players-new-to-overwatch-2-will-have-to-grind-100-matches-to-unlock-original-characters VG247

Players new to Overwatch 2 will have to grind 100 matches to unlock original characters

It’s all part of the First Time User Experience. If you have never played Overwatch, and plan on jumping into Overwatch 2, you will have some work to do if you want to add heroes from the original game to your roster. In a blog post on the Overwatch website, Blizzard revealed new players will need to complete around 100 matches in order to unlock characters from the original game. Overwatch 2 – Season 1 Trailer According to Blizzard, it is part of what it’s calling the First Time User Experience (FTUE), which is an introduction to Overwatch 2 specifically…

playstation-plus-october:-hot-wheels-unleashed,-injustice-2,-and-superhot VG247

PlayStation Plus October: Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2, and Superhot

Is it almost October already? Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus monthly games lineup for October, and the games are Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2, and Superhot. PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium members can add these three titles to their game library from October 4 until October 31. Sony will announce the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Game Catalog lineup for October later this month. Hot Wheels Unleashed Gameplay Trailer Coming to PS4 and PS5 is the arcade sim Hot Wheels Unleashed that finds you collecting, building, and racing vehicles. You can race side by side with friends in…

warhaven-is-a-for-honor-style,-32-player-melee-action-game-where-you-can-turn-into-a-god VG247

Warhaven is a For Honor-style, 32-player melee action game where you can turn into a god

Warhaven is the latest game from Nexon’s own development studio, and it’s one that blends together a few underused concepts. Korean giant Nexon appears to be on a spree of big game reveals. This week’s latest is Warhaven, a 16v16 multiplayer brawler with a some familiar, and not-so-familiar, twists to its gameplay. As Korean games tend to, Warhaven is graphically impressive, particularly compared to some of the games it’s inspired by. Warhaven looks to be mainly taking after For Honor, albeit with a larger number of players, more objectives, and some fantastical elements alongside the standard melee combat. For Honor…

dead-by-daylight-developer’s-new-party-game,-flippin-misfits,-is-now-available-for-less-than-five-dollars VG247

Dead by Daylight developer’s new party game, Flippin Misfits, is now available for less than five dollars

It flips the melee brawler formula on it’s head, literally. First revealed at the Behaviour Beyond showcase, the developer behind Dead by Daylight has now launched its colourful party game, Flippin Misfits, on Steam. Catch the launch trailer for Flippin Misfits here. Behaviour Interactive’s party title takes the traditional melee-brawler formula and transforms it, making you and your pals use physics and control gravity in the bid to secure a win. The game also takes place on a spaceship known as the Arkade, which the gang has turned into their own set of arenas for gravity-based brawling. You must attempt…

a-plague-tale:-requiem-trailer-sets-the-story-for-the-upcoming-sequel VG247

A Plague Tale: Requiem trailer sets the story for the upcoming sequel

Can Amicia and Hugo rely on the help of others? This new trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem gives you an idea of the storyline. The sequel to the critically acclaimed A Plague Tale: Innocence by Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment, the video shows off some the game’s narrative elements. A Plague Tale: Requiem – Story Trailer The game is set six months after the first game, and it seems as though Hugo’s curse is under control. To that end, the siblings head south seeking both to start a new life and find a cure for Hugo’s affliction. But, when…

dead-island-2-developer-defends-breakable-weapons:-“guns-have-ammo,-weapons-degrade” VG247

Dead Island 2 developer defends breakable weapons: “Guns have ammo, weapons degrade”

Weapon degradation and durability is a sore topic with some gamers, but Dambuster Studio defends the mechanic and its inclusion Dead Island 2 Whether you like it or not, weapon durability is here to stay in games. Whether you’re in the camp that thinks it helped make Breath of the Wild one of the standout games of a generation or not, you need to admit that the controversial system is a permanent fixture. Turn to pretty much any genre of game and you’ll find it there – Yakuza, Dead Rising, Fire Emblem, Far Cry, State of Decay, Minecraft, Zelda, Silent…

the-diofield-chronicle-review:-an-understated,-under-marketed-strategy-rpg-romp-that-deserves-better VG247

The DioField Chronicle review: An understated, under-marketed strategy RPG romp that deserves better

