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restored-content-dlc-for-star-wars:-knights-of-the-old-republic-2-–-the-sith-lords-gets-canceled VG247

Restored Content DLC for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords gets canceled

Switch users who own Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords will be interested to know that the promised DLC, Restored Content, will not be released. This is according to Aspyr Media, which confirmed on Twitter the team behind the game would not be “moving forward” with the DLC’s development. A reason for the cancellation was not provided by the company. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords for Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer To make up for the DLC being canceled, Aspyr is offering a free game key of your choice…

final-fantasy-7-rebirth-development-advancing-smoothly,-staying-true-to-the-plan VG247

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth development advancing smoothly, staying true to the plan

On track and flourishing. Square Enix has provided a short update on the development of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. According to Square, development is “progressing smoothly and according to plan.” The firm is also working on nailing down a release date, per a statement from producer Yoshinori Kitase. Rebirth is the follow-up to 2020’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the second in a planned trilogy of games remaking the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy 7. It is currently scheduled for a late 2023 or early 2024 release on PS5. Set in the dystopian metropolis of Midgar, you control mercenary Cloud…

assassin’s-creed-nexus,-bulletstorm,-vampire:-the-masquerade-–-justice,-more-coming-to-vr-headsets VG247

Assassin’s Creed Nexus, Bulletstorm, Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice, more coming to VR headsets

Some popular franchises heading to a headset near you. Various new VR titles have been announced, and each franchise should be familiar to you. These titles are Assassin’s Creed Nexus, Bulletstorm, The 7th Guest, Vampire: The Masquarade – Justice, and PowerWash Simulator. Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Many of the games were announced yesterday alongside the new Meta Quest 3 VR headset from the company formerly known as Facebook. The new headset will set you back $500/£500 for the 128GB version, which is higher than the current Quest 2, but the latter will drop another $100/£100 next week on June 4…

diablo-4-hotfix-1.02-introduces-balance-changes,-increases-endgame-difficulty VG247

Diablo 4 hotfix 1.02 introduces balance changes, increases endgame difficulty

Nerf hammer applied to Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer. Blizzard has issued a hotfix for Diablo 4, and while it’s a small update, it makes some notable changes. One of the main changes with hotfix 1.02 pertains to endgame. Diablo 4 Debate: Does it NEED to be an open world MMO? This is noted under Miscellaneous, which states that monster health values have increased in later World Tiers. In other words, expect monsters to be harder as you move toward the endgame. Other changes in the hotfix have to do with class cooldowns. For the Sorcerer, a nerf has been made…

can-bad-games-have-good-sequels? VG247

Can bad games have good sequels?

In contrast to Hollywood, videogames usually improve with every iteration. The Best Games Ever Show Episode 54 Welcome to the Best Games Ever show Episode 54: the best game that’s a sequel to a bad game. Because we live in a meritocracy, rubbish things never get sequels. Except we don’t live in a meritocracy, we live in hell, and therefore rubbish things often get nine sequels and a spin-off TV show while good things are busy getting rejected in board rooms. Such is life. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, because every now and then, sequels far outstrip their…

forget-about-spending-real-money-on-diablo-4-in-game-cosmetics,-get-real-clothes-instead VG247

Forget about spending real money on Diablo 4 in-game cosmetics, get real clothes instead

Forget dumping your cash into Activision Blizzard’s questionable in-game cosmetics and nab yourself some nice IRL threads instead. It should be no surprise to you, at this point, that Diablo 4 will feature microtransactions. Per Kegan Clark, Blizzard’s director of product for the game, Diablo 4 will be “a full-price game with a Cosmetics Shop and Battle Pass—none of which provide any pay-for-power options”. Much like Overwatch 2 from 2022, then, but we’re all hoping that Diablo isn’t quite as much of a mess as that peculiar launch. Did Diablo 4 really have to be open world? Lovely little details….

diablo-4-early-access-launch-wasn’t-a-complete-disaster VG247

Diablo 4 early access launch wasn’t a complete disaster

As much as we like to call out terrible live game launches, we should also point out when things work as expected. After years of anticipation, Diablo 4 finally launched. Well, only the early access launch for players who opted for the more expensive Deluxe, and Ultimate Editions of the game. Still, as the first time the full (paid) game is available to play, it’s important for the launch to go smooth. Diablo 4 is an always-online game launching on all three major platforms, so the stakes are high. A not-very-brief Diablo 4 chat with Connor, and myself. While the…

immortals-of-aveum:-why-single-player-matters,-and-how-unreal-5.1-is-making-this-a-true-new-gen-shooter VG247

