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Waypoint Is Dead, Long Live Remap

Image: RemapBack in April we brought you the very sad news that Waypoint, VICE’s video game website, was being shut down. Now, only a few weeks later, we get to bring you the excellent news that the site—and its podcast—will live on at a new home.We Need To Talk About This John-Wick-But-It’s-Cute-Girls AnimeThe site’s staff—which includes some former Kotaku staff—announced tonight that they’re launching Remap, which is going to be…basically the same thing as Waypoint, only not at VICE anymore, because VICE never knew how to manage them properly and is in huge financial trouble. Instead the crew now own…

twitch-ceo-steps-down-after-16-years Twitch

Twitch CEO Steps Down After 16 Years

Emmett Shear is no longer the boss of Twitch. After 16 long, controversy-filled years, the co-founder and only CEO the Amazon-owned streaming platform has ever known announced he’s stepping down to spend more time with his family. “With my first child just born, I’ve been reflecting on my future with Twitch,” Shear wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “Twitch often feels to me like a child I’ve been raising as well. And while I will always want to be there if Twitch needs me, at 16 years old it feels to me Twitch is ready to move out of…

twitch-ceo-steps-down-after-16-years-after-controversy-filled-year Twitch

Twitch CEO Steps Down After 16 Years After Controversy-Filled Year

Emmett Shear is no longer the boss of Twitch. After 16 long punctuated by various controversies, the co-founder and only CEO the Amazon-owned streaming platform has ever known announced he’s stepping down to spend more time with his family. “With my first child just born, I’ve been reflecting on my future with Twitch,” Shear wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “Twitch often feels to me like a child I’ve been raising as well. And while I will always want to be there if Twitch needs me, at 16 years old it feels to me Twitch is ready to move…

stranger-things-actor-says-she’s-streaming-on-twitch-more-due-to-industry-sexual-harassment Twitch

Stranger Things Actor Says She’s Streaming On Twitch More Due To Industry Sexual Harassment

Grace Van Dien is a streamer and an actress. You probably know her best as Chrissy Cunningham on Stranger Things, but she’s also starred in movies like What Comes Around and V For Vengeance. Two days ago, she told her Twitch viewers that she “turned down acting projects and decided to stream more” because she has experienced sexual harassment in the film industry.

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This AI Can Make Endless Super Mario Bros. Levels With Just A Few Words

The technology we casually refer to as “artificial intelligence” is suddenly everywhere. It’s used to “create” art, dialogue and voice, text, even video games! It’s nigh impossible to escape as we enter a dystopian future in which generative technology seeks to threaten entire livelihoods (including those of Twitch streamers). But sometimes, despite how fraught the discourse around AI can be, you’ll discover something kinda cool. So, let me introduce you to MarioGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that creates classic Super Mario Bros. levels via text prompts.

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Twitch Star xQc Horrifies World With Messy, Smelly Room (Again)

There are only so many hours in the day and when you’re a capital-S streamer, most of them are dedicated to grinding battle pass levels in whatever new live-service game just dropped or reacting to all the latest internet drama to thousands of chatters. As such, there isn’t always time to clean up after yourself, and you’re left wading through the detritus of your own sloppiness like a pig in a pen. This is exactly the case for Twitch star Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who grossed viewers out in a recent livestream after showing how “disgusting” his messy, odd-smelling room has…

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Call of Duty Sexists Tell Twitch Streamer To Make Sandwiches, And She Does

It’s 2023, and FPS gaming hasn’t really improved for anyone who sounds like a woman over voice chat. No matter how skilled they are, it seems inevitable that some fuckwad is going to tell the player to make a sandwich. One female Call of Duty streamer decided to respond to shitty opponents by stepping away from her game to make an actual sandwich.

the-aftermath-of-twitch’s-deepfake-porn-scandal Twitch

The Aftermath Of Twitch’s Deepfake Porn Scandal

You know Sweet Anita. You’ve seen her streams, stumbled across her Twitter account, or watched clips of her on TikTok. She’s likable—the kind of person you could watch do anything, even as she clicks her tongue, whistles, and tells you fuck off. You’ve probably had her curse you out on repeat in a video playing in the background while you wash the dishes. She’s got nearly 2 million followers on Twitch, thanks in large part to her candor and her reputation as “the Tourette’s streamer.” With such a massive internet presence, Sweet Anita has gone to great lengths to craft…

don’t-sleep-on-keke-palmer’s-amazing-twitch-streams Twitch

Don’t Sleep On Keke Palmer’s Amazing Twitch Streams

Another big-name celebrity has found their way to Twitch. Keke Palmer, the long-time actress and TV personality who most recently starred in Jordan Peele’s Nope, has become a full-fledged livestreamer on Amazon’s platform after getting her channel set up earlier this month.

