June 2021

this-really-good,-logitech-c920-webcam-clone-is-now-$9 Toms Hardware

This Really Good, Logitech C920 Webcam Clone is Now $9

Last year at this time, webcams were in such high demand and short supply that it was nearly impossible to find the best webcam and clear industry leader, Logitech’s C920, in stock for anything less than scalper prices. That’s when we started to see a slew of cameras from lesser-known brands such as Ausdom, whose AF640 we tested and found to be very similar in quality to the C920.  The Ausdom AF640 has a similar design to the C920 with a form factor that makes it easy to mount on a monitor and rotate, along with a high-quality, built-in microphone….

castlevania-advance-collection-leaked-courtesy-of-an-australian-rating PC Gamer

Castlevania Advance Collection leaked courtesy of an Australian rating

In 2019, Konami released the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, collecting eight of the classic Castlevania games and making them available again, including on PC. It didn’t include all of the fan favorites, however, like Rondo of Blood or its sequel Symphony of the Night. Word of a new collection, not yet announced by Konami, has snuck out via the Australian Classification Board. On June 18, the Castlevania Advance Collection was rated M for “fantasy violence” in Australia. The name suggests this will be a bundle containing the Castlevania games released on GameBoy Advance: 2001’s Circle of the Moon, 2002’s Harmony of…

battlefield-4-server-capacity-increased-to-deal-with-players-hyped-for-battlefield-2042 PC Gamer

Battlefield 4 server capacity increased to deal with players hyped for Battlefield 2042

The reveal of Battlefield 2042’s gameplay trailer during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase at E3 this year seems to have gone well, if the spike in player numbers for Battlefield 4 is anything to go by. Excited players have been flocking to the last ‘near-future’ game in the series (Battlefield 4 is set in a fictional 2020, as imagined in 2013 when it was released) in such numbers that EA has had to boost the server capacity to cope with the influx. “We were absolutely blown away by your excitement and reactions to the recent Battlefield 2042 reveal”, an EA…

back-4-blood-will-be-always-online-at-launch PC Gamer

Back 4 Blood will be always-online at launch

In response to a question about whether Back 4 Blood could be played offline in solo mode with AI team-mates, developers Turtle Rock replied, “We’re looking into ways we could support offline for the future but you will need an internet connection to play at launch.” That’s a shame, because both of the Left 4 Dead games support offline play and some players were hoping Back 4 Blood would follow suit. It also won’t have split-screen play at launch, with Turtle Rock noting that, “We’d love to support this in the future but won’t be launching with it.” Hopefully both…

twitch-bans-streamers-for-simulated-earlicking-asmr-in-yoga-pants PC Gamer

Twitch bans streamers for simulated earlicking ASMR in yoga pants

A month ago, Twitch responded to the rise in popularity of hot tub streams by creating a new category for Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches. Since then, another trend has become a hit on Twitch: streamers simulating the sound of earlicking with ASMR microphones while wearing yoga pants. This oddly specific trend is all over Twitch’s ASMR channel, and two of the streamers who were dominating it, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa and Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres, have been banned. Amouranth was at the centre of the hot-tub streaming controversy when her streams were demonetized by Twitch and deemed “not advertiser friendly,” though…

next-crusader-kings-3-patch-means-fewer-jester-hats,-spectral-children PC Gamer

Next Crusader Kings 3 patch means fewer jester hats, spectral children

Crusader Kings 3 has a small update coming this week, currently in open beta on Steam, and set to release on June 22nd barring any major bugs, that fixes some problems with the foremost medieval sim’s big 1.4 patch. That patch released on June 8th, with some pretty good stuff going on like new haircuts and hats, as well as some game mechanics changes or whatever like dynamic garrisons. About those hats, though: There was a Jester’s Hat. Too many people were wearing that hat. I saw, like, a whole family wearing that hat at the same time the other…

this-new-free-to-play-fairytale-card-game-was-designed-by-former-magic-pros PC Gamer