Immortals of Aveum: Why single-player matters, and how Unreal 5.1 is making this a true new-gen shooter

Immortals of Aveum is a big budget, first-person magic shooter from Ascendant Studios, a new team built from industry veterans who have worked on the likes of Call of Duty and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series. In fact, the Call of Duty inspirations are clear in how the game is trying to target magic and mystery – but realise it in a big, triple-A shooter sort of way. But this isn’t just a corridor shooter; Ascendant Studios is weaving many genre strands together to make something unique. We sat down with Tyler Sparks, lead level producer at Ascendant Studios,…

midnight-ghost-hunt-haunts-epic-games-store-as-latest-freebie VG247

Midnight Ghost Hunt haunts Epic Games Store as latest freebie

This multiplayer hide-and-seek game is currently in Early Access. The latest Epic Games Store weekly freebie is Midnight Ghost Hunt. Replacing last week’s free game Death Stranding, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a 4v4 multiplayer title where spirits stalk the halls, and you are assigned to eliminate as a Ghost Hunter. Developed by Vaulted Sky Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, it’s Midnight Ghost Hunt. Can you survive? You have all sorts of ghost-busting tech to banish them – if you so choose, because you can play the ghost instead. As a ghost, you can conceal yourself inside harmless objects,…

lego’s-pac-man-arcade-is-its-greatest-gaming-tribute-yet VG247

LEGO’s Pac-Man Arcade is its greatest gaming tribute yet

LEGO has been doing good work in the gaming space, but it’s biggest throwback yet might just be the company’s strongest. In recent years, The Lego Group has undergone something of a transformation. Something clicked for the company with as much clarity as two classic 2×4 studded bricks snapping together; adults like this stuff just as much as kids. This realization has led to a new category of Lego, branded occasionally as ‘Adults Welcome’: clad in sleek black boxes and with eye-watering piece counts and prices, these sets are for the young-at-heart more than the young. And brilliantly, this realization…

final-monster-hunter-rise:-sunbreak-digital-event-set-for-june-7 VG247

Final Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event set for June 7

Capcom will host the final Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event next week. It asks players to tune in to find out what’s coming in the Bonus Update, followed by a developer roundtable where the team will reflect on bringing Rise and Sunbreak to life. The digital show will kick off at 7am PT, 10am ET, 3pm UK on June 7. Sunbreak, a major paid expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, was released for PC and Switch in June 2022 and added new armor, monsters, quests, story elements, weapons, and a more difficult Master Rank. It also brought the Palamute, a…

pokemon-go-community-day-unleashes-dragon-sized-adventure-on-june-10 VG247

Pokemon Go Community Day unleashes dragon-sized adventure on June 10

Evolve Axew into Fraxure and the rather cool Haxorus next week. Cutie Patootie Axew heads up the next Pokemon Go Community Day, and you can catch oodles of them next weekend on June 10. The Dragon-type Tusk Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a shiny. If you evolve Axew into its first evolution Fraxure into the final form Haxorus during the event or up to five hours afterward, the Pokemon will know the Charged Attack Breaking Swipe. Breaking Swipe will provide 50 power and is guaranteed to lower the opponent’s…

call-of-duty-meets-magic-and-action:-immortals-of-aveum-is-trying-to-fill-the-mcu-cinema-void-this-summer VG247

Call of Duty meets magic and action: Immortals of Aveum is trying to fill the MCU cinema void this summer

Immortals of Aveum is visually spectacular, but how does it play? Immortals of Aveum shoots so hard for the look and feel of a summer blockbuster that I’m surprised the collector’s edition doesn’t come with a big buttery bucket of popcorn. Or at least one you can microwave at home. It’s even coming out in July, a traditionally barren point in the release calendar, but surely a softer slate of competition can only help this flashy new IP on the EA Originals publishing label cut through? Will it really look this good at launch? From its high-stakes story that leans…

the-street-fighter-6-wifi-wars-have-begun VG247

The Street Fighter 6 wifi wars have begun

With new players excited for the Street Fighter 6 launch date, ethernet vs wifi arguments are back. The Street Fighter 6 community are throwing punches at eachother online following the revelation that wifi indicators will appear next to players heading into online lobbies. With this out info out in the world, debate surrounding the merits of wired vs wireless connections has sprung up yet again. It’s an argument that has been raging for years now, born thanks to the importance of a stable connection in the genre back when the netcode wasn’t nearly as good as it is these days….

