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firefighting-simulator-has-infinitely-long-hoses,-so-i-filled-a-neighborhood-with-them PC Gamer

Firefighting Simulator has infinitely long hoses, so I filled a neighborhood with them

Having played a bit of Firefighting Simulator – The Squad I should probably talk about the features of Firefighting Simulator – The Squad but instead I’m going to focus on the one feature of Firefighting Simulator – The Squad I immediately became obsessed with: its seemingly infinitely long fire hoses. The problem began during the tutorial, when I was running around holding one end of a supply hose, with the other end connected to the fire truck. I noticed the hose kept stretching no matter how far I dragged it. Running around the truck several times, the hose never ran…

genshin-impact-1.3-comes-in-february,-but-an-adorable-slime-festival-is-out-now PC Gamer

Genshin Impact 1.3 comes in February, but an adorable slime festival is out now

Genshin Impact will be kicking off the Lunar New Year in style, with a lantern festival coming to Liyue in February. The 1.3 update will release on February 3rd, and is split into four events: All That Glitters, Lantern Rite Tales, Theater Mechanicus, and the Xiao Market. Theater Mechanicus is a tower defense battle where players use a gridded arena to place down towers, then fight alongside them against enemy waves.  The new character Xiao, a 5-star, is at the center of much of the update trailer and will receive a story quest to go with him. Players will get…

which-game-has-the-most-brutal-beginning? PC Gamer

Which game has the most brutal beginning?

The tutorial of 1999 open-world crime game Driver is infamous. It recreates a scene from 1978 movie The Driver, by making you performing a checklist of stunts and maneuvers in a cramped parking garage to prove your skills as a getaway expert. Burnout? Handbrake? Easy enough. Now imagine you are a young videogame-enjoyer sitting down to play your exciting new videogame, and then being instructed to perform a “slalom” with no explanation what the word even means. You have not been alpine skiing, because you are a literal child. By the way, there’s a time limit. Good luck! That’s a…

crapshoot:-dizzy,-the-eggcentric-english-platformer-mascot PC Gamer

Crapshoot: Dizzy, the eggcentric English platformer mascot

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random obscure games back into the light. This week, who wants some eggs? When you think of heroes, you probably don’t think of eggs. For a while though, Dizzy was one of the faces of the UK computing scene—his smile legendary, his adventures popular, and his games mostly a load of complete arse. It’s amazing how much less that mattered in a time when most games came on cassettes and only cost pocket-money though, so let’s take a look at some of Dizzy’s greatest…

tencent-acquires-majority-stake-in-don’t-starve-studio-klei-entertainment PC Gamer

Tencent acquires majority stake in Don’t Starve studio Klei Entertainment

Canadian studio Klei Entertainment, the developer of indie hits including Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve, Oxygen Not Included, and Griftlands, is indie no more. The studio announced today that Chinese gaming giant Tencent has acquired a majority stage in the company, a deal that founder Jaime “Bigfoot” Cheng said “helps us navigate a changing industry, and helps us focus on what we do best: making unique experiences that no one else can.” “As part of this agreement, Klei retains full autonomy of creative and operations across all aspects of the studio, including projects, talent, and more,” Cheng said on…

can-we-predict-what-games-will-be-hits-on-twitch? PC Gamer

Can we predict what games will be hits on Twitch?

Here’s the plan: Figure out what Twitch’s most popular games have in common, and then predict with perfect accuracy what games are going to be popular among livestreamers in the future. Never again will we be caught off guard by the sudden popularity of a game like Among Us. The whims of PC gamers will become obvious to us, as if translated into Matrix code. For reasons I’ll explore at the end of this article, this plan is doomed to failure. But it’ll be fun to try anyway. We know which games we wish would get big on Twitch, but…

resident-evil-is-a-creative-miracle PC Gamer

Resident Evil is a creative miracle

Resident Evil’s wild inconsistency has made me as disappointed and excited as a person can get about videogames. I’m leaning towards excitement with Resident Evil Village, but familiar concerns are spinning back up. The series is once again following the trajectory of Resident Evil through Resident Evil 3, where sparse combat scenarios featuring one or two slowly shuffling enemies are replaced with legions of zombies sprinting against machine gun fire. We’re going to need some huge fucking guns to take out Village’s big hammer oaf. Are we, once again, set to lose the essence of Resident Evil? Not at all:…

