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report:-why-the-geforce-rtx-3080’s-gddr6x-memory-is-clocked-at-19-gbps Toms Hardware

Report: Why The GeForce RTX 3080’s GDDR6X Memory Is Clocked at 19 Gbps

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)German publication Igor’s Lab has launched an investigation into why Nvidia chose 19 Gbps GDDR6X memory for the GeForce RTX 3080 and not the faster 21 Gbps variant. There are various claims, but it’s not entirely clear how exactly some of the testing was conducted, or where the peak temperature came from.The GeForce RTX 3080, which is the newly anointed king of gaming graphics cards, comes equipped with 10GB of GDDR6X memory. Unsurprisingly, the 10 memory chips are from Micron since the U.S. chipmaker is the only one that produces GDDR6X…

evga-to-stock-‘thousands’-of-nvidia-rtx-3080-ampere-gpus-this-week Toms Hardware

EVGA to Stock ‘Thousands’ of Nvidia RTX 3080 Ampere GPUs This Week

Nvidia’s launch of the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards have left many feeling left in the cold as the cards sold out almost immediately. According to EVGA’s global product management director Jacob Freeman (via Twitter), the third-party GPU maker could stock ‘thousands’ more Nvidia RTX 3080 cards over the coming week, with stock coming in every few days. That gives us at least a glimmer of hope that supply will improve this week, though we fully anticipate the shortages to persist for some’s encouraging that EVGA will have more custom RTX 3080 graphics cards coming to market this week, and…

this-raspberry-pi-robot-plays-tic-tac-toe-so-you-never-play-alone Toms Hardware

This Raspberry Pi Robot Plays Tic-Tac-Toe So You Never Play Alone

If you’re sick of single-player tic-tac-toe, this Raspberry Pi project created by 3DprintedLife is just for you. Using a camera alongside a robotic arm, this Pi-powered robot is the ultimate tic-tac-foe.The robot was designed entirely by 3DprintedLife using CAD software and 3D printed. The body consists mainly of a robotic arm controlled by servo motors and a camera positioned above a small playing field. The camera observes the game while the Pi calculates moves in real-time. We recently featured 3DprintedLife’s automatic card shuffler back in July, which also relied on image recognition.3DprintedLife created a custom PCB for the project designed…

crucial-mx500-ssd-provides-500gb-of-storage-for-just-$57 Toms Hardware

Crucial MX500 SSD Provides 500GB of Storage For Just $57

The MX500 internal SSD from Crucial is currently listed on Amazon for just $57.99. Its usual price lingers around $69, making this a 17% total discount. The 2.5″ SSD is well-suited for both laptops and desktops with limited space.Crucial MX500 500 GB Internal SSD: was $69, now $57 @Amazon This deal saves you a total of $12, providing 500 GB worth of storage at just .11 cents per gigabyte. It can reach read/write speeds as high as 560/510 megabytes per second.View DealThe SSD uses a SATA 6 Gbps interface. It has a small form factor, measuring in at just 4.06″…

lg-27″-4k-ips-monitor-only-$249-with-promo-code Toms Hardware

LG 27″ 4K IPS Monitor Only $249 With Promo Code

The LG 27UK500-B is a 4K, IPS monitor that usually runs for $349. But if you act soon, you can snag one off BuyDig for $249 using promo code UNY24.The LG monitor has a max resolution of 3840 x 2160. It’s an IPS display, making it much easier to see the screen clearly from different angles. It also features 98% sRGB color spectrum coverage.LG 27″ 27UK500-B Monitor: was $349, now $249 @BuyDig This UHD monitor from LG features 98% Color Gamut and uses AMD FreeSync technology. It can be easily mounted to a wall or used with a stand.View DealThis…

this-raspberry-pi-adds-midi-to-a-korg-monotron-synth Toms Hardware

This Raspberry Pi Adds MIDI to a Korg Monotron Synth

Makers keep finding new ways to upgrade the world around them with a Raspberry Pi, and we can’t help but show off their hard work! Maker Zack Scholl took the creative path with this Raspberry Pi project, using the Pi to add MIDI functionality on an otherwise “MIDI-less” Korg Monotron synthesizer.Scholl not only shared the final project, but also included complete instructions so you can recreate it yourself. It essentially uses a Raspberry Pi as a MIDI-to-CV controller enabling the Korg Monotron to operate as a MIDI instrument.According to Scholl, the basic concept involves converting the MIDI input to voltage….

