February 2022

russian-diplomat-and-george-galloway-fooled-by-fake-media-report-of-streamer-wingsofredemption-falsely-billed-as-‘first-american-casualty-of-the-ukraine-crisis’ ESports News UK

Russian diplomat and George Galloway fooled by fake media report of streamer WingsOfRedemption falsely billed as ‘first American casualty of the Ukraine crisis’

Update (February 28th 2022): An image of US streamer WingsOfRedemption, aka Jordie Jordan, has once again been used in a tweet from a fake CNN Twitter account, which has this time tricked a Russian diplomat and British politician George Galloway. The fake account @CNNUKR, which has now been banned by Twitter, attempted to fool people into believing it’s a ‘CNN Ukraine’ account. It published a tweet saying Bernie (a false name used next to Jordie’s picture) is an activist who was ‘the first American casualty of the Ukraine crisis’. Continue reading Russian diplomat and George Galloway fooled by fake media…

dying-light-1-now-on-epic-with-store-and-os-crossplay Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dying Light 1 now on Epic with store and OS crossplay

Dying Light 2 released earlier this month, but that doesn’t mean the first game of zombie-parkour-survival no longer has value. Developers Techland don’t seem to be abandoning it, either: Dying Light Enhanced Edition is now available via the Epic Games Store, with a sizeable launch discount, and it now has crossplay so owners across Steam, Epic and GOG, whether on Windows, MacOS or Linux, can play co-op together. Read more

intel-may-have-already-revealed-13th-gen-raptor-lake-chipset-specs Toms Hardware

Intel May Have Already Revealed 13th Gen Raptor Lake Chipset Specs

Intel recently published an updated datasheet for its 600 Series Chipset Family Platform Controller Hub (PCH). If you hit the “PCH SKUs” bookmark to the left side of the linked webpage or download the PDF and head to Page 14, you will see a table like the one below. As your eyes move down the table, you will see some values separated by a slash. The first value is correct with regard to Intel 600 series chipsets. According to some admittedly fragile logic and Japan’s Uniko’s Hardware, the second value, as highlighted, could represent the changes we will see when…

china’s-cxmt-aims-to-tackle-ddr5-market-later-this-year Toms Hardware

China’s CXMT Aims to Tackle DDR5 Market Later This Year

According to a report published by The Economic Daily News in Taiwan, China’s CXMT, also known as ChangXin Memory Technology, is striving to become the country’s first DDR5 producer. The same company is currently China’s biggest DRAM maker and its only (LP)DDR4 maker (since 2019). CXMT’s ambitions ramped up recently thanks to significant investment. Its parent company, Ruili Integration, received capital from 19 new shareholders helping it invest in more R&D, as well as boost production facilities/capacity. With its newfound investments, the plan is to double CXMT’s output to 120,000 wafers per month through 2022, with a target of 300,000…

harvest,-craft,-and-avoid-‘old-timey-diseases’-in-this-medieval-city-sim-from-the-makers-of-grim-dawn PC Gamer

Harvest, craft, and avoid ‘old-timey diseases’ in this medieval city sim from the makers of Grim Dawn

Audio player loading… Grim Dawn developer Crate Entertainment is working on a new game called Farthest Frontier, a city-building sim in which you’ll guide a small band of settlers as they struggle to establish a new town at the edge of the known world. On the surface, Farthest Frontier looks to be a fairly straightforward medieval city sim, but the Steam listing promises a deep focus on details, including 14 different raw materials to harvest, 17 types of food plus ten food crops with “unique growing characteristics,” and 50 different types of upgradeable buildings. Maps are randomized for each playthrough,…

supporter-podcast-–-the-nate-files-episode-8:-bah,-humboldt! Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Supporter podcast – The Nate Files episode 8: Bah, Humboldt!

Gather ye close, gentle listener, for this month’s supporter funded podcast, The Nate Files. In episode 8 we learn all about the giants on whose shoulders Darwin stands. This includes Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt, a man who has apparently had everything on the planet named after him. Apart from this podcast, and my shoes, and myself, and the cereal and had this morning, and look, I exaggerated for comic effect listener, what do you want from me? A thank you, is it? Oh alright, thank you very much to our supporters for making The Nate Files happen each…

walking-the-gank:-examining-sea-of-thieves’-on-going-identity-crisis VG247

Walking the Gank: Examining Sea of Thieves’ on-going identity crisis

2022 will be a big year for Rare’s pirate simulator, Sea of Thieves – but how does the game look, from a long-time player’s perspective, after 4 years at sea? Rare’s “what if pirates also enjoyed solving puzzles” thought-experiment Sea of Thieves is once again shaping up for a successful year. As if 2021’s introduction of Seasons with Battle Pass-esque cosmetic unlocks and a full narrative-focused Pirates of the Caribbean crossover wasn’t enough, Rare recently revealed that 2022 will see the addition of new, timed PvE events that contribute to an ongoing narrative, where the community’s actions can actually affect…

interview-with-caedrel-on-his-return-to-excel-esports-as-a-content-creator:-‘i-think-this-is-the-season-excel-make-playoffs,-but-if-they-do-lose,-i-promise-it’s-not-my-fault-this-time!’ ESports News UK

