June 2021

scarlet-nexus-review PC Gamer

Scarlet Nexus review

Scarlet Nexus is a little too big for its britches. Bandai Namco’s latest original game aims high—this is an action RPG hybrid festooned with Devil May Cry-like swordplay and Monster Hunter weak spot targeting, bottled up in an epic narrative that seems to explore a new high-concept sci-fi theme with every chapter. (There’s time travel, neural implants, totalitarian governments, the basic question of consciousness.) In the margins you’ll find a Persona-ish relationship system, an interlocking network of psionic powers, and a boatload of frilly, cosmetic customization options. It’s a wonder how close it comes to pulling all of that off…

rainbow-six-extraction’s-operators-will-all-be-ones-you-know-from-siege Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rainbow Six Extraction’s operators will all be ones you know from Siege

After spending some time under wraps, Rainbow Six Extraction recently emerged with the expected announcement that it would be ditching its former name “Quarantine”. What it isn’t letting go of, Ubisoft say, are all of the oh so many operators in Rainbow Six Siege. With so many to choose from, Ubisoft aren’t designing new operators for their Left 4 Dead-like co-op shooter. Instead, they’re going to be bringing some player favorite operators to Extraction, along with some who “haven’t received the amount of love we think they deserve”. Read more

final-fantasy-pixel-remaster-series-of-final-fantasy-1-3-will-be-released-on-july-28 VG247

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series of Final Fantasy 1-3 will be released on July 28

By Stephany Nunneley 30 June 2021 20:04 GMT The first three entries in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series will be released on July 28.Square Enix announced the release date today for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, entires one through three.Watch on YouTubeOn July 28, through Steam and on mobile, you will be able to acquire Final Fantasy 1-3 with pixel-perfect makeovers.You can also expect gameplay improvements, auto-battle options, modernized UI, a rearranged soundtrack, and extras such as a bestiary, illustration gallery, and a music player which will allow further immersion into the game world.This will be the first time FF1…

the-best-gaming-routers PC Gamer

The best gaming routers

The best gaming routers don’t just offer speed; they also have no trouble meeting the reliability demands of competitive gamers on their home networks. Most also come with looks so edgy they’d look at home on the crest of a Gundam or scuttling around the deck of the Bebop. With Wi-Fi 6 support growing and promising greater bandwidth to a greater number of devices, now is the perfect time to upgrade your old router with something a little smarter. Setting up the perfect home network for gaming is crucial for making sure all that money you’re paying for superfast broadband…

retro-graphics-card-brings-voodoo,-powervr-gpus-to-new-pcs Toms Hardware

Retro Graphics Card Brings Voodoo, PowerVR GPUs to New PCs

A YouTuber by the name of Michael Dale recently got his hands on a very cool piece of retro-tech which includes a graphics card equipped with both a Voodoo 3 3500 chip and a PowerVR PCX2 chip and is designed specifically for gamers who still play very old titles from the late 90s or early 2000s. The board was custom built by Anthony Zxclxiv. This card is very unique in that it has two separate GPUs you can access depending on the games you want to play, and even features a pass-through port, so you can run a more modern…

ratchet-&-clank:-rift-apart-patch-adds-120-hz-display-mode VG247

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart patch adds 120 Hz display mode

By Stephany Nunneley 30 June 2021 18:08 GMT Insomniac Games has released the latest patch for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which includes various additions to the game along with some general fixes and polishing.One of the biggest features added with the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart patch is the addition of 120 Hz display mode.Watch on YouTubeThis will reduce input latency when using a compatible display, and the frame rate target for Fidelity graphics mode increases to 40 FPS.With the update, you can now disable the Phantom Dash VFX, Skip Cutscenes is now a bindable option for the D-pad,…

scarlet-nexus-psychokinesis-finish-guide-|-how-to-do-psychokinesis-finish-for-totally-lost VG247

Scarlet Nexus Psychokinesis Finish guide | How to do Psychokinesis Finish for Totally Lost

