January 2022

hitman-3-hits-steam-and-game-pass-today,-also-adds-new-mode-and-pc-vr Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hitman 3 hits Steam and Game Pass today, also adds new mode and PC VR

It’s a big day for splendid sandbox stealth stabber Hitman 3, now entering its second year of content and support. The developers, Io Interactive are going hard out the gate by adding the new Elusive Target Arcade mode and bringing VR support to PC. It’s also ending Epic exclusivity today, hitting not only Steam but Game Pass too, with the full trilogy coming to Microsoft’s subscription service. Busy busy. Read more

ps-plus-owners-can-get-50-free-yugioh-master-duel-card-packs-right-now VG247

PS Plus owners can get 50 free YuGiOh Master Duel card packs right now

If you’re looking grab some new cards for your deck, a PS Plus membership can go a long way. If you’ve been eager to try out YuGiOh Master Duel since it’s release yesterday, but are struggling to earn cards and flesh personalise your deck, you may be in luck. PS Plus owners can get fifty free card packs with their subscription, on both the PS4 and PS5. If you’re a PC player don’t worry! YuGiOh Master Duel has cross platform progression, so you can link your PlayStation account and your Steam account, make use of this deal, then reap the…

best-antivirus-for-pc-gaming-2022 PC Gamer

Best antivirus for PC gaming 2022

The best antivirus for PC gaming has to be the one that keeps its footprint to a minimum while still making your gaming PC safe from hackers and malware. Like a pro bodyguard, the best antivirus should protect without reminding you that you’re still alive; mid-game pop-ups are never welcome, but plenty of antivirus suites seem to be designed without gaming in mind. It should probably also not install unwanted apps either, even if they’re not enabled by default. Ahem, Norton. Most of today’s big antivirus suites are aware of and work to prevent this potential nuisance in the form…

months-later,-battlefield-2042-is-getting-a-new-scoreboard VG247

Months later, Battlefield 2042 is getting a new scoreboard

Battlefield 2042’s next major patch is expected next month, and it’ll bring with it a basic feature players have been asking for. Battlefield 2042 developer DICE finally broke its silence, even if what it did say wasn’t to everyone’s liking. The developer released a small patch today, and introduced a new XP cap system to Battlefield Portal as a compromise that’ll hopefully please players. But the biggest changes won’t actually be here for a while. We also don’t know what they’re going to be. In a series of Tweets, DICE revealed that patch 3.3, currently scheduled for mid-to-late February, will…

windjammers-2-review:-arcade-action-in-simple-and-enthralling-form Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Windjammers 2 review: arcade action in simple and enthralling form

We’re in a bit of a “love letter” media period right now. Some old things come back with new things to say, like The Matrix Resurrections, and some old things come back simply to enjoy themselves, and remind yesteryear fans what they loved about the original in the first place, like Scream. Windjammers 2 falls firmly into the latter category. After successfully resurrecting Streets Of Rage for another bout in 2020, developer Dotemu are up to the same old tricks, bringing Windjammers all the way back from 1994 (before I was even born) with a fresh coat of paint and…

guild-esports-reveals-more-info-on-new-headquarters,-academy-and-merch-shop-in-london-after-signing-10-year-lease,-david-beckham-says-he’s-excited-by-‘the-next-important-stage’-in-growing-the-org ESports News UK

Guild Esports reveals more info on new headquarters, academy and merch shop in London after signing 10-year lease, David Beckham says he’s excited by ‘the next important stage’ in growing the org

Shoreditch seems to be becoming a magnet for top UK-based esports organisations – Fnatic moved there in 2017, Excel in 2021, and now Guild Esports will be opening an office there. Today Guild Esports – the org backed by David Beckham – has announced it has signed a 10-year property lease for the creation of its global esports Guild Academy and corporate headquarters in London’s Shoreditch area. The almost 10,000 sq ft facility is located in London’s technology hub and will open in the second quarter of 2022, between April and June. Continue reading Guild Esports reveals more info on new headquarters,…