oh-no,-chatgpt-ai-has-been-jailbroken-to-be-more-reckless Twitch

Oh No, ChatGPT AI Has Been Jailbroken To Be More Reckless

If you’ve spent any time toying with or reading about ChatGPT, one of the internet’s latest obsessions and topic of contentious conversation concerning artificially intelligent software, then you know the service has specific restrictions on what it can and cannot say…until now. Some clever users have found a way to bypass ChatGPT’s strict list of no-talk subjects, tricking it into adopting a new persona, DAN, which stands for “Do Anything Now.” As DAN, ChatGPT can now blow past the restrictions on “appropriate topics” to deliver amusing and upsetting responses.

twitch,-youtube-streamers-raise-big-funds-for-syria-turkey-earthquake-relief Twitch

Twitch, YouTube Streamers Raise Big Funds For Syria-Turkey Earthquake Relief

Twitch isn’t just a place where artificial intelligence festers and drama proliferates. It’s also a useful organizational platform for raising awareness around and funds for various global causes, which is exactly what a handful of big-name streamers, like Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell and Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker, are using it for in the wake of the calamitous earthquakes that have devastated Syria and Turkey in recent days.

twitch’s-mega-popular-ai-streamer-now-pulling-in-thousands-of-viewers-with-reaction-content Twitch

Twitch’s Mega Popular AI Streamer Now Pulling In Thousands Of Viewers With Reaction Content

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days, with technologies like ChatGPT and DALL-E encroaching on human artistic creativity and expression. Sometimes it yields interestingly absurdist results, such as that AI-generated Seinfeld-like show Nothing, Forever. Other times, it feigns humanity, like the AI-controlled VTuber Neuro-sama, which has recently moved onto reacting to content in front of tens of thousands of Twitch chatters—and, according to its creator, has plans to work with “human streamers” in the future. Things are getting even weirder on the internet.

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T-Pain Changed Music Forever, Now He’s Coming For Twitch

2016 was T-Pain’s Twitch channel’s inaugural year, and it’s also the first time Pain remembers getting trolled. “At the time, my music career was kind of on a downward spiral,” he says during our Zoom call this Monday. “People were coming into my chat and telling me stuff like, ‘You’re only streaming because you don’t have any more music money.’ It wasn’t true, but it kind of hit home because I was thinking that same shit.”

the-truth-behind-those-wild-tiktok-videos-meant-to-hack-your-attention Twitch

The Truth Behind Those Wild TikTok Videos Meant To Hack Your Attention

If you spend any time on TikTok, you may have noticed that a certain kind of video collage is popping up all over your For You page. Maybe it has a clip of the adult cartoon Family Guy in there, or socialist Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker talking about Black Lives Matter. But no matter the footage, it’s likely one of the other panels will be playing gameplay of mobile endless runner game Subway Surfers. And if you’re confused about what the hell is going on, well, great! Because I was, too.

ai-generated-seinfeld-like-twitch-‘tv-show’-is-peak-absurdity Twitch

AI-Generated Seinfeld-Like Twitch ‘TV Show’ Is Peak Absurdity

There’s always something to watch on Twitch, whether that’s your fave musicians talking about video games or your fave streamers discussing politics. Now your choices include an absurd, often nonsensical Seinfeld-like show that runs 24/7/365 and is generated on the fly using artificial intelligence. Welcome to the future of TV, maybe?

your-favorite-musician-just-went-live-on-twitch Twitch

Your Favorite Musician Just Went Live On Twitch

Today there are famous people tweeting about Call of Duty and streaming on Twitch, something you might have at one point considered to be a more niche hobby reserved for the most hardcore gamers. But the industry is booming. HBO’s biggest TV show debut in the last ten years is about a zombie game. While Silk Road traders thousands of years ago had their methods of global and cultural diffusion, we have the internet to popularize the corners of our culture. So, yeah, your favorite musician is live, playing Dead Space or Breath of the Wild.