oculus-quest-2-will-soon-support-wireless-vr-play-on-pc VG247

Oculus Quest 2 will soon support wireless VR play on PC

By Dom Peppiatt 14 April 2021 10:51 GMT Oculus has announced that its flagship Oculus Quest 2 headset will support wireless PC streaming and a 120Hz refresh rate, thanks to a new update rolling out soon.As per an announcement on the Oculus site, the headset will soon enjoy a suite of upgrades that’ll allow you to use it untethered from your PC – meaning you can enjoy virtual reality with no strings attached, so to speak.Previously, it was only possible to play games wirelessly with an Oculus Quest 2 if they were installed natively on the device. When this new…

warzone-developer-starts-a-gofundme-for-legal-battle-against-activision,-who-also-have-a-game-called-warzone PC Gamer

Warzone developer starts a GoFundMe for legal battle against Activision, who also have a game called Warzone

“Hello, my name is Randy, and I’m being sued by Activision for being an indie game developer.” That’s how Randy Ficker, creator of a browser and mobile game called Warzone, begins his GoFundMe page. Ficker and Activision are involved in a trademark dispute over the name Warzone as applied to a videogame, and things are getting heated. Ficker launched Warzone in 2017. Activision launched Call of Duty: Warzone in 2020. As Ficker says on his GoFundMe, “The law is clear: If you use a name in commerce before someone else, they can’t sue you to get rights for that name.” …

dev-calls-out-player-who-refunded-his-game-after-saying-it-was-‘amazing,’-player-apologizes-and-rebuys-it PC Gamer

Dev calls out player who refunded his game after saying it was ‘amazing,’ player apologizes and rebuys it

By many accounts, Before Your Eyes is a smart and affecting game, and the control system seems cool: It uses your webcam to determine when you blink. It’s also a short game, and at least one player took advantage of that fact by completing it in under two hours and then refunding it on Steam. Steam’s refund policy allows users to return games “within two weeks of purchase and with less than two hours of playtime” for any reason. It doesn’t matter whether or not they finished the game, or if they liked it. Before Your Eyes lead designer and…

oculus-quest-2-gets-official-wireless-support-for-pc-vr-with-air-link PC Gamer

Oculus Quest 2 gets official wireless support for PC VR with Air Link

The best thing about the Oculus Quest 2 is being able to play games untethered, flailing about in Beat Saber without worrying about tripping over the cable or yanking it out of your PC. That only works natively for games installed on the headset, however, and if you want to play PC VR games like Half-Life: Alyx you need to either plug in a USB cable, or fork out $20 for a third-party solution like Virtual Desktop. That’s about to change with Air Link, a new feature announced in the latest Oculus blog post. Part of the v28 software update…

sifive-tapes-out-first-5nm-tsmc-risc-v-chip-with-7.2-gbps-hbm3 Toms Hardware

SiFive Tapes Out First 5nm TSMC RISC-V Chip With 7.2 Gbps HBM3

SiFive on Tuesday said that that its OpenFive division has successfully taped out the company’s first system-on-chip (SoC) on TSMC’s N5 process technology. The SoC can be used for AI and HPC applications and can be further customized by SiFive customers to meet their needs. Meanwhile, elements from this SoC can be licensed and used for other N5 designs without any significant effort. The SoC contains the SiFive E76 32-bit CPU core(s) for AI, microcontrollers, edge-computing, and other relatively simplistic applications that do not require full precision. It uses OpenFive’s D2D (die-to-die) interface for 2.5D packages as well as OpenFive’s High Bandwidth Memory…

ludwig-breaks-ninja’s-twitch-sub-record-after-streaming-for-31-days-straight PC Gamer

Ludwig breaks Ninja’s Twitch sub record after streaming for 31 days straight

It took 31 days of non-stop streaming, but variety streamer Ludwig Ahgren has finally broken the all-time Twitch sub record of 269,154 set by Ninja all the way back in 2018. “There it is, you were here. This is the new record on Twitch,” he announced to an audience of over 80,000 just as his sub count crossed the threshold. The achievement comes just as Ludwig is preparing to wrap up the month-long subathon. It wasn’t supposed to go this long. Ludwig began streaming on March 14 with a simple rule: each sub adds ten seconds to a countdown clock…

after-nonstop-31-day-stream,-ludwig-breaks-ninja’s-all-time-twitch-subscriber-record Twitch