minecraft’s-infamous-‘herobrine’-world-seed-has-been-found PC Gamer

Minecraft’s infamous ‘Herobrine’ world seed has been found

Herobrine is a legend in Minecraft, the star of a creepypasta not dissimilar to Slender Man. He was first reported in a 2010 4chan post, according to a history on the Minecraft Wiki, but went largely unnoticed until a streamer named Copeland shared several images “proving” the odd character’s existence. Herobrine appears in singleplayer games, so the story went, where he does weird things like carving 2×2 tunnels in the rocks or cutting all the leaves off of trees; he looks identical to the default Minecraft skin, but with white, empty eyes. Like all good legends, this one had a…

cyberpunk-2077’s-1.1-patch-goes-live-with-fixes-and-‘stability-improvements’ PC Gamer

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.1 patch goes live with fixes and ‘stability improvements’

The Cyberpunk 2077 1.10 patch is now available on Steam and GOG, bringing a range of stability improvements, bug fixes, and other improvements to the game. “In this update we focused on various stability improvements, which you can find outlined in the patch notes below. We will continue this work in patch 1.2 and other upcoming updates,” CD Projekt said in the patch announcement. “At the same time we will keep fixing the bugs you encounter and listening to your feedback on how to improve the overall game experience.” Patch 1.1 is out on PC, consoles and Stadia!In this update,…

razer’s-deathadder-v2-pro-wireless-gaming-mouse-is-on-sale-for-$100 PC Gamer

Razer’s DeathAdder V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse is on sale for $100

Razer makes a lot of gaming mice, but the DeathAdder series is among the company’s most popular. A few days ago, Razer dropped the price of the DeathAdder Elite to just $40, and now one of the higher-end wireless mice is also on sale. The Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro is a high-end wireless gaming mouse, now available for $99.99, a reduction of $30 from the usual price. It has a 20K DPI optical sensor, a total of eight programmable buttons (including the main left/right buttons), and of course, RGB lighting. The mouse lasts for up to 120 hours in Bluetooth…

best-mechanical-keyboard PC Gamer

Best mechanical keyboard

Investing in the best mechanical keyboard can change the entire feel of your computer. While there isn’t anything particularly wrong with using the stock keyboard with your computer, buying a keyboard that you can call your own can turn how you interact with your computer into a far more personalized experience. Mechanical key switches, which give these popular keyboards their signature feel, give each keyboard a bit of personality and can speak just as much to their own design as the kind of people who use them. Even if you’re not using your keyboard for gaming there are some awesome…

apex-legends-season-8:-everything-we-know PC Gamer

Apex Legends Season 8: Everything we know

What can we expect from Apex Legends Season 8? With a new character and weapon on the way, the next season of the Apex Games has been set up for a fiery start. Fuse has already made a dramatic entrance, and Kings Canyon has been blown to smithereens. It’s no surprise that this season has been tagged ‘Mayhem’, and I imagine Respawn still has a few more surprises lined up for us. While official details on Fuse’s abilities are yet to be announced, we do have a few clues as to what his powers may be, thanks to some dataminers….

looking-for-a-cheap-and-lightweight-mouse?-cooler-master’s-mm711-is-just-$35 PC Gamer

Looking for a cheap and lightweight mouse? Cooler Master’s MM711 is just $35

Tracking down the best gaming mouse is largely a subjective affair, but if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight rodent, you can narrow the field considerably. One that stands out right now is Cooler Master’s MM711. That’s because it’s available at Micro Center for $34.99 right now. That’s half off its list price. It’ll cost about $5 to have it shipped if you don’t select the in-store option. Even so, it’s a great price for a capable mouse that weighs a tick under 60 grams. Incidentally, that’s up from 53 grams for its predecessor, the MM710, but the negligible gain in…

endless-legend,-space-and-dungeon-are-free-to-try-all-weekend PC Gamer

Endless Legend, Space and Dungeon are free to try all weekend

Endless Legend, Endless Space 2 and Dungeon Of The Endless are free to try out this weekend, with 75% off most of the developer’s catalogue if you decide to keep ’em. Taking over from the studio’s Endless Day birthday tradition, Amplitude kicked of an Amplified 10-year anniversary weekend with a wave of announcements for its broad, genre-spanning “Endless” series of games—starting with definitive editions containing new original soundtrack releases and a small helping of DLC. Before taking the plunge, however, you can try out all three games on Steam for free until Monday 10am PST / 6pm GMT. They’re all…