The DioField Chronicle feels like it’s been sent to die as some mega-niche undertaking, but it’s nevertheless a pleasingly experimental tactical RPG adventure. The DioField Chronicle has been released, and it’s seemingly pretty much already forgotten. This latest Square Enix strategy RPG is thoughtful, interesting, and flawed – though also pleasantly brisk. It deserves better than it’s getting. Check out the trailer for The DioField Chronicle here. What it’s getting, by the way, feels like the pretty classic small game from Square Enix treatment. It got a surprisingly big-time announcement, making its debut in one of Sony’s high-profile State of…

take-two-drops-people-can-fly’s-new-game,-two-years-into-development VG247

Take-Two drops People Can Fly’s new game, two years into development

People Can Fly has shared yet another piece of bad news that could put its future into question. As part of its latest financial report, Polish developer People Can Fly announced an update on the development of Project Dagger. The new action-adventure IP has been in the works for two years as part of a publishing agreement with Take-Two. The developer has now revealed that it’s parting ways with Take-Two, leaving it with a few options as to how to proceed. Outriders didn’t set the world on fire. According to People Can Fly’s announcement, Take-Two shared its intent to terminate…

marvel-games-will-be-free-from-mcu-style-connections VG247

Marvel games will be free from MCU style connections

Don’t expect to see EA’s Iron Man chatting with Skydance’s Captain America. Marvel is clearly preparing to go deeper into the world of games, but you shouldn’t expect any connections between them. In the last month we’ve had two big Marvel video game announcements, one being Uncharted director Amy Hennig’s next title involving Captain America and an earlier incarnation of Black Panther in the second world war. And the more recent announcement being the Iron Man game coming from the EA owned Motive Studio. But don’t place any bets on these characters meeting each other à la the Marvel Cinematic…

runescape-now-has-fresh-start-worlds-—-which-brings-its-own-perks-and-cons VG247

RuneScape now has Fresh Start Worlds — which brings its own perks and cons

Similar servers for Old School RuneScape will be coming in October for the more polygonal crowd RuneScape, the popular MMORPG created by the lovely UK folk over at Jagex, has received its Fresh Start Worlds today, allowing players to jump in and start from scratch with a reset economy and all the unique quirks that aspect provides. Old School RuneScape players won’t have to wait too long either, as Fresh Start Worlds for that title are also due soon on October 19. The reasons for grinding up a new character again? These Fresh Start Worlds come with unique cosmetic rewards…

ea-and-koei-tecmo’s-take-on-monster-hunter-is-called-wild-hearts,-reveal-trailer-coming-this-week VG247

EA and Koei Tecmo’s take on Monster Hunter is called Wild Hearts, reveal trailer coming this week

The game was first announced earlier this month. Koei Tecmo’s upcoming take on Monster Hunter is officially called Wild Hearts, and its first trailer is coming this week. Last month, EA announced that it would be collaborating with Omega Force, the Koei Tecmo studio behind the Warriors series, through its EA Originals program to make a game it called “the next great hunting game,” obviously implying it’ll be something like Monster Hunter. That game now has a name – Wild Hearts – and this Wednesday, September 28, 3pm BST, we’ll get a first look at it in its reveal trailer….

silent-hill:-the-short-message-has-been-rated-in-korea VG247

Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated in Korea

First spotted by Gematsu, it appears that a Silent Hill title — Silent Hill: The Short Message — has been rated in Korea. This particular game has not yet been announced by Konami, nor are any platforms for the title specified. Just in case you needed reminding of classic Silent Hill, here’s the 1998 E3 trailer. This rating has appeared rather unexpectedly, given that many of the most recent leaks were supposedly related to a remake of Silent Hill 2 or a playable teaser for some sort of mainline instalment. The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, where Gematsu…

nier:-automata-ver1.1a-anime-adaptation-gets-a-january-release-date-and-a-first-proper-trailer VG247

Nier: Automata Ver1.1a anime adaptation gets a January release date and a first proper trailer