After Nonstop 31-Day Stream, Ludwig Breaks Ninja’s All-Time Twitch Subscriber Record

For 31 days, Ludwig Ahgren’s stream has been up and running all day every day. He hasn’t been awake the entire time, but he and his moderators have ensured that it’s grown to be one of Twitch’s most consistent and comforting presences—albeit one that is probably taking a not-insignificant mental and physical toll on everyone involved. Since the beginning, a timer has been counting down to zero, but every time somebody kicks in a subscription, ten seconds get added to the clock. Now Ahgren has more subscriptions than anybody else in Twitch history.

subnautica-below-zero’s-cinematic-trailer-shows-icy-dangers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Subnautica Below Zero’s cinematic trailer shows icy dangers

Subnautica: Below Zero has been in early access for over two years, and the underwater survival sim follow-up is approaching its final release date next month on May 14th. To mark that looming date, developers Unknown Worlds have released a cinematic trailer which gives a brief introduction to some of the creatures that will terrify you in the murky deep. Read more

imperva:-hardware-scalpers-made-a-bunch-of-money-from-‘grinchbots’-in-2020 Toms Hardware

Imperva: Hardware Scalpers Made a Bunch of Money from ‘Grinchbots’ in 2020

Imperva has revealed the extent to which hardware scalpers used “Grinchbots” to buy the precious few CPUs, GPUs, and next-generation consoles that were available during the holiday season and make well over $82 million in sales in the process. The latest information about the prevalence of this practice arrived via the “Bad Bot Report 2021: The Pandemic of the Internet” study the company published today. Imperva said it saw a 788% increase in “bad bot traffic to retail websites globally between September and October 2020,” in large part due to next-gen consoles. Late 2020 was the perfect time for people…

satisfactory-update-4-is-out,-adds-hoverpacks-and-particle-accelerators Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Satisfactory update 4 is out, adds hoverpacks and particle accelerators

One of my favourite memories from the past 15 years of doing this daft job was at EVE Online’s fan fest. A developer on stage in a packed auditorium announced a more efficient way to move items between cargo holds, and the crowd around me erupted with “We just won the World Cup”-level cheering. This is what Satisfactory‘s update 4 trailer reminds me of. Today’s update adds hoverpacks, drones and particle accelerators to the factory building game, but it feels like it’s a set of street lights turning on at the end that would get the biggest cheer. Read more

mass-effect’s-graphical-remaster-is-more-than-lens-flare-–-but-does-it-look-better? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mass Effect’s graphical remaster is more than lens flare – but does it look better?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has the tough job of upgrading the visual appearance of games originally built to run at 720 or 1080p on an Xbox 360. That’s a mammoth task even if it was just one game and not the entire Mass Effect trilogy. A new trailer and blog post on the remaster’s official site breaks down how BioWare went about upscaling 30,000 textures, and shows exactly how the results look. Read more

radeon-rx-580-recall-scam-in-china:-amd-warns-customers-of-gpu-fraud Toms Hardware

Radeon RX 580 Recall Scam in China: AMD Warns Customers of GPU Fraud

Graphics card merchants (via Expreview) are getting ever more creative in China to profit from less informed consumers. The new modus operandi consists of posing as AMD and XFX to issue a fake Radeon RX 580 recall to deceive customers to trade in their recent Radeon RX 580 purchases for a GeForce equivalent that has no cryptocurrency mining value. Chinese dealers were spreading a phony letter that AMD and XFX were recalling Radeon RX 580 graphics cards due to instability issues that were product of a manufacturing defect. It’s common knowledge that the Radeon RX 580 has been discontinued for…

mass-effect-legendary-edition-–-check-out-the-official-remastered-comparison-trailer VG247

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – check out the official remastered comparison trailer