This new free-to-play fairytale card game was designed by former Magic pros

Card game autobattler Storybook Brawl released in Early Access on Steam yesterday, giving you the opportunity to draft “your favourite characters from story and myth”, such as the trademark-neutral “Snow Wight”, or “Princess Peep and her battle-hardened sheep”. Each fairytale character has unique abilities. With its theming and big, bright UI, Storybook Brawl comes off as the sort of game that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. “The goal was to create a game that anyone can get into and have fun,” says designer Matt Place, who was a Magic Pro Tour champion before he turned his hand to…

stranger-of-paradise-uses-final-fantasy-1-as-a-motif-rather-than-being-“directly-connected-to-the-game” VG247

Stranger of Paradise uses Final Fantasy 1 as a motif rather than being “directly connected to the game”

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s concept is based on Final Fantasy 1, but is a story all its own.Speaking in an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s creative producer Tetsuya Nomura, producer Jin Hujiwara, and director Daisuke Inoue spoke about the game, and how it’s using the original Final Fantasy as a motif.Watch on YouTubeAccording to Nomura, the game is based on Final Fantasy 1, where at the end of which, you learn who the Warriors of Light really are and where they came from.In Stranger of Paradise, Jack and his friends are under the impression they…

bayonetta-3-“still-exists”-and-development-is-“progressing-well” VG247

Bayonetta 3 “still exists” and development is “progressing well”

By Stephany Nunneley 19 June 2021 18:57 GMT Another E3, another Bayonetta 3 no-show. It’s getting rather depressing.But don’t worry lovelies: Bayonetta 3 is still in development and things are progressing nicely.Watch on YouTubeThat’s according to Nintendo’s Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff speaking in an interview with Gamespot.“I can definitely confirm it still exists,” said Bihlfroff.“I will even go one further and say that not only does it exist, but it’s progressing well,” added Trinen. “We like to show things when we’re ready to show them, and certainly, we like to show things when the developer is ready to show…

crucial-caves:-says-chia-cryptomining-voids-ssd-warranty,-then-retracts-post Toms Hardware

Crucial Caves: Says Chia Cryptomining Voids SSD warranty, Then Retracts Post

Crucial posted an article covering Chia Coin mining on its website this week, stating that “using Crucial SSDs for any crypto mining will void the warranty.” The article also included a snippet from the company’s warranty saying that any damage from mining would void the warranty on all Crucial SSDs, heavily implying that this restriction applies to SSDs already in use. There was a big problem, though: We scoured Crucial’s warranty and couldn’t find any mention of cryptomining at all, making this appear to be a change to the company’s warranty policy that would be applied retroactively. We reached out…

crucial-says-chia-cryptomining-voids-ssd-warranty,-then-backs-down Toms Hardware

Crucial Says Chia Cryptomining Voids SSD Warranty, Then Backs Down

Crucial posted an article covering Chia Coin mining on its website this week, stating that “using Crucial SSDs for any crypto mining will void the warranty.” The article also included a snippet from the company’s warranty saying that any damage from mining would void the warranty on all Crucial SSDs, heavily implying that this restriction applies to SSDs already in use. There was a big problem, though: We scoured Crucial’s warranty and couldn’t find any mention of cryptomining at all, making this appear to be a change to the company’s warranty policy that would be applied retroactively. We reached out…

server-capacity-increased-for-battlefield-4-due-to-influx-of-players-following-battlefield-2042-reveal VG247

Server capacity increased for Battlefield 4 due to influx of players following Battlefield 2042 reveal

By Stephany Nunneley 19 June 2021 16:21 GMT EA has increased the server capacity for Battlefield 4 due to an influx of players following the Battlefield 2042 reveal.Thanks to the reveal of Battlefield 2042, the amount of players itching for some modern combat has surged, causing the servers for Battlefield 4 to reach capacity, making queue times far longer in certain regions.Watch on YouTubeTo stop any more issues from coming about due to the deluge, EA has taken steps to help combat long queues (thanks, Neowin).“We were absolutely blown away by your excitement and reactions to the recent Battlefield 2042…

qnap-launches-dual-port-100gbe-expansion-card-for-nas Toms Hardware

Qnap Launches Dual-Port 100GbE Expansion Card for NAS

Qnap has introduced a dual-port 100GbE network adapter that is aimed primarily at the company’s flagship 24-bay NVMe all-flash storage solution that has a PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, but it is also compatible with other NAS systems as well as Linux and Windows-based PCs.  The Qnap QXG-100G2SF-E810 dual-port 100GbE adapter is based on the Intel Ethernet Controller E810 and is equipped with two QSFP28 connectors. The card has a PCIe 4.0 x16 interface offering a bandwidth of 31.5 GB/s and is designed for Qnap’s top-of-the-range 24-bay TS-h2490FU all-flash storage system that is based on AMD’s Epyc 7302P processor and can pack up to 24 U.2 SSDs.   The…