The anime will apparently be slightly different to the game. The first proper trailer for the Nier: Automata anime has been released, as well as setting a release date for this January. Nier: Automata Ver1.1a (because it wouldn’t be a Nier piece of media if it didn’t have some kind of weird name) received a lengthy trailer yesterday (September 24) showing off the anime in action for the first time, and even featured since insider details from Yoko Taro and the anime’s director Ryoji Masayuma. It also confirmed a release date for the anime, which will be available to watch…

hellblade-developer-ninja-theory-isn’t-using-ai-to-replace-voice-actors VG247

Hellblade developer Ninja Theory isn’t using AI to replace voice actors

The studio has been using AI voice acting technology to figure out pacing, however. Following a recent report that discussed AI led voice acting, Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has clarified that it has no intentions to stop using real voice actors. GLHF recently ran a report on AI voice acting, and how voice actors are concerned about losing their jobs to the technology. The piece in part focused on one such company working on this tech called Altered AI, and noted how Ninja Theory, currently working on Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga, is working with Altered AI, leading some to be…

sucker-punch-gets-sly-cooper-some-merch-for-his-20th-birthday VG247

Sucker Punch gets Sly Cooper some merch for his 20th birthday

The studio already confirmed no new game is in development earlier this year. It might not be a new game, but Sucker Punch has shown off some pretty nice looking merch for Sly Cooper’s 20th anniversary. Sorry to say that the words ‘Sly Cooper’ and ‘announcement’ aren’t being paired together to reveal a surprise new title, but with the game’s 20th anniversary having taken place on September 23, Sucker Punch did have some merch to show off, including a print, a t-shirt, and a plush of everyone’s favourite sneaky raccoon. The print is admittedly incredibly gorgeous, showing a cross section…

detective-pikachu-2-“nearing-release”-according-to-one-developer’s-linkedin-page VG247

Detective Pikachu 2 “nearing release” according to one developer’s LinkedIn page

The page has since been updated to specify the game is “in development.” Not sure if you remember that Detective Pikachu was even getting another game, but it is, and it looks like it not only still exists, but might even be out soon. The original Detective Pikachu game for 3DS, the inspiration behind the 2019 film of the same name, was announced to be receiving a sequel for Switch shortly after the film came out. And then we just… have not heard a single thing about the sequel since. But an eagle-eyed user on Famiboards noticed a mention of…

a-17-year-old-has-been-arrested-on-suspicion-of-hacking,-allegedly-behind-gta-6-leak VG247

A 17-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of hacking, allegedly behind GTA 6 leak

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. According to sources who spoke to journalist Mathew Keys, the 17 has been arrested in connection to hacks of Rockstar and Uber. A 17 year old was arrested in Oxfordshire yesterday, due to the suspicions of hacking. According to journalist Matthew Keys and sources who spoke to them, they were allegedly involved in the GTA 6 hack that resulted in a major information leak last weekend, and are also connected to a prior hack on Uber. This source also claims…

classic-wow-players-—-beware-of-the-brewfest-scammers! VG247

Classic WoW players — beware of the Brewfest scammers!

A subset of losers are sneaking into Corren runs, trying to nick some easy gear. While everyone knows that Classic World of Warcraft is undergoing a heap of hype surrounding the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, for good reason too, there are plenty of reasons to get excited, Brewfest is a great opportunity for loot and laughs right now. It is, however, also an opportunity for cheeky people to try and scam some extra loot from under the noses of their fellow adventurer. Such are the joys of Classic WoW. But first, what is Brewfest. For those not in…

star-fox-adventures-is-20-years-old-today-–-and-it’s-still-the-last-truly-good-star-fox-game VG247

Star Fox Adventures is 20 years old today – and it’s still the last truly good Star Fox game

It’s hard not to think about how the excellent Star Fox Adventure was criticized as not ‘true’ Star Fox – only for the series to then have 20 years of disasters. Back in the 16 and 64-bit eras, UK-based developer Rare was exceptionally good at looking at what its then almost-parent Nintendo was doing, then developing their own killer take on it. I mean, seriously, look at the evidence – Diddy Kong Racing gives Mario Kart 64 a run for its money, but is awash with way, way more content. Banjo Kazooie is right up there with Super Mario 64….

egx-vlog:-you-simply-must-play-shadows-of-doubt VG247

EGX vlog: you simply must play Shadows of Doubt

There’s no doubt about its quality. Please enjoy this self-indulgent vlog about my first day at an expo in over four years. I wasn’t planning to focus so much on Shadows of Doubt, and I will be doing a proper preview in the coming weeks, but I cannot stress this enough – it’s brilliant. Rarely does such a bold vision enjoy being matched by its execution. It reminds me somewhat of Cloudpunk, which I really enjoyed, but I desperately wanted to have a less passive relationship with the city itself. With it’s striking sense of immersion and a commitment to…