By Stephany Nunneley 13 April 2021 20:22 GMT BioWare has released a comparison video showing off the differences between the original Mass Effect trilogy and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.In the comparison video, you get an in-depth look at the visual upgrades you’ll see when Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases next month.Watch on YouTubeLooking at the side-by-side comparison, you can plainly see some of the improvements made to the environment, characters, and visual effects.You can expect improved material and particle effects, better skin rendering, and more realistic surface response. All textures have been enhanced or remade, 3D models are more…

raspberry-pi-pico-pcb-manages-temperature-sensor Toms Hardware

Raspberry Pi Pico PCB Manages Temperature Sensor

The Raspberry Pi has been a staple in DIY home automation for years, but the Raspberry Pi Pico is quickly catching up. This stylish Pico PCB comes to us from a maker named David Booth who designed it to handle input from a temperature sensor. The module is capable of connecting to a network thanks to an Airlift WiFi Featherwing board. It’s MQTT-enabled, which makes it possible to access and utilize the temperature data in real-time. The best Raspberry Pi projects have a little visual flair and Boothe’s project sports a Pimoroni display with the current temperature information. Image 1…

capcom-says-last-year’s-ransomware-attack-exploited-an-‘old-vpn’-that-had-been-kept-online-due-to-covid-19 PC Gamer

Capcom says last year’s ransomware attack exploited an ‘old VPN’ that had been kept online due to Covid-19

In November 2020, Capcom announced that it had been hit by a ransomware attack: Hackers had infiltrated the company’s servers, encrypted data on its devices, and claimed to have downloaded over 1TB of data. According to one malware researcher at the time, the hackers also left behind a demand for $11 million in Bitcoin in exchange for the encryption key. In its final report on the matter, released today, Capcom denied that any specific ransom demand had been made, and said that it was never actually in contact with the hackers. The report includes a timeline of events, from the…

subnautica:-below-zero-trailer-gives-you-a-glimpse-at-life-as-an-alterra-seatruck-pilot VG247

Subnautica: Below Zero trailer gives you a glimpse at life as an Alterra Seatruck Pilot

By Stephany Nunneley 13 April 2021 18:40 GMT Unknown Worlds has released a cinematic look at Subnautica: Below Zero, which is coming to PC and consoles next month.Subnautica: Below Zero has a new trailer available, showing you what’s in store when it releases in May.The trailer takes a look at the harsh elements and creatures you will encounter in this alien world.Watch on YouTubeCreatures include Sea Monkeys, Snow Stalkers, and more as you get a look at the life of an Alterra Seatruck Pilot.The game features an all-new story, new land environments to explore, new technology to craft, and “treacherous…

geforce-rtx-3080,-3070,-and-3060-featured-in-the-latest-newegg-shuffle Toms Hardware

GeForce RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 Featured in the Latest Newegg Shuffle

Nearly everybody seems to want one of the best graphics cards, which means they’re all sold out. Newegg has an alternative, with its regular Newegg Shuffle. Another one just went live, with GeForce RTX 3080, GeForce RTX 3070, and GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards and bundles on tap. These all rank high on our GPU benchmarks hierarchy, and prices are at least somewhat reasonable (compared to what you’ll find in our eBay GPU pricing index). If you’re not familiar with the process, Newegg Shuffle uses a lottery format. If you ‘win,’ you get the chance to buy the product within…

apple-sets-the-date-for-spring-reloaded-event:-april-20 Toms Hardware

Apple Sets the Date for Spring Reloaded Event: April 20

Apple has officially sent out invitations to the company’s next event called Spring Reloaded. The event will be held online on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Considering the plethora of rumors surrounding Apple’s products due to be announced this year, it is close to impossible to guess what the company plans to unveil next week.  The official invitation flyer has a wavy Apple logo along with Spring Loaded tagline, which gives little food for imagination. The official video has Apple Park inner yard with more squiggly lines that form Apple’s logo, which also implies almost nothing (except, perhaps, a new Apple Pencil).  Typically,…

the-walking-dead-survivors-rests-the-fate-of-a-settlement-on-your-shoulders VG247

The Walking Dead Survivors rests the fate of a settlement on your shoulders

By Staff 13 April 2021 18:16 GMT Try to survive in this new game set in The Walking Dead Universe.The Walking Dead: Survivors is a brand new mobile game set in the iconic world of The Walking Dead. You’ll need to build up a thriving community of settlers in order to survive, but luckily you’ll have help from some familiar faces. There are over 80 characters to recruit, with the roster being made up of new characters as well as iconic TWD characters like Rick, Glenn and Michonne.Unlock Iconic Characters Like Rick, Michonne and GlennYou’ll certainly need the help of…