September 2021

the-long-road-to-the-secret-ending-of-pathfinder:-kingmaker PC Gamer

The long road to the secret ending of Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an old-fashioned CRPG based on a tabletop ruleset so complex, even fans call it “Mathfinder.” It’s a long and complicated game, but apparently not long and complicated enough for Owlcat Games, who hid a secret ending deep within it. Finding out how to unlock that ending took datamining, machine translation, and the cooperation of multiple determined fan communities. Players first stumbled across the existence of the secret ending while grappling with Kingmaker’s many other issues at launch. “I kind of vacuumed up all the scuttlebutt I could from various sources, because this game wasn’t taking any prisoners,”…

a-lot-of-you-are-petting-the-pets-in-crusader-kings-3 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A lot of you are petting the pets in Crusader Kings 3

1240 Pepsi Max cans quaffed. 30 Toffee Crisps swallowed. 600 sneezes sneezed. These are the stats of my past year. Crusader Kings 3‘s past year offers bigger numbers. To celebrate the kingdom sim’s first year of release, Paradox have put out a set of in-game stats, which includes: 18 million marriages, 334 million children, and “4 million pets petted.” Read more

the-good-life-coming-to-xbox-games-pass,-demo-out-now-on-xbox-one VG247

The Good Life coming to Xbox Games Pass, demo out now on Xbox One

The Good Life is out soon, and you can try a slice of it today. The Good Life, Swery’s debt-repayment RPG-life sim adventure, will be made available on Xbox Game Pass when it releases on October 15. But, if you are an Xbox One user, you won’t have to wait that long to get a taste of it, because a demo of the game is available on the console now. PC players can check out the demo during the upcoming Steam Next Festival, which kicks off tomorrow, October 1. Developed by White Owls and led by Swery, creator of Deadly…

starfield-has-twice-as-much-dialog-as-skyrim PC Gamer

Starfield has twice as much dialog as Skyrim

Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG Starfield promises to be a big, sprawling sci-fi romp—”like Skyrim in space,” creative director Todd Howard said earlier this year. But it definitely won’t be all action. Howard told an audience at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today (via Nibellion on Twitter) that the game will contain more than 150,000 lines of dialog. By way of comparison, that’s more lines of chit-chat than Fallout 4, and more than double the verbosity of Skyrim: Todd Howards appeared on stream to announce that Starfield will have a complete Japanese localization (just like Redfall) and mentioned that the game has…

this-marvel’s-guardians-of-the-galaxy-trailer-highlights-the-game’s-pc-features VG247

This Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer highlights the game’s PC features

Time to see what Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has to offer PC players. Eidos-Montreal has released a new trailer highlighting the PC version of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Co-developed by studio d3t Ltd, the PC version of the game features real-time ray tracing, Nvidia DLSS, diffuse illumination, HDR, wide color gamut for more lifelike colors, and up to 8K resolution. Additionally, players without access to a GeForce RTX PC will be able to stream the RTX-enhanced version of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy via Nvidia’s cloud-based GeForce NOW service, with in-game progress transferable between devices. Marvel’s Guardians of…

amazon’s-new-world-is-out-of-beta,-still-killing-rtx-gpus Toms Hardware

Amazon’s New World Is Out of Beta, Still Killing RTX GPUs

Amazon Games’ New World MMO is apparently still sending Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30-series (Ampere) graphics cards to the GPU graveyard. It’s a shame since Ampere GPUs rank among the best graphics cards, and they’re also expensive and incredibly hard to come by in this day and age. The open beta for New World certainly debuted with a bang. GeForce RTX 3090 owners, who got early access to the game, saw their investments die before their eyes when playing the game. The GeForce RTX 3090 has a $1,499 MSRP, but due to the graphics card shortage, GPU prices on the flagship…