Scarlet Nexus Psychokinesis Finish is a tricky skill you’re best off ignoring outside the Totally Lost side quest.If you’re trying to finish Totally Lost, though, then prepare yourself for some practice and grinding. Psychokinesis Finish is a tough skill to pull off, and you need to do it more than once.Watch on YouTubeWhat is Scarlet Nexus Psychokinesis FinishPsychokinesis Finish is sort of a contradiction. It’s a PK skill that works only on opponents who are knocked down, but despite the name, it doesn’t fully finish them unless they’re close to defeat already.You’ll need to invest some Brain Points to get…

roccat-kone-pro-air-wireless-gaming-mouse-review PC Gamer

Roccat Kone Pro Air wireless gaming mouse review

Roccat’s Kone Pro Air is maybe not the most wholly remarkable mouse, but there are some strong features that manage to make it just about worth the $130 (£120) price tag. It’s not the lightest, nor is it the swiftest, nor does it have quite the number of easily accessible buttons we’d have liked, but it makes up for its downfalls with fantastic ergonomics, battery life, and more. It also lends itself to a certain breed of gamer, which we’ll get to in a moment.  The Kone Pro Air weighs in at around 2.6oz (75g), which is a commendable effort…

house-passes-bills-to-support-american-innovation,-stem-education Toms Hardware

House Passes Bills to Support American Innovation, STEM Education

The U.S. House passed two bills, H.R. 2225 and H.R. 3593, this week as part of the U.S. government’s broader efforts to invest in America’s tech prowess. Now the bills will head to the U.S. Senate, which separately passed the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (S.1260) earlier this month to achieve very similar goals. This legislative tangle is supposed to help the U.S. maintain its leadership of the global semiconductor industry and mitigate the effects of future chip shortages.  U.S. President Joe Biden has supported these efforts, yet the bills themselves have changed dramatically as they’ve made their…

no-more-kidding-around,-i-just-want-another-screamer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

No more kidding around, I just want another Screamer

I haven’t played a car game in over a decade. Not out of spite, or because of some bizarre gaming diet where I am not allowed to consume anything with four wheels, but it’s just that everything nowadays is too realistic, or trying too hard to be unrealistic. I desire a car game that slots nicely in-between the two without fanfare. A simple, unceremonious racing game is what I’m after; Screamer. That game is Screamer. A third one. It’s just, would I actually like it? Read more

guild-announces-it’s-the-world’s-fastest-growing-esports-organisation-in-latest-financial-results-after-winning-fncs-all-star-showdown ESports News UK

Guild announces it’s the world’s fastest-growing esports organisation in latest financial results after winning FNCS All-Star Showdown

UK-based esports organisation Guild Esports has detailed its growth in a financial report covering October 2020 to March 2021. The org – backed by David Beckham – had an audience of 160,000 as of March 31st 2021. This has risen to almost 800,000 since then, increasing by 50% month-on-month, as Guild hopes to reach the 1m mark by the end of its current financial year at the end of September. If you include Guild’s roster of pro players and content creators, this reach extended to 8m as of March 31st, or around 15.6m now (not including Beckham’s 125m+ followers). Continue…

return-to-a-top-down-black-mesa-in-the-unofficial-half-life-loop Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Return to a top-down Black Mesa in the unofficial Half-Life Loop

The probably soon-to-be-renamed Half-Life: Loop is an unofficial HL twin-stick shooter set in Black Mesa. It locks Gordon Freeman into a series of challenges to prove to the G-Man he’s the right man for the job, using the classic Half-Life enemies and crates to craft an endless, violent job interview. No wonder he was so handy with a crowbar. He’d already passed the test! Read more

pubg’s-new-8x8km-map,-taego,-arrives-alongside-self-revives-and-a-gulag-like-arena VG247

PUBG’s new 8x8km map, Taego, arrives alongside self-revives and a Gulag-like arena

