June 2022

the-next-hunt:-showdown-update-is-pretty-big PC Gamer

The next Hunt: Showdown update is pretty big

Audio player loading… Crytek has prepared a swathe of improvements for its stealthy shooter Hunt: Showdown, including a fix for a longstanding technical issue: the dreaded desync teleportation that most of us have experienced when climbing ladders or trying to wedge yourself through the same doorway that your teammate’s in. The forthcoming 1.9 update is currently being put through its paces on Hunt’s public test server, but a full release date for the changes isn’t set yet. Although there are new gun skins, Legendary Hunters, map adjustments, and other stuff on the way, most of the changes are technical in…

gtx-1630-on-par-with-gtx-1050-ti,-benchmarks-show Toms Hardware

GTX 1630 on Par With GTX 1050 Ti, Benchmarks Show

According to a Weibo post by Inno3D, Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 1630 is an incredibly slow gaming GPU, with new benchmarks showcasing performance parity with the entry-level GTX 1050 Ti from six years ago. If Inno3D’s benchmarks are applicable to most titles, this makes the GTX 1630 one of the slowest GPUs on the market right off the bat, and perhaps little more than a refreshed GTX 1050 Ti with newer video encoders and decoders thanks to the newer Turing architecture. The GTX 1050 Ti came out in 2016 as Nvidia’s entry-level gaming GPU powered by the Pascal architecture. The…

the-xiii-remake-is-getting-a-remake PC Gamer

The XIII remake is getting a remake

Audio player loading… The cel-shaded shooter XIII (opens in new tab) wasn’t a hit when it was released in 2003, but it did manage to amass something of a cult following (and it was very good, a position I will stand by unto my death) and so there was some low-key but legitimate excitement when Microids announced in 2019 that it was getting a remake. Then the remake arrived, and it was, to use the professional term, staggeringly craptastic. It was such a mess that Microids and developer PlayMagic issued an official apology (opens in new tab). By all appearances…

intel’s-blockscale-cryptominer-ships-ahead-of-schedule,-late-to-the-party Toms Hardware

Intel’s Blockscale Cryptominer Ships Ahead of Schedule, Late to the Party

Intel has shipped its Blockscale ASIC product. It has been quite a journey, with the project initially becoming known to outsiders by its Bonanza Mine codename. In April this year, we got news that Intel’s Custom Compute Group had a fully formed product dubbed the Blockscale ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit). Moreover, it announced a flurry of design wins from cryptocurrency mining heavyweights such as Argo Blockchain, GRIID Infrastructure, HIVE Blockchain and others. Back in April, the Blockscale ASIC was said to be due for delivery to customers in Q3 2022. Today, Intel’s Raja Koduri, the firms well known EVP and…

a-brief-history-of-sonic-the-hedgehog-on-pc,-from-musical-conspiracies-to-not-really-3d-3d-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A brief history of Sonic The Hedgehog on PC, from musical conspiracies to not-really-3D 3D games

Let’s face facts: the old Sonic games have been re-released more times than I’ve had hot dinners. And every single Sonic fan has bought every single one of them, such is our sheer madness. We’re a little spoiled on PC for Sonic content these days, with every recent game of note having its own PC port that’s immediately been modded from bottom to breakfast. But it wasn’t always this simple, oh no. It used to be pretty slim pickings for us Sonicsters, and I’m here to tell you what we fought through to get to the promised land of ports…

crypto-copycat-store-duplicates-itch.io,-gets-slapped-down-by-founder Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crypto copycat store duplicates Itch.io, gets slapped down by founder

The creator of indie game storefront Itch.io has called out a website that appears to have taken the site’s code for itself and begun selling creators’ games without permission. Dubbed ‘W3itch.io’, the copycat site’s creator replied to a tweet from Itch.io founder Leaf Corcoran, who promptly asked them not to “rip off” Itch.io anymore. W3itch.io even described itself as a “free-as-freedom open marketplace for independent game creators inspired by Itch and Gitcoin”. Not the most sensible of ideas to engage with the person whose work you’re replicating, W3itch.io. Read more

outriders-worldslayer-review:-another-bumpy-ride-on-enoch VG247

Outriders Worldslayer review: Another bumpy ride on Enoch

Outriders is the kind of game that has you ripping off your headset and swearing at the screen, saltier than a bag of pretzels, only to stoically sit back down, dry your tears and wade back into the fray about 10 seconds later. It feels so perfectly pitched to tingle the anxious part of your lizard brain that secretes angry dopamine that you’re constantly dancing on the knife edge of temple-bursting rage and unblinking exhilaration. Sometimes it’s incredibly aggravating, sometimes you can’t believe where the time’s gone because you’re so engrossed. This is Outriders’ greatest strength and weakness and it’s…