new-world-has-the-silliest-lore-about-why-it-doesn’t-have-mounts PC Gamer

New World has the silliest lore about why it doesn’t have mounts

Amazon Game Studios’ New World has managed to launch successfully, though not without a few issues, but a perennial theme with New World even before release has been the absence of mounts. ‘No mounts for you, off you go walkies,’ says the developer. ‘You’re just pulling a Guild Wars 2,’ respond the playerbase (a game which launched without mounts before, eventually, adding them). So the game addresses this through some lore: a note you find called ‘The Animals Revolt’ that’s headlined ‘A Notice of Concern to Carters and Porters’ written by ‘your friendly local doctor.’ It has to be the…

intel-extreme-mess-ters:-whirlwind-week-for-endpoint-following-visa-issues-and-last-minute-esl-rule-change,-with-new-coach-almost-becoming-sub-csgo-player ESports News UK

Intel Extreme Mess-ters: Whirlwind week for Endpoint following visa issues and last-minute ESL rule change, with new coach almost becoming sub CSGO player

It’s been a Surreal week for UK esports organisation Endpoint, with circumstances out of their control leading to a Crucial 24 hours that almost threatened to become a Mighty Mess. After qualifying for the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Fall Europe CSGO event in mid-September, it’s been quite a ride for the UK outfit. On September 22nd, Endpoint announced that British CSGO analyst and content creator Allan Hender had joined the team as head coach, who quickly found himself in unusual circumstances. Continue reading Intel Extreme Mess-ters: Whirlwind week for Endpoint following visa issues and last-minute ESL rule change, with new…

grand-theft-auto:-the-trilogy-–-the-definitive-edition-rated-in-korea VG247

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition rated in Korea

The early 2000’s called, and they want you to relive three of the best GTA games released. Looks like reports of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas getting remakes have validity, thanks to the Korean Ratings Board. A rating for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been filed with the Game Rating and Administration Committee, which published documentation today. Reports of the three games getting remakes were first revealed in August via a Kotaku report, which was backed up by Gematsu. It’s said the games are being recreated in Unreal Engine and will use a…

europa-universalis-iv-is-free-to-keep-on-epic-right-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Europa Universalis IV is free to keep on Epic right now

Tick tock it’s free game o’clock, with Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV now becoming the latest freebie on the Epic Games Store for the next week. The historical grand strategy game puts you in charge of a nation from the middle ages through to early modernity, charting a course through countless economic, political, military, and religious crises. EU4 is eight years old but still a good’un, and Paradox are still updating it with expansions and patches. Read more

genshin-impact-made-$2-billion-in-a-year Twitch

Genshin Impact Made $2 Billion In A Year

Free-to-play game Genshin Impact made $2 billion on the Google Play and Apple App stores in its first year. That makes Genshin Impact the third most financially successful mobile game in the world, sitting comfortably behind Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. Excluding sales figures from China, Genshin Impact is the highest grossing mobile game in the world.

us-and-eu-reaffirm-their-commitment-to-exploring-trade-and-tech-related-issues Toms Hardware

US and EU Reaffirm Their Commitment to Exploring Trade and Tech-Related Issues

The U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) released its first joint statement reaffirming its commitment to exploring solutions to large-scale issues such as the West’s reliance on other regions for much of its tech supply chain. The council has a broad area of focus that covers everything from encouraging cross-Atlantic trade agreements to combating the climate crisis. That’s where the “trade” part comes in. As for the “technology,” well, the TTC’s statement also revealed a wide variety of global problems it’s going to explore on that front. Read: “We share a strong desire to drive the digital transformation that spurs…

grand-theft-auto-trilogy:-the-definitive-edition-is-happening PC Gamer

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition is happening

It’s long been rumoured that Rockstar was beavering away on remastering the PS2-era Grand Theft Auto games: Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. The existence of these remasters has now been confirmed thanks to the South Korean games rating board, which has classified Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy—The Definitive Edition. Per a machine translation, the collection is rated “youth not allowed”. The remasters had reportedly been planned for an earlier release but have suffered various internal delays, and their existence was all-but-confirmed thanks to Take-Two’s statement to investors that it’s working on three unannounced “iterations of…

how-to-install-a-cpu Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How to install a CPU

