen 3+ microarchitecture running on TSMC’s latest 6nm node. Thanks to numerous upgrades in power efficiency on Zen 3+, this will give Ryzen 6000 mobile up to 11% higher single-threaded performance and…

intel-core-i5-12400f-review:-core-i5-12600k-performance-for-100-less Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Intel Core i5-12400F review: Core i5-12600K performance for £100 less

There was cause for joy and concern alike when Intel revealed the Core i5-12400F, alongside loads of other new 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs. Here was a much more affordable, still gaming focused-alternative to the Core i5-12600K, yet it would lack the signature hybrid of fast Performance cores and flexible Efficiency cores that made that chip one of the best gaming CPUs ever made. Turns out, the concern was for naught: the Core i5-12400F is a cracking slice of silicon, both for the money and for games specifically. Although the sole reliance on Performance cores (or P-cores) puts it behind…

respawn-is-working-on-three-star-wars-games VG247

Respawn is working on three Star Wars games

Sequel, shooter, strategy. EA and Lucasfilm Games announced today that three new Star Wars titles are in the works at or in collaboration with Respawn Entertainment. These include the next title in the Star Wars Jedi franchise, which we already knew was coming, as well as a strategy game and a first-person shooter. Heading up the next Star Wars Jedi story is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order director Stig Asmussen, who previously worked on God of War titles before joining Respawn. Peter Hirschmann, game director, who was the executive producer on the original Star Wars Battlefront games, will lead the…

intel-core-i5-12400-review PC Gamer

Intel Core i5 12400 review

It would be easy to dismiss the Intel Core i5 12400 as one of the least interesting processors from the 12th Gen Alder Lake generation of CPUs, but in doing so you’d be dismissing one of the best mainstream chips ever made. Now, it is possible part of this CPU’s nerdy allure is the product of a happy accident on the part of Intel’s microcode, but that doesn’t change the fact that as well as being an excellent six-core, 12-thread gaming processor, it’s a hugely impressive overclocking chip, too. But, if you were particularly after the special Alder Lake hybrid…

excel-brings-in-mikyx-to-lec-team-replacing-‘deeply-saddened’-support-player-advienne,-while-tim-reichert-speaks-to-esports-news-uk-about-the-decision-being-made-by-him-and-the-coaching-staff,-not-consulting-the-players-and-mikyx’s-two-year-contract ESports News UK

Excel brings in Mikyx to LEC team replacing ‘deeply saddened’ support player Advienne, while Tim Reichert speaks to Esports News UK about the decision being made by him and the coaching staff, not consulting the players and Mikyx’s two-year contract

Update: Excel’s esports director Tim Reichert has spoken to Esports News UK clarifying who made the decision to bring Mikyx into the team, replacing Advienne – and the thinking behind not consulting other players beforehand. On Advienne saying ‘management’ made this decision, Tim said: “It was the esports director and coaching staff. I flew out to Berlin on Sunday morning just to be there for a meeting with Henk (Advienne) in person and give him the reasons. Continue reading Excel brings in Mikyx to LEC team replacing ‘deeply saddened’ support player Advienne, while Tim Reichert speaks to Esports News UK…

excel-brings-in-mikyx-to-replace-advienne,-with-‘deeply-saddened’-outgoing-support-player-speaking-out:-“excel-said-the-lec-roster-would-be-rebuilt-around-markoon-and-i,-but-on-sunday-management-said-i-was-to-be-replaced” ESports News UK

Excel brings in Mikyx to replace Advienne, with ‘deeply saddened’ outgoing support player speaking out: “Excel said the LEC roster would be rebuilt around Markoon and I, but on Sunday management said I was to be replaced”

UK-based esports organisation Excel Esports has signed Slovenian League of Legends support player Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle to its LEC team. Mikyx is an experienced player who achieved solid success with G2 in recent years, having won MSI in 2019, reached the finals of Worlds 2019 and won several LEC/EU LCS seasons. Prior to that, he played with the likes of Misfits, Splyce and Fnatic. Mikyx replaces Dutch support player Henk ‘Advienne’ Reijenga, who was promoted from Excel’s academy team to the LEC first team last summer, along with jungler Mark ‘Markoon’ van Woensel. Continue reading Excel brings in Mikyx to…

morgan-sports-law-launches-dotx-talent,-a-new-esports-and-gaming-talent-management-agency-for-pro-players,-casters-and-streamers ESports News UK

Morgan Sports Law launches DotX Talent, a new esports and gaming talent management agency for pro players, casters and streamers