usb-overload:-portwell-motherboard-has-20-usb-ports Toms Hardware

USB Overload: Portwell Motherboard Has 20 USB Ports

Do you need 20 USB ports? If so, Portwell has you covered with its new PEB-9783G2AR motherboard that comes equipped with (that’s right) 20 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports.Surprisingly, the PEB-9783G2AR supports all 20 of it’s USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports natively. That means there are no fancy gizmos like splitters or hubs, so you’ll get the full bandwidth of the USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface on all USB ports. Of course, there are compromises; both chipsets support up to eight USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 1, and 4 USB 2.0 ports natively. Presumably, to get…

nvidia-adds-new-gpu-monitoring-overlay-and-overclocking-features-to-geforce-experience Toms Hardware

Nvidia Adds New GPU Monitoring Overlay And Overclocking Features to GeForce Experience

In a new beta release of GeForce Experience, version 3.20.5, Nvidia has added a boatload of new features to the program, including one-click GPU overclocking and a fully-featured GPU monitoring tool, brining the company up to speed with some of the features enabled in AMD’s Adrenalin suite. The update also includes support for 8K 30FPS HDR shadowplay recordings via the NVENC encoder on RTX 30 series GPUs.To see all the new GPU monitoring and overclocking tools, head over to your GeForce Experience application and enable “Experimental Features” to get the update for yourself. Once the update is installed, press “alt+Z”…

seagate-reveals-its-exos-x18-hdds:-18-tb-for-exascalers-and-datacenters Toms Hardware

Seagate Reveals Its Exos X18 HDDs: 18 TB for Exascalers and Datacenters

Seagate has formally announced its Exos X18 family of datacenter-grade hard drives that it has been shipping to select clients for a while now. The HDDs are designed for enterprise and hyperscale datacenters that demand maximum storage density available today, but these products may also be used for high-end NAS and even desktops.The Exos X18: Improving Capacity and PerformanceThe 3.5-inch Seagate Exos X18 family includes 16 TB and 18 TB hard drives that are based on the company’s fifth-generation helium-filled HDD platform. This platform relies on nine perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) platters (featuring a capacity of up to 2 TB)…

twister-os:-make-raspberry-pi-look-like-windows-or-macos Toms Hardware

Twister OS: Make Raspberry Pi Look like Windows or macOS

Since 2012 Raspberry Pi OS, formerly Raspbian has been the go to operating system for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Raspberry Pi OS is not the only operating system and a recent addition is Twister OS, which is based upon Raspberry Pi OS but it offers a greater choice of pre-installed applications and a choice of themes, some of which offer a Windows / macOS experience for the humble Pi.In this tutorial we’ll take a look at installing Twister OS on to a Raspberry Pi 4 and then change the theme to match Windows 10 and macOS. We also take a whistlestop…

how-to-make-your-game-streams-accessible-with-live-captions Toms Hardware

How to Make Your Game Streams Accessible with Live Captions

Whether you’re broadcasting your game streams every day or doing the occasional “just chatting” session on weekends, you want to grow your audience. One way to grow and also to avoid alienating your fans is to make sure that your content is as accessible as possible for those with hearing or vision challenges. Adding closed captioning is the best place to start.I have recently had several hard of hearing or visually impaired people join my community and I didn’t actually realize how inaccessible my broadcasts were to people I called my friends. During my discussions with others on accessibility I…

japanese-workstation-weds-amd’s-64-core-epyc-and-two-geforce-rtx-3090/3080 Toms Hardware

Japanese Workstation Weds AMD’s 64-core EPYC and Two GeForce RTX 3090/3080

HPC Systems, a workstation maker from Japan, has announced that its new workstation is powered by AMD’s EPYC processor with up to 64 cores as well as up to two Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080/3090 graphics cards. The PAW-300 machine is designed primarily for AI developers, but it can certainly be used for other applications, such as digital content creation once Nvidia releases Studio drivers for its latest GPUs.The Monster WorkstationThe HPC PAW-300 is certainly one of the most powerful workstations available today. In its maximum configuration, the system can be equipped with AMD’s EPYC 7002-series CPU with up to 64…

where-and-how-to-buy-an-rtx-3080,-3090-or-3070 Toms Hardware

Where and How to Buy an RTX 3080, 3090 or 3070

Update 9/18/2020: RTX 3080 cards are still sold out across all stores, but there are pre-built systems that include the cards still available. iBuyPower has three desktop systems available with RTX 3080s. PC Gamer confirmed that Velocity Micro is still letting you add an RTX 3080 to any of its full tower or workstation desktops. The company is currently quoting a 3 week lead time for deliveries.Alienware currently has a (fairly expensive) gaming desktop with an RTX 3080, and the company told PC Gamer that more configurations will be available soon. It is currently quoting a 3-4 week delivery time….