we-should-all-be-very-thankful-we-never-got-a-rumoured-elden-ring-season-pass VG247

We should all be very thankful we never got a rumoured Elden Ring season pass

Elden Ring’s DLC could’ve looked a lot different. Elden Ring | FromSoftware First reported by the folk over at Twisted Voxel, a rumour surrounding the long-awaited Elden Ring DLC has emerged. Supposedly, the Elden Ring DLC revealed on Twitter earlier this year – Shadow of the Erdtree – was to initially launch as a a ‘season pass’ comprised of two DLCs. ELDEN RING is our actual GOTY, and honestly? Nothing else comes close. The season pass concept was reportedly scrapped by FromSoftware, which favoured a larger, single expansion in the form of Shadow of the Erdtree. We also got a…

the-witcher-3-has-sold-over-50m-copies:-legendary-saga-among-the-best-selling-games-of-all-time VG247

The Witcher 3 has sold over 50M copies: legendary saga among the best-selling games of all time

CD Projekt Red has announced the lastest sales figure for The Wither 3, and it’s a big number. According to the studio, the game has sold over 50 million copies worldwide, making it the ninth best-selling game of all time behind Red Dead Redemption 2. Minecraft is at the top of the list, with over 238 million sold as of the last count. Become Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer for hire taking on the greatest contract of your life- tracking down the Child of Prophecy. A figure for The Witcher Trilogy was also shared by CDP. According to the…

xbox-game-pass-enriches-its-library-with-chicory,-amnesia:-the-bunker,-rune-factory-4-special,-and-more VG247

Xbox Game Pass enriches its library with Chicory, Amnesia: The Bunker, Rune Factory 4 Special, and more

The first round of June games have been announced for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Kicking things off today are top-down adventure game Chicory: A Colorful Tale on cloud, console, and PC and open-world, sci-fi sandbox game Farworld Pioneers for console ad PC. The world’s color has vanished. Can you bring it back? June 1 will see the arrival of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 on cloud, console, and PC. The simulation title finds you immersing yourself in a realistic garage environment as the new car garage owner. The goal is to work towards a service empire as you…

xbox-game-pass-new-release-has-a-gorgeous-link-to-playstation-exclusive-the-last-guardian VG247

Xbox Game Pass new release has a gorgeous link to PlayStation exclusive The Last Guardian

If you’ve yet to play Planet of Lana, make sure you keep your speakers on and your ears open – the result may just surprise you. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been drawn to Planet of Lana in their thousands. The game, developed by Swedish studio Wishfully and sold as a ‘cinematic side-scrolling platformer’, has been a critical and commercial success across the board – but coming Day One to Game Pass has meant that the indie game has found a particularly precious place in the hearts of Xbox owners. This is absolutely not a ‘podcast game’. And it’s easy…

pokemon-home-30.0-is-now-available-with-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-compatibility VG247

Pokemon Home 3.0.0 is now available with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compatibility

A Mystery Gift is available for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet first launched back in November of 2022, meaning that eager fans have been waiting a while now for Pokemon Home compatibility to be introduced to the game. Well, Pokemon players can rejoice as the Pokemon Home 3.0.0 update has finally arrived, bringing with it the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compatibility that many were hoping for. The update was initially scheduled for last week, before being pushed back to this week after the official Pokemon Twitter account explained a mistake had been made. Yet to check…

street-fighter-6-review:-one-of-the-best-fighting-game-packages-of-all-time VG247

Street Fighter 6 review: one of the best fighting game packages of all time

In gaming, as in any art, you sometimes have to learn to take the rough with the smooth. No artist, director, studio, production house, or franchise is infallible. But the failures aren’t always just missteps. Sometimes, they’re stepping stones on the route to triumph. This happens in all mediums, but I think we see more of it in games. This is the story of Final Fantasy 14 to A Realm Reborn, of the Wii U to the Switch – and of Street Fighter 5 to Street Fighter 6. A greatly troubled game at launch that took years to rescue, the…