freedom-fighters-returns-to-pc-after-17-years Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Freedom Fighters returns to PC after 17 years

Freedom Fighters first hit the mean streets of PC in the days of ye old CD-ROMs, but IO Interactive have pulled out their old tactical shooter and dusted it off for the brave new world of digital distribution. After being unavailable on PC for years, Freedom Fighters is now available on modern digital storefronts for those of you looking to relive the year 2003. (more…)

best-minecraft-bedrock-seeds-for-xbox,-windows-10,-and-mobile Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for Xbox, Windows 10, and Mobile

Minecraft Bedrock seeds give players across pretty much every platform the very best Minecraft worlds in which they can start their new adventure. But it can get pretty tedious when you’re looking for a particular kind of start, having to generate world after world until the game finally spits out the exact combination of attributes that you’re after. Our list of best Minecraft Bedrock seeds is fully up to date with the latest version of Pocket Edition (1.16.20) and covers all bases from Mushroom Islands to glorious Mesa biomes, from gentle village spawns to snow-capped mountain ranges. Take a look!…

fortnite:-save-the-world-being-pulled-from-macs-while-epic-and-apple-grapple Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fortnite: Save The World being pulled from Macs while Epic and Apple grapple

The newest casualty in Apple and Epic Games’ legal squabble is Fortnite: Save The World. Nah, not the battle royale everyone plays, just the co-op horde game. If you’re just catching up, Epic kicked off a big stink with Apple last month with a weird, 1984-inspired propaganda video as they circumvented Apple’s cut of App Store sales. It’s been all drama since then. Has this really only been going on for four weeks? This is going to be a long, tiresome ride. (more…)

the-game-devs-of-color-expo-presents-developer-talks-and-free-demos-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Game Devs of Color Expo presents developer talks and free demos this weekend

The fifth Game Devs of Color Expo kicks off this weekend with presentations by a number of different creators. Although the weekend of talks is a paid event, you can spot some developer interviews and free demos being hosted by the expo over on Steam in an event called Gradient Convergence. You’ve got from now until Monday, to try those out if you’re keen. (more…)

crysis-remastered-is-out-today,-so-you-can-indeed-run-it,-probably Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crysis Remastered is out today, so you can indeed run it, probably

Crysis Remastered is out and yes, you can probably run it. You will need to buy it though, because that’s how these things work. The remaster includes visual updates like 8k resolution textures and ray-traced reflections for those of you willing to put your systems through their paces. Not to worry, ye old Crysis joke will live on for several more years if Crytek have anything to say about it. (more…)

no-man’s-sky’s-next-update-origins-will-launch-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

No Man’s Sky’s next update Origins will launch next week

No Man’s Sky is in for yet another update to its giant spacefaring simulation sometime next week, Hello games say. They’ve shared the title for the new update and hinted that it’s the beginning of some big new piece of the game, but don’t appear to be sharing more until the update and its patch notes drop next week. That won’t stop me from taking some guesses based on the new artwork though, now will it? (more…)

descent-underground-is-hopefully-still-coming,-but-maybe-not-as-‘descent’ Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Descent Underground is hopefully still coming, but maybe not as ‘Descent’

Over five years after Descendent Studios successfully finished a Kickstarter campaign for Descent: Underground, their dream of a new game in the tunnelbound spaceship shooter series has not yet come true. It got pulled from early access, its plans changed to focus on singleplayer, and… it went quiet for a long time. Descendent Studios and the publishers, Little Orbit have been tied up in a legal battle, y’see. Well, Descendent issued an update this week saying work has come on and they do still plan to release it, even if they can’t use the Descent name and have to call…

cyberpunk-2077-reveals-surprisingly-low-system-requirements-for-pc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cyberpunk 2077 reveals surprisingly low system requirements for PC

In yet another Cyberpunk 2077 news brief, CD Projekt Red have talked more about Night City’s layout, gangs, and revealed the PC system specifications you’ll need to run their biggo RPG. For a city that seems so big, the tech you’ll need to visit it is quite small. It will apparently only take up 70GB of storage space and will run with an Nvidia GTX 780 GPU. (more…)

final-fantasy-16’s-reveal-trailer-has-big-final-fantasy-15-energy-and-i-am-here-for-it Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Final Fantasy 16’s reveal trailer has big Final Fantasy 15 energy and I am here for it

Final Fantasy 16 ‘s future on PC may have been thrown into doubt over the last 48 hours thanks to Square Enix’s ongoing exclusivity mess, but man alive, I am EXCITED all the same. Partly because its brand new “Awakening” reveal trailer shown off during Wednesday’s latest PS5 Showcase a) looked fantastic, and b) explicitly stated it had been captured on PC, thereby giving me hope that it will come to PC eventually. But mostly because it reminded me a lot of the previous game in the series, the wonderful (but epically flawed) Final Fantasy 15. Allow me to explain….

the-new-stronghold-warlords-demo-gets-feudalism-just-right Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The new Stronghold Warlords demo gets feudalism just right