With Intel’s Alder Lake chips breathing down our necks (or are already here, if you’re reading this in 2022 or whatever), now seems like an opportune time for a refresher on how to install a CPU. And yes, AMD, you can come too. Read more

top-7-games-releasing-in-october-–-fifa-22,-far-cry-6,-metroid-dread,-and-more VG247

Top 7 games releasing in October – FIFA 22, Far Cry 6, Metroid Dread, and more

We highlight the biggest games coming to consoles and PC in October 2021. October 2021 looks set to be one of the best months of the year to date in terms of new video game releases. We’re into the big holiday buying season, so some of the biggest publishers are releasing their tentpole games. Check out the video above to get a good look at our seven highlights for October, and also a rundown of the best of the rest, which is actually a pretty good list too. This is just October, so of course more games are coming. You…

asus-briefly-shows-off-rtx-3070-card-in-collaboration-with-noctua Toms Hardware

Asus Briefly Shows off RTX 3070 Card in Collaboration with Noctua

Asus Vietnam’s Facebook page briefly published the first images of its highly anticipated GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card equipped with distinctive dual Noctua fans. The images, which appear to be legitimate show a board that combines the unmistakable brown Noctua fans with an exceptionally thick Asus RTX 3070. (Image credit: Asus)Before the page was taken down we saw the Asus GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua graphics card with a custom-designed printed circuit board (PCB) developed by Asus as well as a massive cooling system built by Noctua. The board looks rather long and tall and uses at least four expansion slots. The board has five…

uk-talent-and-companies-recognised-in-2021-esports-awards-industry-nominations-–-new-nominations-include-mac,-caedrel,-pansy-and-more ESports News UK

UK talent and companies recognised in 2021 Esports Awards industry nominations – new nominations include Mac, Caedrel, Pansy and more

The Esports Awards has this evening revealed more finalists for this year’s industry categories, and there are a host of UK-based talent included. Today, it was announced that UK coaches up for awards include Mac and MarkyB, plus there’s analyst Caedrel, colour casters Vedius and Johnnyboi_i, and play-by-play casters Machine, ODPixel and Pansy up for awards. Previously, this year’s nominees with UK offices included the likes of Dexerto, Hitmarker, The Story Mob, Hitmarker, Blast, Faceit and more. Continue reading UK talent and companies recognised in 2021 Esports Awards industry nominations – new nominations include Mac, Caedrel, Pansy and more

the-asus-x-noctua-rtx-3070-is-exactly-what-i-wanted-it-to-be:-so-brown PC Gamer

The Asus X Noctua RTX 3070 is exactly what I wanted it to be: so brown

Graphics card maker Asus and cooling specialist Noctua have held up their side of the bargain with their previously rumoured GeForce RTX 3070 collaboration. According to new photos from an Asus representative in Vietnam, the Asus X Noctua GeForce RTX 3070 is all kinds of beige and brown—like, so brown. The card was first spotted over on the EEC as “RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA”, but even before that time rumours were bubbling to the surface about a collaboration between the two. What can I say, the people want brown graphics cards—that includes me. And, boy, are there shades of it here. Images of…

semper-fortis-moves-into-fifa-22-with-uk-players-as-ea-announces-expanded-esports-program ESports News UK

Semper Fortis moves into FIFA 22 with UK players as EA announces expanded esports program

UK esports organisation Semper Fortis (SMPR) Esports has moved into FIFA after signing UK players Jas Singh and Mitch. They’ve both signed for one season with an option to renew for a further year, and will receive an annual salary and performance incentives. “Our entry into FIFA esports is a significant strategic step,” said chief executive Kevin Soltani. “Professional FIFA esports has been fast growing. The game has always had a loyal following and huge player base, and from a competitive standpoint, it has been able to generate large audiences both on PC and console.” Mitch previously represented Sheffield United…