PUBG is evolving with its biggest patch in months.Today sees the release of PUBG‘s update 12.2, which is live on PC test servers. The patch brings a number of notable additions to the game, but probably its biggest piece of content is the new map: Taego.Watch on YouTubeAs previously announced, Taego is the game’s first 8x8km map since Miramar. Set in Korea, Taego is similar to Erangel, with varied terrain and a mix of metropolitan and rural areas, including housing compounds and dense towns. The developer is using Taego to introduce a couple of new features to PUBG.First, Taego will…

apex-legends’-trios-briefly-doubled-in-size-this-week PC Gamer

Apex Legends’ trios briefly doubled in size this week

A misconfigured server setting briefly saw Apex Legends’ team sizes bumped up to five at the start of this week’s Genesis Collection Event—and while Respawn was quick to patch the issue, the developer hasn’t written off trying larger squads properly in the future. Alongside the new limited-time cosmetics, this week saw the return of two classic maps to Apex Legends and a pretty hefty set of balance changes. That’s a lot to change in one day, though one unintended tweak saw players surprised to discover their teams were a little larger than usual. “We had a little misconfiguration on the…

another-exploit-hits-wd-my-book-live-owners Toms Hardware

Another Exploit Hits WD My Book Live Owners

While it will come as no comfort to those who had their Western Digital My Book Live NAS drives wiped last week, it seems they were attacked by a combination of two exploits, and possibly caught in the fallout of a rivalry between two different teams of hackers.  (Image credit: Western Digital)Initially, after the news broke on Friday, it was thought a known exploit from 2018 was to blame, allowing attackers to gain root access to the devices. However, it now seems that a previously unknown exploit was also triggered, allowing hackers to remotely perform a factory reset without a…

ireland’s-vela-games-raises-12.5m-in-funding-from-ubisoft,-london-venture-partners-and-novator ESports News UK

Ireland’s Vela Games raises £12.5m in funding from Ubisoft, London Venture Partners and Novator

Vela Games, a Dublin-based studio with industry veterans from Blizzard, Epic, Riot Games, EA and Moon Studios, has today announced it’s secured $17.3m (£12.5m) Series A investment. The funding comes from lead investor Novator, with additional investment from Ubisoft and London Venture Partners, to fuel development of its breakthrough Multiplayer Online Co-Operative (MOCO) title, an MMO/MOBA hybrid codenamed Project-V. Founded in 2018 by Travis George, Brian Kaiser and Lisa Newon George, Vela Games previously raised $6.9m in funding rounds, to establish a team of over 25 developers and flesh out their design. Continue reading Ireland’s Vela Games raises £12.5m in…

ex-bioware-gm-casey-hudson-starts-a-new-studio-to-work-on-a-new-ip VG247

Ex-BioWare GM Casey Hudson starts a new studio to work on a new IP

By Sherif Saed 30 June 2021 11:04 GMT Casey Hudson is back in the games industry.Casey Hudson, BioWare’s most recognisable face, and longtime studio GM, left the studio in December last year to try something different. The veteran developer luckily won’t be be leaving games behind, however.Hudson announced his return to the world of game development under a new banner: Humanoid Studios, his new venture, which is going to be working on a new IP. Humanoid is based in Canada, with offices in British Columbia, and Alberta.The team already has a few members, and it’s hiring for a number of…

the-medium-developer-is-now-creating-games-with-silent-hill-publisher-konami PC Gamer

The Medium developer is now creating games with Silent Hill publisher Konami

Horror developer Bloober Team reignited speculation that it is working on a revival of Silent Hill, after announcing it had entered a “strategic co-operation agreement” with publisher Konami earlier today. The Polish studio behind games like Layers of Fear, Observer and The Medium had already teased a collaboration, telling GamesIndustry.biz that it was working on an established horror IP with a “very famous” publisher back in February.  This morning’s press release didn’t go so far as to confirm Bloober’s involvement with Silent Hill. But according to a VGC report, sources with knowledge of Bloober’s plans suggest that at least one…

have-you-played…-the-witness? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have you played… The Witness?

I know, I couldn’t believe nobody had done The Witness before either. But here we are. The Witness is a 3D, first-person puzzle game in which you, presumably someone trapped in an ironic punishment after making an ill-advised deal with the devil, explore an island made of puzzles. And solve those puzzles. Read more