intel-is-set-to-to-produce-a-bitcoin-mining-chip PC Gamer

Intel is set to to produce a Bitcoin mining chip

Audio player loading… Intel is set to enter the Bitcoin mining business. No this doesn’t mean that it will set up mining farms, though it probably could if it wanted to. Rather, Intel is set to produce a bitcoin mining ASIC (application specific integrated circuit). The report comes via Tom’s Hardware stating that Intel is set to unveil its ‘Bonanza Mine’ chip for mining Bitcoin at the upcoming International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).  Earlier today, Fox Business reported that crypto-mining startup GRIID has signed a contract with Intel to buy ‘BMZ2’ mining ASICs.  According to the company’s S-4 filing, it’s…

here’s-wordle,-except-for-rude-words PC Gamer

Here’s Wordle, except for rude words

Audio player loading… When a game as simple and wholesome as Wordle comes along, it’s only a matter of time before the foul-minded get their hands on it. Thus, we have Lewdle, a new clone of Wordle created by Rogue One writer Gary Whitta (disclosure: he once edited PC Gamer). To call it a clone oversells it a bit: it basically is Wordle, except it only has five letter words you weren’t allowed to say aloud at school. I managed to win on the second line of my first attempt. Playing Lewdle will probably rank among the most frivolous, wasteful…

steam-sale-dates:-when-is-the-next-steam-sale? PC Gamer

Steam sale dates: When is the next Steam sale?

Steam Sale start dates are a guarded secret at Valve, but they always seem to slip out before the sales actually happen. Information is shared with developers and partners, but if customers knew exactly when a sale was going to drop, many would simply wait for the discounts.  Fortunately, Steam sales happen fairly consistently across the year, making them fairly easy to predict. Even amidst Covid-19 delays in 2020, Valve’s sales were full steam ahead. The same was true throughout 2021, and we can’t see it changing in 2022. The seasonal sales offer the broadest and deepest price cuts, and…

what-to-expect-from-steam-and-valve-in-2022 E3

What To Expect From Steam And Valve In 2022

It’s shaping up to be another record-breaking year for Valve-owned digital storefront Steam thanks to massive games like Elden Ring and Starfield, and new hardware like the Steam Deck. Last year was a sleepier one when it came to PC blockbusters due to covid-19-driven game delays, but 2021’s loss is this year’s gain. From ports and early access launches to massive expansions and a new console, here’s what’s coming to Steam in 2022.Read More: Valve Says It Hasn’t Found A Game That The Steam Deck Can’t HandleCapcom’s multiplayer loot RPG was a hit on Nintendo Switch last year and will…

the-monster-rise-event-quests-you-should-play-now PC Gamer

The Monster Rise event quests you should play now

Monster Hunter Rise arrived on PC in January, close to a full year after it debuted on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. It was a long wait for PC players, but that wait did come with one advantage: 10 months of accumulated updates and event quests from the console version are ready and waiting on the PC from day one. That’s a whole lot of extra hunting available right away. Event quests are Monster Hunter’s way of delivering new challenges every month. Sometimes these include unique versions of monsters you haven’t been able to fight before, or reward you with…

game-pass-boasts-of-25-million-subscribers,-adds-danganronpa Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Game Pass boasts of 25 million subscribers, adds Danganronpa

Microsoft swallowed up all of Tuesday’s attention with their plan to buy Activision Blizzard for $69 billion, drowning out even good news of their own. Along with surprise, concern, and bafflement, yesterday brought Game Pass news. Yes yes they do plan to add Actiblizz games to Game Pass while they can, but there’s more: 1) the service now has over 25 million subscribers across PC and Xbox; 2) cult classic Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is now on Game Pass. You know, the one with the weird bear and the murdergames. Read more

optane-rides-again:-new-intel-datacenter-drives-incoming Toms Hardware

Optane Rides Again: New Intel Datacenter Drives Incoming

After Intel’s partner Micron ceased to develop the 3D XPoint memory used for Intel’s Optane-branded products and sold the fab in Lehi, Utah to Texas Instruments, the destiny of Intel’s Optane SSDs and memory modules was completely unclear. Yet it looks like the company is prepping at least one more Optane SSD family. Intel has validated its Optane SSD DC P5810X and Optane SSD DC P5811X with the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (which serves as the main validator of NVMe-compliant SSDs and controllers). Both drives will use NVMe 1.4-compliant controllers and feature a PCIe 4.0 interface. That last is a…

call-of-duty:-warzone’s-flying-car-problem-is-back-in-latest-map Twitch

Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Flying Car Problem Is Back In Latest Map

