americans:-the-impeccable-asus-rog-zephyrus-g14-gaming-laptop-is-going-cheap-at-best-buy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Americans: the impeccable Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop is going cheap at Best Buy

I don’t spend a ton of time testing gaming laptops these days, but one of my recent favourites was the Zephyrus G14. This laptop is slim and compact, yet sports a brilliant 14-inch 2560×1600 120Hz display, a powerful RX 6700S graphics card and a top-end Ryzen 9 6900HS processor. This is backed with a 1TB NVMe SSD and 16GB of DDR5 RAM (!!), an impressive loadout that uses basically the fastest and latest-gen components you can fit into a laptop of this size. Today Best Buy in the US are doing a great price on this spec of the Zephyrus…

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Frantic possession puzzler Demons Happened deserves more attention

Demons happened. There’s your plot. More specifically, they apparently happened to everyone except you, but the process still messed with your tv, so there’s nothing for it but to fight your way through them to some kind of solution. Demons Happened is a curious blend of very rapid action faintly reminiscent of Hotline Miami, and an Abe’s Oddysee type of puzzle game. Such disparate genres don’t often blend as well as this, and I’m disappointed that it hasn’t got a bigger reception. Read more

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Zenless Zone Zero’s closed beta has started, offering glimpses of its Genshin Impact-style combat

Zenless Zone Zero has begun its closed beta. If you don’t know the name, it’s Hoyoverse’s upcoming free-to-play action-RPG which draws on their experience making Genshin Impact (and its many antecedents) but places those combat and RPG systems within a roguelike structure. Because it’s now in closed beta, the internet is covered in videos showing it in action, and its action looks nice. Read more

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Ultimate Audio Bang #23: our favourite FPS game modes

On this week’s episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we get all nostalgic as we pick our favourite FPS game modes over the years. It’s mainly an excuse for me for me to bring up Gears Of War and it’s long-forgotten Wingman mode, which I demand make a return to the series. I also learn that Hayden likes big games, big modes, and big comradery. Read more

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Descenders is a fun mountain biking game wrapped in a bland roguelike

I don’t think I like the game Descenders ostensibly is, but I enjoy playing. It’s a downhill mountain biking game with dangerous speeds and even more dangerous stunts, including leaping through a ring of fire over of a moving train. This is fun. The roguelikelike campaign structure this is all built into, eh, I don’t think it has added any enjoyment. But it is very fun to stack a double-backflip, slam into a rock, and watch your ragdoll corpse rocket downhill. It’s a good reminder to ride whichever way you enjoy, expectations and pressures be damned. Read more

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Entertain hungry bird children in weirdo camp sim Camp Canyonwood

My exposure to summer camps is entirely through films and games. Summer camp culture isn’t as much of a thing in the UK, possibly because we’re fairly happy to allow our children to learn to tie knots by themselves, by affixing each other to disused railway tracks or sick trees. In any case, the summer camps I’ve seen portrayed are usually unwholesome ones, because they’re good horror fodder. Camp Canyonwood is a camp counsellor sim, out now in early access, where you (an bird) look after a flock of demanding smaller birds. It sounds like it would be twee, except…

italian-folk-horror-saturnalia-pits-you-against-a-terrifying,-weird-town Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Italian folk horror Saturnalia pits you against a terrifying, weird town

A few years ago I had to be on very strong painkillers to help me sleep, and while I didn’t have more nightmares than usual, the quality of the ones I did have was markedly more weird than what I was used to. Enter Saturnalia, “a fever dream inspired in equal parts by authentic Sardinian culture and classic Italian giallo horror films”. Announced a year ago and “coming soon” in 2022 to the Epic Games Store, this extremely unsettling slice of nope – but also yes – just got a new trailer. If Stanley Tucci visited this town on his…

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The Sims 4’s new patch fixes the incest

The Sims 4 received patch 1.90.375.1020 today, which has a short set of patch notes. One of the included bug fixes is that “The ‘Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend’ Want now targets appropriate Sims”, which sounds innocuous enough. In reality, this is fixing a bug Rebecca reported on last week which was causing Sims to want to date their siblings. Read more

lonely-mountains:-downhill-goes-murderously-fast-but-appreciates-stopping-for-a-good-view Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lonely Mountains: Downhill goes murderously fast but appreciates stopping for a good view

My cycling tour of video games is almost at its end but we’re in no hurry. Let’s pause for a wee break, like in Lonely Mountains: Downhill. The mountain biking game is full of gnarly descents, dangerous jumps, and barely controlled skids, but also has secret spots where you can sit down and enjoy a nice view for as long as you like. Lonely Mountains is a collection of little adventures, each leading to your tent at the end of the day. Delightful. Read more

