your-pc-deserves-the-sweet-kiss-of-a-magnetic-screwdriver PC Gamer

Your PC deserves the sweet kiss of a magnetic screwdriver

Earlier this year I made the mistake of moving across the country during the pandemic. This rookie move inevitably led me to spend the next month and a half building bookshelves, standing desks, kitchen islands, garage storage, and endless furniture, all things that hunger for damned screws. I regret embarking on this journey without the help of a magnetic screwdriver. I feel sort of like Frodo who ran off to Mordor without trusty Sting. Let my failure benefit you, dear reader: get a magnetic screwdriver if you regularly open your PC. We’ve all experienced the third least-enjoyable thing about building…

destiny-2’s-raid-race-was-delightfully-brutal Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Destiny 2’s raid race was delightfully brutal

The best time to play a Destiny raid is as soon as it launches. Before the puzzles are solved, the bosses cheesed, the builds optimised, and the surprises spoiled, get in and discover it for yourself. Raids are extra brutal at launch because the first 24 hours are under a special ‘Contest Mode’ making enemies so much tougher while players race for the world’s first completion. So when Destiny 2: Beyond Light opened the Deep Stone Crypt last Saturday, I dove straight in with my fireteam for puzzling and a good pummelling. It was: great. (more…)

assassin’s-creed-valhalla-|-who-is-the-vault? VG247

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | Who is The Vault?

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as Eivor seeks an alliance with the ancient settlement of Jorvik, it’s once again time to play detective and uncover the identity of The Vault. After ridding the town of two nefarious actors, the stakes are raised as the Wolf-Kissed learns of a plot to poison the people of Jorvik at their annual Yuletide feast. To stop The Vault, they must consider all of the evidence they’ve collected throughout their time in Jorvik, and come to a conclusion. For the locations of every clue and member of the Order of Ancients, we have a full page,…

das-keyboard-4c-tkl-with-mx-brown-hits-new-$111-low Toms Hardware

Das Keyboard 4C TKL With MX Brown Hits New $111 Low

A mechanical keyboard is something a lot of casual typists don’t consider, but like how snagging a nice mattress can make all the difference for your sleep,  it’s one of the easiest ways to make your typing experience more efficient and comfortable. Maybe the reason it doesn’t occur to a lot of people is because so many of the best mechanical keyboard are decked out for gaming, but there are great typing options for productivity, too. Take the Das Keyboard 4C TKL, which is now at its lowest price ever: $111. The Das Keyboard 4C TKL is an RGB-less, aluminum-paneled,…

black-friday-2020-pc-gaming-deals:-the-best-deals-that-are-still-available Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Black Friday 2020 PC gaming deals: the best deals that are still available

Black Friday 2020 is here, and to help you navigate the sheer number of Black Friday PC gaming deals that are on offer today, we’ve put together this RPS-approved round-pu of all the very best deals and discounts taking place in the UK and US. Whether it’s a new graphics cards, monitor or SSD you’re after, or just a new mouse, keyboard or headset replacement, we’ve got you covered for all your Black Friday deals needs. Every section has been updated today with all of the latest Black Friday PC gaming deals we can find. Remember, there’s also a great…

the-best-nintendo-switch-black-friday-bundle-is-back-in-stock-again VG247

The best Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundle is back in stock again

By Grace Curtis, Friday, 27 November 2020 17:23 GMT Amazon once again has stock of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday offer available this week. As well as the iconic red and blue console, customers can expect a free copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. As usual, Nintendo has been pretty miserly with the discounts this Black Friday (even considering the e-store sale tomorrow). By their standards, a complimentary $60 game is downright generous. Perhaps the Christmas spirit got through to them after all. Mario Kart 8 was released originally on the ill-fated Wii-U. The Deluxe version ports it frictionlessly to…

smash-bros’-sakurai-is-impressed-by-ps5-but-not-the-amount-of-ssd-storage VG247

Smash Bros’ Sakurai is impressed by PS5 but not the amount of SSD storage

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 27 November 2020 17:21 GMT And no, the console isn’t coming to Nintendo’s chaotic brawler.Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has weighed in on Sony’s brand new PlayStation 5 console.In his regular column in Japanese games mag Famitsu – as reported by Kotaku – the developer overall was impressed by the hardware but did have some criticisms.Sakurai said that the PS5 is a big beast, saying what many people have been saying since the console was unveiled earlier this year. That being said, he said that he was able to fit the machine into his entertainment…

you-can-save-15%-on-this-rtx-3080-alienware-aurora-desktop Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You can save 15% on this RTX 3080 Alienware Aurora desktop