bungie’s-absurd-$185-nerf-gjallarhorn-reloads-like-the-in-game-weapon PC Gamer

Bungie’s absurd $185 Nerf Gjallarhorn reloads like the in-game weapon

Audio player loading… The Destiny rocket launcher Gjallarhorn is one of the most-beloved guns in a game that, let’s face it, is all about collecting guns (OK, OK, and shooting things with them). Ludicrously sized and ludicrously over-powered (to varying extents, depending on which period of the game we’re talking), if there is such a thing as an iconic Destiny weapon then this is it. Last year Bungie announced a collaboration with Nerf, makers of countless foam-blasting toy weapons, and Gjallarhorn was the obvious choice. Now the finished product is being shown off in advance of pre-orders opening up next…

the-best-bit-of-the-witcher-3:-blood-and-wine-is-a-hilarious,-throwaway-side-quest VG247

The best bit of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is a hilarious, throwaway side quest

CD Projekt Red hates bureaucracy as much as the rest of us, and made sure to include that in Blood and Wine by honoring a side-splitting animated film. A new Witcher game is coming! But it’ll take a while even if the switch to Unreal Engine 5 is the right move for CDPR. Meanwhile, we’re all thinking of replaying the modern classic that is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – if you disagree with this statement, just bear with me (and know that you’re wrong). After two installments that were quite focused on the monster hunting and human drama, The…

sonic-origins-is-a-masterclass-in-messing-up-a-classic VG247

Sonic Origins is a masterclass in messing up a classic

Sonic Origins should’ve been an easy win for Sega, even with some legally-forced changes. Inexplicably, it isn’t. As game development tasks go, it doesn’t feel unreasonable to say that one of the simplest tasks a major publisher could undertake is to remaster and re-release classic 2D games from the 16-bit era. And yet, somehow, with Sonic Origins, Sega swung and… well, it’s not quite a miss. But it ain’t the home run it should be, either. You’d be right to point out that no game development task is easy, of course. It’s all difficult. But in the case of Sonic…

samsung-begins-3nm-production:-world’s-first-gate-all-around-transistors Toms Hardware

Samsung Begins 3nm Production: World’s First Gate-All-Around Transistors

Samsung Foundry had started the initial production of chips using its 3GAE fabrication process, the company announced (opens in new tab) today. The new 3GAE (3nm-class gate-all-around early) manufacturing technology is set to improve performance, cut down power consumption, and increase transistor density. However, to do so, early designs must be tailored for the node, which essentially means that 3nm GAA is not for everyone just yet.  “Samsung Electronics, the world leader in semiconductor technology, today announced that it has started initial production of its 3-nanometer (nm) process node applying Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture,” the statement from the company reads.  Samsung brands its 3GAE gate-all-around field-effect…

untangling-minimalist-puzzles-in-hook-2-is-catchy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Untangling minimalist puzzles in Hook 2 is catchy

A few years back, Pip enjoyed Hook, a minimalist puzzle game about untangling mish-mashes of hooks and pins by removing pieces in the correct order. If you try to remove that one, the hook will snag on that pin, so first this pin needs to go but ah! that goes through the middle of this ring, so… it’s interesting to understand a shape and system so you can pull it to pieces. Now a sequel is out, and it’s also nice, and it’s under £2, and it has a demo too. Read more

hyperx-alloy-origins-65-review:-small-but-solidly-built Toms Hardware

HyperX Alloy Origins 65 Review: Small but Solidly-Built

The 65-percent form factor keyboard has been gaining popularity with gamers thanks to its small footprint and greater portability. But what you gain in space you lose in functionality: While most of the familiar functions of a full-size keyboard are usually present, you’ll need to use the Fn key to access them. The HyperX Alloy Origins 65 joins HyperX’s Alloy Origins lineup as the slight step-up, size-wise, from the year-old HyperX Alloy Origins 60. The 65-percent Alloy Origins 65 is still ultra-compact, but — unlike its 60-percent sibling — sports arrow keys as well as a handful of navigation keys….

occupy-white-walls-review:-create-and-curate-your-own-personal-art-gallery Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Occupy White Walls review: create and curate your own personal art gallery