UK-based legal business Morgan Sports Law DotX Talent, a new esports and gaming talent management business. This brings together sports lawyers and esports industry experts to offer pro players, casters and content creators career support. Headed up by Morgan Sports Law lawyer Nick Williams, the team includes head of partnerships Mitsouko Anderson, social media lead Richard Brown and talent management executives. DotX Talent promises to offer talent management services, including contract negotiation, opportunity sourcing and career development, as well as legal support and advice, invoice management, as well as social media strategy, analysis and publicity management. Continue reading Morgan Sports…

steam-deck-will-let-you-suspend-play-and-continue-on-another-device PC Gamer

Steam Deck will let you suspend play and continue on another device

Audio player loading… Steam has announced a new dynamic cloud sync feature for Steam Cloud, as part of Valve’s preparation for the release of the Steam Deck. The feature will allow players to move between a Steam Deck and a desktop PC without having to exit the game on Steam Deck (which features a suspend function). Phew, it’s all getting very steamy in here. “We anticipate that users will frequently suspend their Steam Deck without exiting the game, as is common with other hand-held gaming devices,” says the announcement. “With Dynamic Cloud Sync, if they then choose to play on…

rp2040-launches-rocket-flight-computer Toms Hardware

RP2040 Launches Rocket Flight Computer

Putting Raspberry Pi boards into space is nothing new, but the method of achieving orbit often differs. While the Astro Pi computers headed for the final frontier onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, there are some decidedly lower-tech approaches including, as detailed on the Tindie blog, this $45 RP2040 flight computer from Finnish designer Dan Invents. Combining the RP2040 controller with an altimeter, accelerometer, temperature sensor, and enough juice to power two servo motors (for parachute deployment on the way down), the Rockit (rocket operation computing kit) weighs just 0.18oz (5g) and measures 1.73 x 0.9 x 0.35 inches (44…

horizon-forbidden-west-first-gameplay-preview-goes-deep-on-overhauled-combat-and-exploration VG247

Horizon Forbidden West first gameplay preview goes deep on overhauled combat and exploration

Aloy’s pilgrimage to the eponymous Forbidden West is going to give you more freedom to explore and make you feel deadlier in combat Horizon Forbidden West is due to release in a couple of weeks, and ahead of the game coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles, we’re starting to see the first hands-on impressions of the game hit the internet. As expected, initial impressions suggest this is a game that goes above and beyond the scope of the 2017 original, showcasing Guerrilla Games’ remarkable use of tech and improving on the foundations that the previous game set up so thoroughly….

steam-deck’s-dynamic-cloud-sync-streamlines-switching-between-handheld-and-pc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam Deck’s Dynamic Cloud Sync streamlines switching between handheld and PC

With the Steam Deck’s February rollout bearing down, Valve are still unveiling the portable PC’s new tricks. The latest, as per a Steamworks Development blog post, is Dynamic Cloud Sync: a variation of Steam’s existing cloud save feature that ensures save files can sync between a player’s Steam Deck and PC even when the former is only suspended, rather than fully powered down. Read more

nvidia-and-facebook’s-meta-to-build-ai-research-supercomputer PC Gamer

Nvidia and Facebook’s Meta to build AI research supercomputer

Audio player loading… Facebook’s rebranded parent company Meta is working with Nvidia to build a massive supercomputer for AI research that probably should terrify us all. According to an Nvidia Blogpost, the two companies will be working together on what’s been dubbed the Air Research SuperCluster or RSC, and will be the largest NVIDIA DGX A100 customer system yet. The beast is said to deliver 5 exaflops, or 5000000 teraflops of AI performance across thousands of GPUs.  This big synthetic brain is going to be set to train AI models with more than trillion parameters. A Facebook blog post explains…

g.skill-smashes-ddr5-wr-with-overclocked-ddr5-8888-ram Toms Hardware

G.Skill Smashes DDR5 WR With Overclocked DDR5-8888 RAM

G.Skill has again hooked up with Asus to establish a new world record for DDR5 overclocking. The Trident Z5 memory has hit DDR5-8888 under exotic liquid nitrogen cooling. G.Skill’s Trident Z5 was the prior record-holder at DDR5-8704. At this point, the company is practically competing against itself to push DDR5 to new heights. The memory module hails from the F5-6000U4040E16G memory kit, meaning its XMP speed is DDR5-6000. The Chinese overclocker, who goes by the nickname 林大餅Bing, pushed the memory to DDR5-8888, resulting in an impressive 48% overclock. The sole Trident Z5 16GB memory module resided on Asus’s ROG Maximus…

new-stranger-of-paradise:-final-fantasy-origin-trailer-combines-fantasy-violence-with-frank-sinatra PC Gamer

New Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trailer combines fantasy violence with Frank Sinatra

Audio player loading… Team Ninja’s take on the Final Fantasy universe is less than two months away, and while the E3 2021 reveal trailer’s use of the words “Kill chaos” elicited a lot of scoffing, there’s reason to be optimistic. The prospect of a Final Fantasy soulslike developed by the studio responsible for Nioh is exciting enough, and some of the enemies shown in this new five minute trailer are genuinely spectacular. Sure, protagonist Jack is still heavily reminiscent of a PS3-era generic bro, but maybe some Frank Sinatra will take some of that edge off? There’s some Frank in…

esl-and-faceit-acquisition-criticised-over-saudi-arabia-government-ownership ESports News UK

ESL and Faceit acquisition criticised over Saudi Arabia government ownership

Two major esports tournament providers, ESL and Faceit, have joined forces under controversial circumstances. They willl now be owned by Savvy Gaming Group (SGG), which is 100% owned by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund – its government’s Public Investment Fund. Savvy Gaming Group has acquired ESL from Modern Times Group (MTG) for $1.05bn, and has purchased Faceit for a reported $500m. SGG is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The move – first reported by Handelsblatt – has been criticised by pockets of the esports community for Saudi’s human rights record. Continue reading ESL and Faceit acquisition criticised over Saudi Arabia…