December 2021

crash-on,-survive,-and-terraform-an-alien-world-in-the-planet-crafter’s-free-demo PC Gamer

Crash on, survive, and terraform an alien world in The Planet Crafter’s free demo

Audio player loading… Indie survival game The Planet Crafter looks like a new fix for those who love Subnautica and the like, asking you to survive, explore, build a base on, and eventually terraform an alien world. As you do that, you explore the ruins of prior colonization attempts on this planet to find vital resources and figure out what’s gone wrong before you got there.  The Planet Crafter is made by indie studio Miju Games and is set to release on Steam in the first quarter of 2022. I like the idea of it, changing the planet from hostile…

valorant-director-leaving-development-of-the-game-to-work-on-something-new VG247

Valorant director leaving development of the game to work on something new

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. What he’s now going to work on is a mystery, though it will still be with Riot Games. Joe Ziegler, game director of Riot Games’ Valorant, is moving on from the game to work on something new. In a post on the Riot Games website, Ziegler announced his move after eight years of working on the popular competitive shooter, a year of which was worked on after the official launch. In the post, he expressed gratitude to the fans and…

amd’s-athlon-cpus-finally-get-some-zen-2-love Toms Hardware

AMD’s Athlon CPUs Finally Get Some Zen 2 Love

One of AMD’s yet unreleased Athlon Gold 4000G series (Renoir) APUs, the Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE, has appeared at online retailer AliExpress. As Komachi_Ensaka tweeted, the new chip is available for $118.29 — discounted from $168.99. Unfortunately, the listing shows only one CPU remains in stock, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see this listing disappear once someone picks it up. The seller notes that the CPUs are used and not brand new products. The chips also come from various locations, including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and more. If we had to guess from this information, the seller has…

final-fantasy-7-remake-pc-review PC Gamer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has arrived on PC months after its PlayStation release, at a price of $70. The hope was for a definitive version, but at launch, I can’t say this is it. Which is disappointing, because in spite of Square Enix giving it the kind of PC port the publisher is infamous for—not as bad as Nier: Automata, but still underwhelming—Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is excellent.  After the lacklustre, confused, and unfinished-feeling Final Fantasy 15, this new take on one of the most beloved games in the series feels like it truly has vision. It balances faithfully…

77tb-of-research-data-lost-because-of-hpe-software-update Toms Hardware

77TB of Research Data Lost Because of HPE Software Update

Kyoto University has lost a massive 77TB of critical research data from its supercomputer because Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) issued a software update that caused a script to malfunction and delete backup data. As a result, days of work are gone, and a significant part of the wiped-out data is lost forever. Kyoto University lost about 34 million files from 14 research groups generated from December 14 to December 16, according to The Stack. GizChina reported that the university could not restore the data from four groups by backup and therefore is gone forever. Initially, specialists from Kyoto thought that the university lost up to 100TB,…

amd’s-zen-3-rembrandt-apu-pictured,-specs-allegedly-exposed Toms Hardware

AMD’s Zen 3 Rembrandt APU Pictured, Specs Allegedly Exposed

A few days are left before AMD reportedly unveils its codenamed Rembrandt accelerated processing unit (APU) for notebooks, but many details about the chip have already leaked. The first pictures of AMD’s Rembrandt indicate that it will be one of AMD’s biggest APUs in recent years due to its performance-oriented design. Also, the family could include as many as 24 models, such as standard 28W parts, Pro parts, and 45W SKUs for high-performance laptops.  The new Ryzen 6000-series ‘Rembrandt’ APU may pack up to eight Zen 3 cores coupled with 16MB of L3 cache. On the graphics end, the RDNA2-based GPU…

pc-gamer-hardware-awards-2021:-the-best-gear-of-year PC Gamer

PC Gamer Hardware Awards 2021: The best gear of year

As we bid farewell to the disparate collection of hours, days, and months we’ve come to know as 2021, let us pour out a wee dram and raise a glass in salute to the best PC gaming hardware released this year. In some ways it’s not been a golden year for PC hardware; it’s never been harder to build a new rig than it is right now, for example. But despite the continual horror of the GPU market, and the fact that new budget hardware seems to have vanished in a puff of logic, there are still things to celebrate….