Interview with Caedrel on his return to Excel Esports as a content creator: ‘I think this is the season Excel make playoffs, but if they do lose, I promise it’s not my fault this time!’

Image source: Michal Konkol/Riot Games Popular British League of Legends streamer and LEC caster, Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont, has today returned to Excel Esports as a content creator, a role he’ll be balancing with his LEC casting. So, how will he work with his former organisation, where he played for two years, and what are his views on the new Excel of 2022? Dom Sacco catches up with Caedrel on all this and more. Continue reading Interview with Caedrel on his return to Excel Esports as a content creator: ‘I think this is the season Excel make playoffs, but if they…

elden-ring-is-the-first-soulsborne-that’s-let-me-relax PC Gamer

Elden Ring is the first soulsborne that’s let me relax

You’d be hard-pressed to tell I was enjoying myself if you watched me play Dark Souls. With my expression lurching between steely determination and utter dismay, the sweaty handprints on the controller and the prolific swearing, it probably looks like I’m having an awful time. But that constant feeling that I’m teetering on the edge of a heart attack is one of the reasons I keep coming back. It’s a helluva rush. Every time I jump in, I’m transported back to the weekend where, in a blind panic, I decided that three days of caffeine pills, Red Bull, Slayer and…

destiny-2:-the-witch-queen-is-the-best-fps-campaign-in-years VG247

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the best FPS campaign in years

With more challenge, more varied content and more freedom for the player, Bungie’s latest Destiny 2 expansion really is out of this world. We’re about a week into Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Witch Queen, and already I’m falling back in love. I’ve dusted down my fancy Warlock robes, re-familiarised myself with all that volatile Void space magic, and now I’m thumbing rounds into my Jade Rabbit as I get ready to pop even more Hive grubs. Destiny is back, baby, and it’s never been better. I dropped off, hard, at Beyond Light. Launching way back in November 2020, I tried…

little-orpheus-review:-an-adventure-that-dazzles-the-eyes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Little Orpheus review: an adventure that dazzles the eyes

That up there is Ivan Ivanovitch. He’s somewhere between Walter Mitty and Scheherazade. A man who invents successive tales of fantasy in an effort to stay his likely execution by an impatient general interrogating him in a dark room. Ivan is the little guy in every sense, small in stature, a hunching underdog to forces beyond his control. As the likeable hero of Little Orpheus, a vibrant modernising of the cinematic platformer, he builds a rapport with the general that carries the game as best it can through eight beautiful but ultimately formulaic levels. This is a light game, unchallenging…

nvidia-hackers-threaten-to-release-mining-limiter-killer Toms Hardware

Nvidia Hackers Threaten to Release Mining-Limiter Killer

South-America based hacking group Lapsus$ is threatening to disclose software and firmware data for Nvidia’s LHR (Lite Hash Rate) mining performance limiter. The new information, gleaned from alleged screenshots from the group’s Telegram activity, comes hot on the heels of last week’s Nvidia hack – the details of which the company is keeping close to its chest. But the group appears to be confident in the quality of the stolen data, as they’ve already put up an announcement for the sale of data that could enable the bypass of Nvidia’s LHR as implemented on the company’s GA102 and GA104 chips….

mihoyo’s-spending-that-genshin-cash-on-an-experimental-fusion-reactor PC Gamer

MiHoYo’s spending that Genshin cash on an experimental fusion reactor

Audio player loading… Developer miHoYo has been around since 2012, but 2020’s Genshin Impact was its first global success: the game remains enormously popular, but in its first year made over $2 billion from the mobile version alone. The company has quite a charming motto—Tech otakus save the world—and, with this big ol’ bunch of money burning a hole in its metaphorical pocket, has decided to have a go at living up to those words. miHoYo recently led a funding round alongside NIO Capital, a Chinese investment firm, and a total of $63 million will be invested in a company…

how-a-dog-saved-my-life-in-elden-ring PC Gamer

How a dog saved my life in Elden Ring

I’m out of flasks. Here I am, on my tenth run at this same boss, and I’ve gone and run out of bloody healing flasks with a third of their health bar still remaining. I take a few blows and am ready to write off another run when something magical happens. My own health is replenished with a flash, and the two most joyous words in any Souls game flash up. Message Appraised.  Not only that, but it keeps happening, a fresh flash of health every time I take a few blows, until I finally smack the bastard down. I’ve…

iem-katowice-2022:-a-show-of-dominance-for-faze-clan-and-international-rosters-–-opinion ESports News UK

