hbo’s-historic-virtual-reality-movie-isn’t-fully-honest-with-itself Twitch

HBO’s Historic Virtual Reality Movie Isn’t Fully Honest With Itself

Director Joe Hunting’s documentary We Met In Virtual Reality, the first to be filmed entirely in the social game VRChat, is not as compelling as its multilayered subject matter. It’s filmed at a personal range, with Hunting always hidden but his camera absorbing cartoonish faces like a curious, patient eye. It lingers on the details, the outside of windows, the dark tree leaves, the strands of hair, but Hunting is too preoccupied with virtual reality’s surface to help us carve out its core.

valorant-pro-accused-of-letting-boyfriend-take-over-during-women-only-match Twitch

Valorant Pro Accused Of Letting Boyfriend Take Over During Women-Only Match

On July 24, the mysterious Twitter account @nicekeybinds posted a comprehensive Google Doc accusing MarsArxa, a member of the all-women Valorant esports team Fallacy, and her boyfriend Nate ‘Payen’ Lopez of cheating. The incident occurred during a tournament organized by Galorants, a community space for female and non-binary players of the League of Legends developer Riot Games’ team-based battle royale. Both players have been quiet since the allegations surfaced (Lopez did not respond to Kotaku’s request for comment in time for publication, Mars put her Twitter on private), and Galorants has yet to address the issue, having instead spent the…

no-man’s-sky-update-is-star-trek-af Twitch

No Man’s Sky Update Is Star Trek AF

Speculate no more! Hello Games revealed the next addition to the ever-expanding universe of No Man’s Sky. It’s called Endurance, and it’s loaded with additions to space (space biome?) and brings the thrills of taking charge of a fleet of starships to your screen. While past updates have broadened the selection of ships in the game, this one will allow you to live in and explore your ships on a wider scale, taking in the galactic voxel-based vistas from windows and portholes as you chart your next voyage or take on the update’s new expedition “Polestar.” You can check out…

psa:-seriously,-don’t-miss-the-final-night-of-games-done-quick Twitch

PSA: Seriously, Don’t Miss The Final Night Of Games Done Quick

For the past week, Games Done Quick has held its annual speedrunning festival. As always, the event has been awesome, full of some truly mind-blowing feats, including an exploit-packed run through Halo Infinite’s open-world-ish campaign. But organizers appear to have saved the best for last, with a truly stacked lineup slated for tomorrow, the event’s final night.

10-video-game-rats,-ranked-by-how-chill-they-seem Twitch

10 Video Game Rats, Ranked By How Chill They Seem

Because I live in New York City, my primary enemy is the rats. I face them daily—they run their greasy bodies around mounds of hot garbage and shit all over my apartment’s welcome mat. But via their appearances in games, I want to work on our relationship, and everyone knows that ranked slideshows are the most ideal way to do that.

diablo-immortal-could-run-your-wallet-way-more-than-you-thought Twitch

Diablo Immortal Could Run Your Wallet Way More Than You Thought

Diablo Immortal may be a solid mobile version of Blizzard’s hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, but it’s no secret the game has been mired in controversy due to its egregious microtransactions. It was previously speculated that maxing out a single character could cost as much as $100,000. However, it now seems the estimate was very low, as the actual amount may run upwards of half a million.

destiny-2-youtube-takedown-revenge-plot-leads-to-$7.6-million-bungie-lawsuit Twitch

Destiny 2 YouTube Takedown Revenge Plot Leads To $7.6 Million Bungie Lawsuit

A spree of rogue DMCA takedown notices for Destiny 2 content on YouTube earlier this year has now ballooned into a $7.6 million lawsuit, as Bungie goes after the alleged perpetrator in court. In addition, some Destiny 2 content creators now say they feel “betrayed” after the person who was seemingly responsible denied this during private Discord chats with them. “I feel lied to, betrayed, and unbelievably upset that someone we knew and trusted would do this,” wrote Destiny music remixer Owen Spence on Twitter. “Literally, almost all Destiny music on YouTube is gone because of this.”

ted-cruz-is-a-microtransaction-whale Twitch

Ted Cruz Is A Microtransaction Whale

Senator Ted Cruz is a man who were I to list all his political and moral shortcomings would be detaining you for hours. He is also, like most of us, someone who plays video games, and how he plays them will not be a surprise to anyone.

beloved-tabletop-rpg-will-now-let-fans-make,-sell-their-own-games Twitch

Beloved Tabletop RPG Will Now Let Fans Make, Sell Their Own Games

Indie tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) designers will have some new rules to play with soon. Monte Cook Games announced last week that its core set of tabletop roleplaying game rules, known as the Cypher System, is switching to an open license that will allow anyone to design and sell content using its rules. The game system’s community of dedicated fans and indie game designers has jumped at the opportunity.

shooter-dev-makes-joke-‘white-blood’-mod-after-fans-complain-about-blood-effects Twitch

Shooter Dev Makes Joke ‘White Blood’ Mod After Fans Complain About Blood Effects

So, the Steam Next Fest is currently underway. It’s this week-long digital celebration of upcoming PC games where you can check out tons of demos from FPS role-playing games to casual atmospheric adventures. Developer Altered Orbit Studios’ Doom-like Selaco is one of the available demos and has jokingly received a mod from fellow Doom-like FPS makers Metacorp to change the color of the blood effects from the default pinks and purples to the sticky white of cum, all because of fan complaints.