the-best-games-you-missed-in-2021:-tux-and-fanny Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best games you missed in 2021: Tux and Fanny

Ghost Time Games’ Tux And Fanny, from co-developers Albert Birney and Gabriel Koenig, is not only the game I think you may have missed this year, but it is also my Game Of The Year for 2021. This game sends two best friends (alongside a courageous flea and a mischievous cat) through adventures great, small, and absurd to stunning effect – and you owe it to yourself to give this little marvel a play before the year is well and truly out. Read more

x7-to-host-team-bootcamp,-player-meet-and-greets-and-tournaments-at-the-university-of-roehampton,-with-surefire-on-board-as-sponsor ESports News UK

X7 to host team bootcamp, player meet-and-greets and tournaments at the University of Roehampton, with SureFire on board as sponsor

Some of the X7 team (left to right): Nias (head coach), Kasing (support player), Tempt (mid-laner), Haru (jungler) and Devilpiotr (analyst) Isle of Man esports organisation X7 Esports are kicking off the New Year with a team bootcamp, bringing the new X7 League of Legends player roster and staff together. The bootcamp will get underway in January 2022 at the University of Roehampton in London and X7 will follow the latest covid guidelines – Esports News UK is hoping to visit and interview some of the players. Continue reading X7 to host team bootcamp, player meet-and-greets and tournaments at the…

2021-is-the-year-i-fell-in-love-with-genshin—and-the-year-it-lost-its-impact PC Gamer

2021 is the year I fell in love with Genshin—and the year it lost its impact

Genshin Impact is not the game I thought it would be. I’d written it off as nothing more than a crappy, money-fuelled attempt to emulate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I off-handedly referred to it as “Breath of the Weeb” whenever it came up in conversation. But underneath that Hyrule-dappled exterior is a stupidly fun RPG with a compelling cast of characters and a combat system that easily rivals the one in Nintendo’s game. Though I gave it a quick shot when it was released in 2020, it wasn’t until the 2.0 update landed in July that…

the-seventh-rps-2021-christmas-cracker Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The seventh RPS 2021 Christmas Cracker

Every year our clone forms degrade, and Katharine spends the winter break copying each consciousness into a new body. Don’t worry: we can’t feel a thing! Since our new forms are still coming online from their time spent in the primordial flesh soup vat of the RPS Treehouse, we can’t post over Christmas, so we’ve prepared some Christmas Cracker jokes instead! You can help fund the research into longer-lasting clone bodies with the RPS supporter program. Now, time to enjoy your nice joke! Q: What roguelite takes place solely within the confines of a French archipelago in the Caribbean? Read…

bully-2-may-have-been-killed-by-stretching-resources-too-thin,-layoffs-–-report VG247

Bully 2 may have been killed by stretching resources too thin, layoffs – report

Crunching on other projects may have contributed to the Bully 2 studio’s downfall. Game Informer’s Blake Hester published a detailed report all about the Bully 2 that might have been and what led to the studio developing the sequel’s downfall. In short, Rockstar New England was pulled in multiple directions to the point where Bully 2 was no longer the focus of the developers who worked there. Rockstar New England, which was purchased by Rockstar when the former was Mad Doc Software and was responsible for the next-gen remaster of the first Bully at the time, had ambitious plans for…

deep-rock-galactic-to-get-new-ps5-features-ahead-of-playstation-plus-launch VG247

Deep Rock Galactic to get new PS5 features ahead of PlayStation Plus launch

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The features mainly revolve around the DualSense controller. Deep Rock Galactic will be debuting on PlayStation Plus next month and gracing Sony’s consoles for the first time, and with it some exclusive features for PS5 players revolving around the DualSense controller’s functionality. Already a success on PC and Xbox, the PS5 version will feature some niceties that only the DualSense controller can provide. The touchpad can be used to control the Terrain Scanner, and the built-in speaker will be used…

memetastic-halo-infinite-mister-chief-cosmetic-dlc-out-now VG247

Memetastic Halo Infinite Mister Chief cosmetic DLC out now

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The DLC pack contains many cosmetics based on the popular Halo meme. The Halo Twitter account announced the release of a cosmetic pack featuring the Mister Chief meme for Halo Infinite, which includes a gun charm, a new AI skin, and other ways to kit out your character with the power of memes. Truly, we’re living in a charmed future where corporations are charging us real money for memes of their own properties. At least that means there’s demand for…