As you may have noticed, graphics card deals are pretty few and far between this [cms-block], and there simply haven’t been any RTX 3080 cards in stock to even try and buy one at their usual price. At least not on their own, anyway. If you’ve got deep pockets and have been thinking about upgrading your entire PC to, say, play Cyberpunk 2077 with maximum ray tracing settings, then it may be quicker, easier and cheaper to simply buy a whole new PC – and if it’s an RTX 3080 you’re after, Dell are currently shaving 15% off some of…

black-friday-gaming-pc-deals:-the-best-prebuilt-rigs-on-sale-today PC Gamer

Black Friday Gaming PC deals: the best prebuilt rigs on sale today

If you’re one of many people hunting for an RTX 30-series GPU, an alternative might be buying a pre-built rig from a PC building company. They have their own stock of these elusive cards, so you might be able to get one from them—and a bunch of other hardware for a nice price. There are also quality Radeon cards and 20-series NVIDIA GPUs to be found this way as well. Going pre-built will cost more than doing it yourself, but there’s something satisfying about a PC turning up on your doorstep and just working. No thermal paste on your sweater,…

the-epic-game-store’s-black-friday-sale-has-landed Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Epic Game Store’s Black Friday sale has landed

You get a sale! And you get a sale! Everybody gets a sale! Hot on the heels of Steam’s autumn sale, Epic Games have launched their own [cms-block] extravaganza. Now, they don’t have quite so many games on offer as Steam’s big blowout, but there are a few decent deals in there – including some alright discounts on new games like Watch Dogs: Legion and Star Wars: Squadrons. (more…)

this-assassin’s-creed-valhalla-mod-means-eivor-need-not-be-jealous-of-an-npc’s-haircut VG247

This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla mod means Eivor need not be jealous of an NPC’s haircut

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 27 November 2020 16:32 GMT More like Fashionista’s Creed, am I right?A new mod for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla allows you to give protagonist Eivor a brand new hair cut.As spotted by Eurogamer, the Eivor Customiser is a PC mod made by Hypermorphic, which lets players change the hero’s hair-do to any of those worn by NPCs within the game. You can even access a few hairdos from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, too. There are different variations that you can switch between and players are able to change their hair colour, too.It’s also possible to change Eivor’s body…

unable-to-go-to-a-real-one,-early-access-pc-game-simcasino-is-my-latest-obsession VG247

Unable to go to a real one, early access PC game SimCasino is my latest obsession

SimCasino is a great new take on a tried-and-true genre – and it’s helping me through some lockdown blues. Video games are my first gaming love, but I confess I have another. For better or worse (which, naturally, depends on luck), I love a gamble. In moderation, of course – but Blackjack, Poker, even slots – in person, at least, these give me a thrill. The digital kind has never really done anything for me, which means in pandemic lockdown I’ve been unable to scratch that itch – but then I discovered SimCasino.A recently-opened PC Early Access game, SimCasino is…

apex-legends-glitch-lets-you-launch-vehicles-across-the-map Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Apex Legends glitch lets you launch vehicles across the map