indie-studio-claims-that-apex-legends-‘rips-off’-one-of-its-characters PC Gamer

Indie studio claims that Apex Legends ‘rips off’ one of its characters

Apex Legends developer Respawn recently introduced a new character, Fuse, who will join the futuristic battle royale game on February 2 with the kickoff of its eighth season. Shortly after that reveal, indie studio NOWAA told Nintendo Life that it believes the character is a knockoff of Hunter, a one-eyed “space bandit” who stars in its upcoming hero shooter BulletVille. “We are happy that the Apex Legends team liked Hunter’s style to the point of wanting to recreate it in Apex Legends—we were even hoping for an eventual crossover!” the studio said. “Nonetheless, we are afraid that, as a small…

the-terminator-and-sarah-connor-are-in-fortnite-now PC Gamer

The Terminator and Sarah Connor are in Fortnite now

Fortnite season 5 continues to roll on with a ludicrous list of tie-in skins from various Hollywood and gaming universes. Previously, we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alien nemesis the Predator arrive, and now Arnie himself (or at least his exoskeleton) is joining the fray. Yup, you can now buy a Terminator skin in the Fortnite item shop. The original T-800 skin features all the iconic traits you’d expect from the original infiltrator unit: Red glowing eyes, a menacing metal skull, and that hulking frame of steel and wires from the original blockbuster thriller. Subtle. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not getting…

6-times-outgoing-fcc-chairman-ajit-pai-made-the-internet-worse PC Gamer

6 times outgoing FCC chairman Ajit Pai made the internet worse

January 20 was Ajit Pai’s last day as FCC chairman, a position he held since President Trump made the appointment in January 2017. In his time at the head of the US Federal Communications Commission, Pai led the agency to dismantle former chairman Tom Wheeler’s strong regulation of telecom companies. In doing so, Pai prioritized the interests and profits of companies like Comcast and AT&T over everyday people. Good riddance. As acting chair Jessica Rosenworcel steps in with the Biden administration and we wait to see what’s ahead, here’s a recap of Pai’s worst moves over the past four years….

best-4k-gaming-monitors-in-2021 PC Gamer

Best 4K gaming monitors in 2021

The best 4K gaming monitor may demand a lot from the best gaming PC, but if you want the level of detail a gorgeous 3840×2160 resolution can offer, you need a mix of the top panel technology and the latest high-end gaming features. Now we’re looking at blazing next-gen performance benchmarks from Nvidia 30-series cards like the RTX 3080 and the RTX 3090, as well as the exceptional new RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT cards from AMD; getting a good gaming monitor is one of the best things you can do to prepare.  You’re going to want a VA…

how-to-carry-over-your-saves-to-hitman-3 PC Gamer

How to carry over your saves to Hitman 3

Want to know how you can carry over previously unlocked content to Hitman 3? Now that Agent 47 is back in business, you may be wondering how you can carry over levels from Hitman and Hitman 2. In case you’re not aware, IO Interactive’s latest Hitman instalment lets you import levels from the previous two games—providing you own them, of course—allowing you to access these areas from the comfort of your Hitman 3 installation. In fact, if you’ve played Hitman 2, you may already be familiar with the process, as it boasted a similar feature. Hitman 3 also has the…

this-27-inch-monitor-checks-all-the-right-boxes-for-esports-and-is-on-sale-for-$355 PC Gamer

This 27-inch monitor checks all the right boxes for esports and is on sale for $355

The expression ‘have your cake and eat it too’ is perplexing in the sense that what the hell else are you going to do with cake? Nevertheless, if the sentiment was to be baked into a PC monitor built for esports, it would be MSI’s Optix MAG274QRF, a decked-out display that is on sale right now. Normally priced at $399.99, it’s marked down to $354.99 at Amazon, the lowest it has ever been at the retailer, according to a peek at CamelCamelCamel’s price tracking history. It’s still not cheap, but is a good price for the specifications. An IPS monitor…