IEM Katowice 2022: A show of dominance for FaZe Clan and international rosters – opinion

Image source: @ESLCS/Twitter IEM Katowice 2022 marks FaZe’s first Katowice win and first international LAN trophy in over two years in what was an incredibly unexpected series of events – and an astonishing team performance – in the face of numerous adversities. Owen Pearce shares his thoughts on the achievement, FaZe’s grand final victory over G2 and how it could inspire other international rosters on the CSGO stage. Continue reading IEM Katowice 2022: A show of dominance for FaZe Clan and international rosters – opinion

elden-ring-pranksters-are-abusing-the-messages-system VG247

Elden Ring pranksters are abusing the messages system

Whether it’s a mislabelled dog, try fingers but hole, or a dare to jump where you shouldn’t, Elden Ring messages are getting out of hand. If you’ve so much as booted up a Souls game in the past, you’ll know that a large part of the game’s asynchronous multiplayer aspect is the ability to leave and see messages on the ground as you play. The latest FromSoftware title, Elden Ring, is no different. If you’re unfamiliar with how this system works, you can basically choose from a selection of templates and pre-approved words to create notes that show up for…

fnatic-prepare-to-enter-rainbow-six-siege-esports-in-japan:-‘we-have-a-new-roster-of-incredible-homegrown-japanese-talent’ ESports News UK

Fnatic prepare to enter Rainbow Six Siege esports in Japan: ‘We have a new roster of incredible homegrown Japanese talent’

Fnatic, the global esports organisation with headquarters in London, have revealed their new Rainbow Six: Siege roster as they sets their sights on further expansion into the Japanese esports market in 2022. Following talks with Japanese esports team Guts Gaming, Fnatic has reached an agreement with them to sign four of their Rainbow Six team’s Japanese players – Yura, Li9ht, Lily and Merieux – who will represent the black and orange in 2022.  Continue reading Fnatic prepare to enter Rainbow Six Siege esports in Japan: ‘We have a new roster of incredible homegrown Japanese talent’

pokemon-violet-and-scarlet-releasing-late-2022-and-fans-already-love-the-starters VG247

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet releasing late 2022 and fans already love the starters

After Pokemon Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in the last 12 months, Nintendo has announced yet another set of Pokemon games. It’s a pretty good time to be a Pokemon fan; for the first time in a very long time, we’re getting three major Pokemon releases within a 12-month period. Following both Pokemon Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – a brand new duo of open world Pokemon adventures that will launch on Nintendo Switch in late 2022. The announcement of these new titles came during…

lenovo’s-new-portable-monitor-sports-2.2k-resolution Toms Hardware

Lenovo’s New Portable Monitor Sports 2.2K Resolution

Lenovo is no stranger to portable monitors, as we reviewed the ThinkVision M14t just over a year ago. At the time, we were impressed by its lightweight design, excellent color and touch capabilities (with stylus support). Knocks against the monitor included its expensive price tag ($449 MSRP) and limited connectivity options. Lenovo is back at it again with the ThinkVision M14d, which retains the 14-inch screen size, but bumps the resolution from 1920 x 1080 (16:9 aspect ratio) to 2240 x 1400 (16:10). At the heart of the ThinkVision M14d is an IPS panel with a 6 ms response time…

lenovo’s-new-gaming-ideapads-are-basically-budget-legion-laptops Toms Hardware

Lenovo’s New Gaming IdeaPads are Basically Budget Legion Laptops

What do you get when you have a Lenovo gaming laptop that’s too underpowered to join its Legion (lineup of machines)? “Ideapad Gaming,” apparently. The IdeaPad line is usually seen as a somewhat budget-oriented approach to the ThinkPad, but it’s actually played host to a secondary gaming sub-brand since at least Intel’s 9th generation of processors was around. But now that Intel’s 12th generation mobile chips are here, Ideapad Gaming is getting a refresh, including a new look. These are still budget machines, apparently so much so that they can’t quite reach official Legion status, but now they’re much more…