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Warzone recently, you might’ve seen flying objects in the sky that appear to be aircrafts like helicopters or planes. Well, you’re wrong. They’re actually regular old vehicles such as motorbikes and SUVs that cheaters have hacked to take to the skies…again. Yes, again, as this isn’t a new occurrence for Raven Software’s very popular battle royale.

dice’s-solution-to-battlefield-2042-portal’s-xp-earn-problem:-a-confusing-multi-tier-system VG247

DICE’s solution to Battlefield 2042 Portal’s XP earn problem: a confusing multi-tier system

Battlefield Portal will very soon let you earn XP when playing community-made modes, if you can parse out this chart. DICE is back from the holidays, and one of the first items on the agenda is adressing the XP earn problem in Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode. Shortly after the launch of Battlefield 2042, some quickly started creating XP farming servers in the community-driven Portal experience. DICE quickly caught on, and decided to disable XP earn in Portal modes, except official ones made by the developer itself or the approved few. This was always intended to be a short-term solution, but…

here’s-everything-coming-to-battlefield-2042-with-the-january-20-patch VG247

Here’s everything coming to Battlefield 2042 with the January 20 patch

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. After what felt like months of radio silence, Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has officially returned to share some of its immediate plans for the game with its player base. In series of Tweets and a blog post, developer of the struggling multiplayer shooter announced that the first patch in the new year will arrive tomorrow, January 20 on all platforms. The update will go live without any downtime, at 12am PT, 3am ET, 8am UK. Patch 3.2 is on the…

letter-from-the-editor-#06:-help-test-our-new-liveblog-feature-tomorrow! Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Letter From The Editor #06: help test our new liveblog feature tomorrow!

Hello folks. I would say Happy New Year, but it’s already the 19th January and we’ve had two of the biggest news stories of the year in the space of a week, so I think that means it’s officially too late to keep banging the old New Year drum, isn’t it? The sentiment remains, of course, even if I do now feel a thousand years old in the process. Rather than reaching for the annual reset button, though, today I wanted to talk about some of the new and exciting things that are coming up on RPS this year. For…

how-to-make-an-estus-flask-cocktail PC Gamer

How to make an Estus Flask cocktail

I’ve been on a Dark Souls journey recently. I went from hating the game to loving it, spurred on by its wonderful streaming community, and have almost immediately launched myself into a second playthrough. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the game and its secrets, and if there is any one curiosity I’ve thought about the most, it’s the Estus Flask.  The Estus Flasks is at the heart of Dark Souls. It’s your source of health and, in a game as brutal as Dark Souls can be, each sip is worth its weight in gold. It’s given to you by…

eastshade-devs-reveal-a-new-witchy-rpg-mixing-magic,-music-and-gardening Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Eastshade devs reveal a new witchy RPG mixing magic, music and gardening

If you’re after a way to make your magic system seem cutesy yet different at the same time, music is a good one to go for. Sure, it’s been done before, but it feels inherently charming. At least, it does in the trailer for newly-revealed Songs Of Glimmerwick, a new game from Eastshade Studios that promises to blend RPG, adventure, and gardening. No specific release date is confirmed, aside from “next year”. I have to give them credit for the name Songs Of Glimmerwick, which immediately lets you know that this will be about music and magic, and probably have…

g2-esports-launches-new-pfp-nft-project-samurai-army-with-randomly-generated-nfts-and-perks-such-as-live-chats-with-pro-players:-“we’re-creating-a-gamified-social-club-for-sweaty-gamers,-esports-and-nft-fans-alike” ESports News UK

G2 Esports launches new PFP NFT project Samurai Army with randomly generated NFTs and perks such as live chats with pro players: “We’re creating a gamified social club for sweaty gamers, esports and NFT fans alike”

European esports organisation G2 Esports has launched its own PFP NFT project and gamified social club known as ‘Samurai Army’. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital asset (usually an image or a piece of digital art), with the buyer receiving a digital receipt saying they own it. NFTs can be bought and owned and re-sold, usually for cryptocurrency. A PFP is short for a profile picture. An example of a popular existing NFT PFP project is CryptoPunks, which has seen some of its pixelated character face NFTs sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars each. Continue reading…