Deals deals deals! Just kidding – I interrupt your regularly scheduled Black Friday posts to bring you some delightful Apex Legends japes. Today in “what daft thing has Imogen done in a multiplayer shooter now”, I had a go at replicating a glitch that throws Apex’s new vehicles across the map. Actually, “launch” is probably a better word to use than “throw”, because pulling off the stunt jetts you off into the sky like Gnome Chompski strapped to a rocket. (more…)

call-of-duty:-black-ops-cold-war-zombies-easter-egg-guide VG247

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Egg Guide

With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War comes the inexorable pull of zombies – loaded with references, new weapons and, of course, the Easter egg. Luckily this one is on the easier side than the esoteric secrets we’ve seen in the past, and can be done on your own with just a little skill. For this reason, we’ll tackle this as a solo player but it only gets easier with a full squad. Loadout and AetheriumThis section will be dedicated to gearing you up beforehand. Aetherium is a valuable part of that process and will come…

the-real-winners-of-this-year’s-black-friday-sale-are-the-ultrawide-monitor-deals Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The real winners of this year’s Black Friday sale are the ultrawide monitor deals

[cms-block] is over half way done for us in the UK, and as I look back over the great sea of discounted PC components I’ve scavenged over the last seven days (weeks? Years?), I have to say that the best deals have definitely been reserved for those after an ultrawide gaming monitor. That’s not to say there also hasn’t been plenty of great, if fleeting, deals on regular 16:9 monitors this year (most notably Samsung’s stupendously good Odyssey G7 and LG’s G-Sync Compatible UltraGear 27GL850-B), but the biggest and best discounts have definitely fallen in the ultrawide camp, which is…

director-john-carpenter-is-really-enjoying-assassin’s-creed-valhalla VG247

Director John Carpenter is really enjoying Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 27 November 2020 14:30 GMT Guess you could say he has a real thing for it.Film director John Carpenter is no stranger to video games, but it seems that the Hollywood legend is rather taken by Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed title.In a post on Twitter, the horror legend said that the recently-released Valhalla is “a return to excellence in the franchise,” before going on to say that the title’s open world is “beautifully designed.” Carpenter also says that the gameplay is “great.”The director has been pretty open about his love of video games. Back in 2017,…

mechwarrior-5-dev-delays-steam-release-to-avoid-cyberpunk-2077 VG247

Mechwarrior 5 dev delays Steam release to avoid Cyberpunk 2077

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 27 November 2020 14:10 GMT Another game runs and hides from CD Projekt Red’s blockbuster release.Piranha Games has pushed back the launch of Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries on Steam thanks to Cyberpunk 2077.In a blog post, the studio said that it wasn’t eager to go toe-to-toe with CD Projekt Red’s eagerly-anticipated sci-fi RPG, which is set to launch on December 10. Mechwarrior 5 will now be released on Steam and GOG in spring 2021, alongside the Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC that was set to launch at the same time.“Any developer wants their titles to get…

here’s-32-inches-of-4k-samsung-monitor-loveliness-for-just-$269 PC Gamer

Here’s 32 inches of 4K Samsung monitor loveliness for just $269

Full 4K resolution with 3,840 by 2,160 pixels? Check. Quality VA panel? Yep. 32 inches? Oh yes. From one of the biggest brands in the business? Uh huh. We give you the Samsung UJ590 32-inch, one heck of a monitor for just $269 from best buy, fully $100 off what was already a pretty sweet price. Amazon Black Friday deals 2020Now, at this price point you’re not going to get 144Hz refresh and retina-ruining HDR support. This is a 60Hz panel that tops out at 270cd/m2. But for the money, it’s incredible you can have a 32-inch VA panel form…

no-waiting:-alienware’s-rtx-3080-pcs-are-on-sale-and-shipping Toms Hardware

No Waiting: Alienware’s RTX 3080 PCs are on Sale and Shipping

If you’re wondering where and how to buy an RTX 3080 or RTX 3070 card, your chances of succeeding in what’s left of 2020 seem slim. Most stores are constantly sold out of the GPUs and barring incredibly good luck or success from a Raspberry Pi-powered bot,  you could be celebrating Valentine’s Day without one.  However, if you’re willing to buy a prebuilt, Alienware Aurora PC, you could be playing Cyberpunk 2077 in 4K with ray-tracing on when the year’s most-anticipated game launches in early December. And believe it or not, Dell has the the Aurora configurations with RTX 3080…