Back in 2020, a group of digital art smugglers lifted the National Gallery’s entire art collection, nabbing each of the 2,400 hi-res digital artworks straight from the institution’s website. Since the collection is made up of paintings long past their copyright expiration, countless works by Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Titian, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and the rest were all legally (technically) snatched up in what could have well been the biggest digital heist in art history. The cheeky looters in question were StikiPixels, the very same team behind the art gallery sim Occupy White Walls, and now anyone who owns a PC…

one-modder-is-remastering-the-original-stalker-again,-and-it-looks-pretty-good-so-far VG247

One modder is remastering the original STALKER again, and it looks pretty good so far

This unofficial remaster is set to improve Shadow of Chernobyl massively. The original STALKER instalment, Shadow of Chernobyl, first released all the way back in 2007. While we await the series’ fourth instalment from GSC Game World, one particular fan and modder has taken it upon themselves to remaster the original game. Check out GSC Game World’s most recent dev diary. First reported by DSOG, modder Andrey0007 has been chipping away at this fan remaster of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, and has revealed some screenshots of their work. Andrey0007’s overhaul mod for the game is said to replace all the…

unity-lays-off-hundreds-of-employees-to-‘realign’-resources PC Gamer

Unity lays off hundreds of employees to ‘realign’ resources

Audio player loading… Unity has laid off 4% of its total workforce, with at least 200 people across the world losing their jobs.  The exact numbers are still unknown—Unity’s total employee count is not provided, though a quarterly report in March 2022 noted that the software developer had 5,864 full-time workers. A report by Kotaku (opens in new tab) ballparks the number of layoffs at around 300 to 400 employees, with those in the AI and engineering departments taking the biggest hits. In a statement to PC Gamer, a Unity spokesperson said: “As part of a continued planning process where…

raspberry-pi-pico-w-review:-built-in-wi-fi-comes-to-pico Toms Hardware

Raspberry Pi Pico W Review: Built-in Wi-Fi Comes to Pico

It is fair to say that when the Raspberry Pi Pico arrived in late January 2021, it had two glaring omissions. First was a lack of reset button (of course you can add your own) but the biggest omission was Wi-Fi. In an age of thumbnail sized IoT boards, it felt like the Raspberry Pi Pico was behind the times. In our Raspberry Pi Pico review we marked the lack of Wi-Fi as a con, but we still love the $4 microcontroller that brought the RP2040 SoC to the world. With a surprise June 2022 release, we see a new…

check-out-these-hackaday-reuse,-recycle,-revamp-finalist-projects PC Gamer

Check out these Hackaday Reuse, Recycle, Revamp finalist projects

Audio player loading… The 2022 Hackaday challenge (opens in new tab) is underway which means there are plenty of wonderful innovations to check out made by the clever and creative contestants. This year the Hackaday has been aptly focussed on helping the planet and the second challenge in this year’s series is all about reusing material that would otherwise go to landfill. The projects for this round were required to either be made largely of recycled materials or be designed to help in the reuse of other materials. This presented the judges with a broad range of innovations and the…

asrock’s-600-series-motherboards-officially-support-13th-gen-raptor-lake-cpus-after-a-bios-update PC Gamer

ASRock’s 600-series motherboards officially support 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs after a BIOS update

Audio player loading… ASRock has announced that its 600 series motherboards will offer full compatibility with Intel’s promising looking 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs (opens in new tab). The company has released BIOS updates that add support for “soon-released Intel desktop processors.” (opens in new tab) As there are several ASRock DDR4 motherboards on the list, it means that we have confirmation that 13th Gen CPUs will continue to support DDR4 (opens in new tab). If you’ve got a good set of DDR4, or the price premium of DDR5 puts you off, it’s good to know that you’ll be able…

where-to-find-the-three-elgado-cohoots-in-monster-hunter-rise:-sunbreak PC Gamer

Where to find the three Elgado Cohoots in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Photographing the three Sunbreak Cohoots scattered across Elgado Outpost is one of the trickier requests in the new Monster Hunter Rise expansion, but it rewards you with an amazing layered armor headpiece: a full-on Cohoot mask. You’ll get the request from Pasapato the Historian near the canteen quite early on, and will likely spend your time running around Elgado in search of them. I inadvertently took a million pictures of my own Cohoot during the process, but there’s actually a bit of a trick to completing this request that isn’t obvious at all. In this Sunbreak Cohoot guide, I’ll explain…