crapshoot:-the-hellboy-game-that-earned-a-14%-review PC Gamer

Crapshoot: The Hellboy game that earned a 14% review

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random obscure games back into the light. And you know what this week is? It’s the long awaited 100th Crapshoot! (Fires cheap party streamer in air, eats single celebratory biscuit.) Yes, one hundred Crapshoots. One hundred Saturdays filled with far, far too many words about insane horror, inexplicable edutainment, dreadful porn, random musical interludes, occasional light-hearted blasphemy, and oh, so very, very much more. It’s the PC gaming column that spits on your “tl;dr”, and about which it has been said “How could anyone…

asrock-preps-crypto-mining-h510-motherboard-for-$279.99 Toms Hardware

ASRock Preps Crypto Mining H510 Motherboard For $279.99

ASRock (via momomo_us) has carved up a new motherboard for cryptocurrency miners. The H510 Pro BTC+, which arrives with the LGA1200 socket and H510 chipset, is ready to power your mining operations with the latest Comet Lake or Rocket Lake processors. The H510 PRO BTC+ measures 50.1 x 22.4cm (20.1 x 8.8 inches) so the motherboard doesn’t adhere to an official form factor. It shouldn’t matter anyways, since the H510 PRO BTC+ is more than likely going on to a rack rather than inside a conventional computer case. The motherboard’s greatest trait comes in the form of six PCIe 3.0…

you-can-now-see-inside-some-fifa-loot-boxes-before-you-buy PC Gamer

You can now see inside some FIFA loot boxes before you buy

For at least a short time, Electronic Arts will let players in FIFA Ultimate Team look inside a loot box before they buy it. The new Preview Packs can be “opened” before they’re bought, allowing players to see the opening animation and check out the contents before proceeding to purchase the pack with either freely-earned FUT Coins or real-money-purchased FIFA Points. It increasingly seemed like EA would be the last big company to move away from the loot box model, which has come under increasing scrutiny in the past few years for its addictive nature and similarity to gambling. FIFA…

absolute-drift-is-free-on-gog-if-you-come-in-clutch-to-snag-it Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Absolute Drift is free on GOG if you come in clutch to snag it

Alright driving game folks, here’s an agility test for you. Absolute Drift is free on GOG until midday on Saturday. I believe in your ability to come in clutch and punch the redeem button before the countdown clock ends. This arcade-y racer has you test your drifting skills in free roam challenges and event challenges to the beat of some sweet tunes. GOG are offering the freebie alongside sales on lots of other driving and racing games in their ongoing summer sale. Read more

phasmophobia-update-adds-two-ghost-types,-willow-street-house-map,-more VG247

Phasmophobia update adds two ghost types, Willow Street House map, more

By Stephany Nunneley 18 June 2021 20:38 GMT Phasmophobia’s latest update has moved out of the beta phase and is now live.Today’s Phasmophobia update has added two new ghost types, two more daily challenges, the Willow Street House map, and some changes and bug fixes.Watch on YouTubeSpeaking of the new ghosts, it’s worth noting that they will have 3x higher spawn rate until the next update, so just know that going in.Alongside the aforementioned, the update also added a way to reset corrupt save files, a sell button in the item store, a profanity filter, and a confirmation timer when changing the…

this-heartbreaking-demo-puts-you-into-the-boots-of-a-chernobyl-firefighter PC Gamer

This heartbreaking demo puts you into the boots of a Chernobyl firefighter

There sure have been a lot of recent reminders of how terrible the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 was. I didn’t really grasp the magnitude of the event until I watched HBO’s Chernobyl show in 2019. The early episodes were vivid depictions of the brutal conditions people faced in the first hours of the meltdown. Watching ill-equipped rescue workers jump headfirst into a radioactive hellscape was so unnerving that I never finished the show. That dread returned tenfold while playing a demo of Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator in the Steam Next Fest, an hour-long journey in the boots of a first responder…