msi-radeon-rx-5600-xt-is-just-$239-on-newegg Toms Hardware

MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT is Just $239 on Newegg

For the next few days, the MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT is available for sale on Newegg for just $239. That’s is a full $30 off the normal price of $269.MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT: was $269, now $239 @Newegg To get this deal, you need to use promo code 9BLDSAZ56. This will provide a $10 discount. The card comes with a $20 rebate card, taking the overall price down to just $239. View DealThis GPU is dual-fan card with a thermal design intended to help better dissipate heat. It comes with 6 GB of GDDR6 and is more than equipped…

gigabyte-reveals-first-geforce-rtx-3090-with-a-blower-design Toms Hardware

Gigabyte Reveals First GeForce RTX 3090 With a Blower Design

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 Turbo 24G (Image credit: Gigabyte)The GeForce RTX 3090, poised to be one of the fastest and best graphics cards on the planet, will hit stores on September 24 for $1,499. Gigabyte is one of the first, if not the only, brave vendor to release a GeForce RTX 3090 with a blower-style design.As spotted via @momomo_us, the GeForce RTX 3090 Turbo 24G (GV-N3090TURBO-24GD) checks in with dimensions of 266.7 x 111.16 x 39.8mm. Gigabyte didn’t reveal the interior of the design, but the cooling system has  a copper vapor chamber that makes direct contact with the GPU and…

tsmc’s-estimated-wafer-prices-revealed:-300mm-wafer-at-5nm-is-nearly-$17,000 Toms Hardware

TSMC’s Estimated Wafer Prices Revealed: 300mm Wafer at 5nm Is Nearly $17,000

A blogger has published estimates of TSMC’s wafer costs and prices. Quite unsurprisingly, processing of wafers is getting more expensive with each new manufacturing technology as nodes tend to get more capital intensive. TSMC’s latest N5 (5nm) fabrication process appears to be particularly expensive on per-wafer basis because it is new, but its transistor density makes it particularly good for chips with a high transistor count. RetiredEngineer, a well-known semiconductor blogger, has published a table with a calculation of TSMC’s sale price per hypothetical chip by node in 2020. The source of the table was not mentioned, but it probably comes…

eizo-launches-its-first-curved-ips-monitor:-the-37.5-inch-flexscan-ev3895-with-kvm Toms Hardware

Eizo Launches Its First Curved IPS Monitor: The 37.5-Inch FlexScan EV3895 with KVM

Curved monitors for gamers and office workers have been gaining popularity in the recent years and virtually all makers of displays have announced one or two curved LCDs. Being a very conservative company with a lineup tailored for professional and niche markets, Eizo was not among them until this week. On Thursday, the company finally revealed  (via PC Watch) its first curved monitor — the FlexScan EV3895 — that not only has all the capabilities one comes to expect from a premium business and office-oriented display, but is also based on an IPS panel. Curved ultrawide monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio…

nvidia,-newegg-address-nearly-non-existent-rtx-3080-availability Toms Hardware

Nvidia, Newegg Address Nearly Non-Existent RTX 3080 Availability

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 GPU , one of the best graphics cards, launched today, and it sold out almost instantly. Nvidia has apologized for the situation regarding orders on its own website, and Newegg posted a statement to Twitter to justify the situation.Nvidia put a statement up on its forum in a locked thread entitled “RTX 3080 Nvidia Store Availability,” which, as of this writing, has been downvoted 126 times. “This morning we saw unprecedented demand for the GeForce RTX 3080 at global retailers, including the NVIDIA online store,” the statement says. “At 6 a.m. pacific we attempted to push the…

the-end-of-sli-as-we-know-it:-nvidia-reveals-new-model Toms Hardware

The End of SLI As We Know It: Nvidia Reveals New Model

(Image credit: Shutterstock)In a surprising turn of events, Nvidia today announced that it’s completely killed its current model of SLI, which lets your system run more than one Nvidia graphics cards simultaneously for greater performance. Nvidia has transferred all SLI implementation responsibilities to the game developer and game engine and won’t release new SLI driver profiles for the RTX 20-series and older GPUs starting January 1.”For GeForce RTX 3090 and future SLI-capable GPUs, SLI will only be supported when implemented natively within the game,” Nvidia said. DirectX12 games that already support SLI natively in-game include Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Civilization…

sifive-readies-risc-v-desktop-pc-for-devs,-new-cpus-with-vector-extensions Toms Hardware

SiFive Readies RISC-V Desktop PC For Devs, New CPUs with Vector Extensions

Many leading analysts agree – Nvidia’s recently-announced ARM acquisition will result in broader industry uptake of the open-source RISC-V CPU architecture, and SiFive, one of the major driving forces behind the RISC-V CPU architecture, made a timely announcement today. SiFive disclosed plans to provide interested software designers with desktop PCs running a RISC-V chip to assist of software development or porting to the open-source CPU architecture. The announcement comes as the open-source RISC-V CPu architecture enjoys more interest in the wake of Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM.SiFive also said it would announce RISC-V processing cores that support the latest RISC-V vector (RVV)…