‘we-were-a-defensive-team-but-we’re-more-aggressive-now-since-seikoo-joined’-–-interview-with-endpoint-uk-rocket-league-player-relatingwave-by-craftman-|-powered-by-msi ESports News UK

‘We were a defensive team but we’re more aggressive now since Seikoo joined’ – interview with Endpoint UK Rocket League player RelatingWave by Craftman | Powered by MSI

Esports News UK is hosting a series of big interviews live on Twitch over the next month powered by MSI, the first of which focuses on rising UK Rocket League star, Lucas ‘RelatingWave’ Rose. RelatingWave is team captain for UK organisation Endpoint, who have made a big impact this year, having won two EU Regionals and reached the quarter finals of the recent Rocket League Fall Major. Scottish caster Adam ‘Craftman’ Stewart interviews RelatingWave in this special interview. Continue reading ‘We were a defensive team but we’re more aggressive now since Seikoo joined’ – interview with Endpoint UK Rocket League…

bully-2-got-canned-in-2009,-say-ex-devs PC Gamer

Bully 2 got canned in 2009, say ex-devs

Audio player loading… Rockstar games was developing Bully 2 at their New England studio in 2008, and had six to seven hours of playable game content, before development halted as developers were moved to other projects. This is according to ex-developers at Rockstar New England and outlined in an expose by Game Informer, who say that by the end of 2009 Bully 2 was effectively dead. The original Bully, released in 2006, took Rockstar’s signature sophomoric humor to the setting of a private school. It’s a fondly-remembered cult classic among many, and even got an expanded edition in 2008. The…

timeline-for-amd’s-$35-billion-xilinx-acquisition-slips-to-q1-2022 Toms Hardware

Timeline for AMD’s $35 Billion Xilinx Acquisition Slips to Q1 2022

AMD’s $35 billion acquisition of Xilinx is now expected to close in the first quarter of 2022, which is a few months after AMD and Xilinix’s originally proposed closing of the deal before the end of 2021. AMD has cleared regulatory hurdles in all relevant agencies except China’s SAMR. AMD entered the second phase of the approval process in China in July. Earlier this month, news filtered out that AMD had filed certain undefined ‘behavioral remedies’ to appease Chinese regulators. By mid-month, news emerged that China’s antitrust agency, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), was still market-testing AMD’s proposed…

neace-responds-to-criticism-of-his-league-of-legends-coaching-fees-from-the-likes-of-coach-nelson:-“if-you-think-you-can-do-this-job,-stop-talking-about-it-on-twitter-and-do-it” ESports News UK

Neace responds to criticism of his League of Legends coaching fees from the likes of coach Nelson: “If you think you can do this job, stop talking about it on Twitter and do it”

League of Legends coach Neace has hit back at figures in the community who have criticised the price of his coaching sessions. The North American content creator has produced a lot of educational videos over the years, and in particular in 2021 he fleshed out his coaching business further, launching a separate League of Legends Challenger Coaching channel on YouTube, doing more coaching sessions and running League of Legends boot camps which have helped more than 7,000 players this year. Continue reading Neace responds to criticism of his League of Legends coaching fees from the likes of coach Nelson: “If…

the-best-games-you-missed-in-2021:-aerial-knight’s-never-yield Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best games you missed in 2021: Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

It’s pretty difficult to quantify which games actually whip ass, mostly because it’s a little subjective. That being said, if barrelling through the streets of a futuristic, neon-glazed Detroit, hopping over pursuing cop cars and racing through business offices and factories to the tune of an engrossing soundtrack doesn’t whip ass, I don’t know what does. Read more