I’ve missed all the demos so far for Stronghold Warlords, the upcoming instalment in Firefly Studios’ long-running castle-building-and-bashing series, despite being a big fan of the original games. But seeing as Warlords is being featured at Ye Olde PAX X EGX, and I had my hands on the new demo (which is out right now!), I figured now was the time to get stuck in. Well, I’m glad I tried it. And I’m glad I waited, too. It seems Warlords has been through a lot of changes over the course of its development, but what’s there now is very solid…

sea-of-thieves-is-offering-a-free-ori-themed-ship-set-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sea Of Thieves is offering a free Ori-themed ship set this weekend

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day on Saturday, so naturally, Rare’s excellent pirate adventure Sea Of Thieves has some goodies in store for its players. The first of which is a free ship set inspired by Ori And The Blind Forest (or Will Of The Wisps, I suppose). And the second is a whole weekend of double gold and reputation rewards between today and Sunday the 20th of September. (more…)

left-4-dead-2’s-huge-the-last-stand-update-lands-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Left 4 Dead 2’s huge The Last Stand update lands next week

If you’re aching for some new things to do in Left 4 Dead 2, then I have some wonderful news. The game’s first official content update in eight years drops on September 24th bringing with it The Last Stand, a campaign based on the first game’s lighthouse Survival mode map. Now, that would be pretty cool in itself, but this update is adding not one, but 20 new Survival arenas, four Scavenge arenas, 30 new achievements, loads of previously-unused voice lines, new melee weapons, animations and hundreds of bug fixes to top it all off. (more…)

rayman-co-creator-michel-ancel-says-he’s-leaving-video-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rayman co-creator Michel Ancel says he’s leaving video games

Michel Ancel, the co-creator of Rayman and creative director of Beyond Good & Evil, today announced that he’s stopping working on video games. The French designer started at Ubisoft when he was a teenager and, after over 30 years in the industry spent mostly at Ubi, says he wants to focus on his second passion, wildlife. Come for the announcement, stay for the video of a fox stealing brioche. (more…)

you-suck-at-parking-made-me-really-happy-to-be-in-a-car-crash Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You Suck At Parking made me really happy to be in a car crash

I’ve never been so called out by a game name. Look, I took a break from driving for like six months because of the pandemic. You try going that long without having to parallel park, yeah? They say the skill comes back quick but it most certainly does not. Thankfully, Happy Volcano’s You Suck At Parking does not actually make you drive a real vehicle. Rather, you’re plonked in a funky little video game car (or van, or lorry, or occasionally steamroller) with a simple end goal: park good. It’s kinda like a weird racing game. Your objective is to…

have-you-played…-call-of-duty:-warzone? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have you played… Call Of Duty: Warzone?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. I consider myself quite the all-rounder when it comes to playing games. I’ve sampled a little bit of what sometimes feels like every game ever made during my five-squared years on this earth. And yet somehow, inconceivably, before last year’s Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare I’d never played a CoD game before. I’ve no idea how it happened (or didn’t happen), but it did (or didn’t). Then, as if to make up for all that lost time, the CoD Gods dropped…

anecdotal-adventure-welcome-to-elk-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Anecdotal adventure Welcome To Elk is out now

Welcome To Elk recognises we’re probably all overdue a trip. Oh, a change of scenery would be nice, but it’s the people who make the place – the strange, sombre and often surreal stories from folks we’d never otherwise get to meet. While there’s still a global pandemic going on in the real world, developers Triple Topping are taking us on a trip to their storybook island starting today. (more…)

jk-rowling-not-“directly-involved”-with-hogwarts-legacy,-warner-bros.-assert Rock,Paper,Shotgun

JK Rowling not “directly involved” with Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. assert

Hogwarts Legacy might be set 200 years before lightning-face shows up, but it couldn’t pre-empt the series creator’s transphobic outbursts. Following its debut at last night’s Playstation show, publishers Warner Bros. have attempted to reassure troubled fans that author JK Rowling is not “directly involved” in the game’s production – though they’re being cagey on just how, exactly, she stands to benefit from the game’s success. (more…)

jetbike-fps-disintegration-is-turning-off-its-multiplayer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Jetbike FPS Disintegration is turning off its multiplayer

Sorry, Disintegration. Your gravity-defying motorbikes might’ve been fast, but it looks like they couldn’t keep pace when it came to multiplayer. A mere 3 months after release, V1 Interactive and Private Division announced they’ll be mothballing the game’s online offerings, starting today with the removal of the in-game store. (more…)

life-is-strange-2’s-first-episode-is-now-free,-forever Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Life Is Strange 2’s first episode is now free, forever

Get in the car, loser, we’re going to Mexico – and we’re not paying for the first hundred miles. Starting today, the first episode of supernatural teen sequel Life Is Strange 2is going completely free, permanently. Oh, you’ll still have to pay up to see their journey through to completion, but now you can spend a few hours with the Diaz brothers as they begin their cross-state road trip to the border. (more…)