“crown-jewel”-of-srpgs-tactics-ogre:-reborn-comes-to-pc-on-november-11th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

“Crown jewel” of SRPGs Tactics Ogre: Reborn comes to PC on November 11th

Strategy RPG revamp Tactics Ogre: Reborn is coming to PC exclusively for Steam on November 11th, confirming earlier leaks. This “crown jewel” of tactical role-playing, according to Square Enix, is being updated with enhanced graphics and sound, fully-voiced cutscenes and a redesigned battle system. Watch the announcement trailer below and pretend it’s 1995 again. Read more

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Resident Evil big-bad Albert Wesker is coming to Dead By Daylight soon

The Umbrella Corporation’s favourite stooge Albert Wesker is back again, and he’s bursting into multiplayer survival horror Dead By Daylight as a new killer, The Mastermind. Wesker’s arrival is the second time Resident Evil has crossed over into DBD, but the upcoming Project W event will revamp the Raccoon Police Department map and bring along familiar Resi characters Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as playable survivors. Barricade yourself inside the police station of your mind and watch the trailer below. Read more

msi-oculux-nxg253r-review:-nvidia-reflex-is-sharp,-but-360hz-is-still-unnecessary Rock,Paper,Shotgun

MSI Oculux NXG253R review: Nvidia Reflex is sharp, but 360Hz is still unnecessary

Even if you’re not “into” PC gaming hardware, spend enough time in its orbit and you’ll eventually develop a healthy scepticism for a specific type of electro-trickery. The kind that promises, naturally with the right purchases, to help you shoot better or drive cars faster or generally be a more PRO ELITE WINNER in competitive games. For me, there have been two such technologies I’ve never really bought into: ultra-high 360Hz monitor refresh rates, and Nvidia Reflex, a kind of setup-wide latency reduction system. Now, having spent some quality time with the MSI Oculux NXG253R – which features both –…

square-enix-on-bringing-characters-to-life-and-ditching-episodes-for-life-is-strange:-true-colors Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Square Enix on bringing characters to life and ditching episodes for Life Is Strange: True Colors

It’s fair to say that Deck Nine had a lot to prove with Life Is Strange: True Colors. While it wasn’t their first Life Is Strange – the Colorado studio released the spin-off game Before The Storm in 2017 – it was the first time they were tasked with creating their own world and characters, instead of inheriting Dontnod’s creations. Fortunately Deck Nine successfully managed the tightrope walk of honouring the series’ existing DNA, while still taking the Life Is Strange world in new directions. To find out more about how it was done, I sat down with Philip Lawrence…

chunky-steam-deck-update-adds-overheat-warning,-docked-mode-improvements,-performance-fixes-and-more Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Chunky Steam Deck update adds overheat warning, docked mode improvements, performance fixes and more

The latest Steam Deck software update, comprised of both a client update and SteamOS 3.3, is out now. It’s a fat stack of improvements and fixes, too, including a handful of brand new features. You can read the full patch notes on Steam, but I’ll give you the highlights, which include a new warning that pops up when the Steam Deck’s temperature “goes outside the safe operating range”. When it starts throttling, in other words, a threshold that many Deck owners have been discovering during recent heatwaves. I have an overheating notification feature myself, only it’s just me typing “too…

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This week’s best gaming laptop deal is a Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 16 w/ RTX 3070 Ti

We spotted a rare discount on Lenovo’s brand new Legion 5i Pro 16 laptop, and it’s a high-end model with a 12th-gen Core i7 processor, RTX 3070 Ti graphics card and a stunning 16-in 2560×1600 165Hz display. Normally this laptop retails for £1500, but thanks to an Ebay code (AUG15) you can take £60 off. This isn’t a massive discount, but it’s a notable price reduction for a laptop that is literally brand new with the latest-gen tech inside. Read more

pre-ordered-marvel’s-spider-man-on-steam?-valve-say-you-might-want-to-get-a-refund Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pre-ordered Marvel’s Spider-Man on Steam? Valve say you might want to get a refund

With cancelled pre-order comes small discount. Isn’t that the motto of Spider-Man? Well, it’s close enough under the circumstances. Steam have recommended scrapping your pre-order of upcoming webslingathon Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered because the game was priced too high in some territories. The price drop only applies in a few regions, but means that anyone who pre-ordered the game there might want to cancel theirs and buy it again. Or, you know, just wait until the game’s out. Read more