April 2021

fifa-21-is-coming-to-ea-play-and-xbox-game-pass-for-pc-next-week PC Gamer

FIFA 21 is coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass for PC next week

FIFA 21, the latest addition to EA’s long-running soccer series, is headed to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate next week, and that means that Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers are going to get it too. EA Play members will also have access to exclusive FIFA 21 content including in-game challenges and rewards, FIFA Ultimate Team kits, Volta Football gear, and a seasonal XP boost at the start of each FUT season. Through the month of May, subscribers will also be able to snag a Volta Squad Boost featuring Groundbreaker Trent Alexander-Arnold and the Liverpool FC Apparel Set,…

the-red-strings-club-devs’-next-game-is-actually-a-ten-game-collection Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Red Strings Club devs’ next game is actually a ten game collection

You may know Deconstructeam from their cyberpunk bartending story game The Red Strings Club, but they’ve made other games. Several other games, actually, which they’re pulling into a colleciton called Essays On Empathy. Essays includes a bunch of previously released Deconstructeam story romps along with their new game De Tres Al Cuarto about a couple comedians trying to make it big together. Essays On Empathy is launching on May 18th, and you can snag a peek at what it includes in a new trailer. Read more

get-those-neat-official-nes-switch-controllers-on-sale-at-nintendo-store-us! VG247

Get those neat official NES Switch controllers on sale at Nintendo Store US!

By Elizabeth Henges 30 April 2021 20:45 GMT Have you tried playing a game requiring a D-Pad with the Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Cons? It’s awful. Save yourself from the pain with Nintendo’s officially released NES Switch controllers.If you’re a part of Switch Online and have been enjoying the free NES and SNES titles, you might find the standard controllers a little… lacking. The Joy-Cons don’t have a true D-Pad, and the D-Pad on the Pro Controller is less than perfect. I’ve had my fair share of Tetris frustrations with it!But, Nintendo released some official NES Switch controllers so that…

notorious-rainbow-six-siege-cheater-suspected-in-november-hostage-hoax PC Gamer

Notorious Rainbow Six Siege cheater suspected in November hostage hoax

In November 2020, police responded to a report of a “hostage taking” at Ubisoft Montreal. It ultimately proved to be a hoax—no actual threat was ever found—but it caused significant disruption and expense, as a large number of employees were trapped on the roof for hours while police cleared the building. Luckily, no one was physically hurt. The perpetrator of the hoax remains unknown at this point, but a report from La Presse says suspicion has fallen upon a French citizen named Yanni Ouahioune, a Rainbow Six Siege player who goes by the handle Y4nn0XX, and who has been banned…

intel-reportedly-wants-to-sell-its-sports-tech-business Toms Hardware

Intel Reportedly Wants to Sell Its Sports Tech Business

Intel is considering selling off its sports technology group, which works on projects like the True View cameras that create 360-degree video in more than 19 NFL stadiums for broadcasters. Sportico reported the news based on “multiple people familiar with the matter.” True View is the Intel Sports Group’s primary project, with cameras installed in 20 NFL team’s home stadiums. (The Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams share SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.) The technology is also in eight NBA home stadiums and more than 10 soccer stadiums globally.  It uses multiple cameras to create replay from volumetric data,…

resident-evil-village’s-baddies-make-adorable-puppets,-somehow Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Resident Evil Village’s baddies make adorable puppets, somehow

Well well, looks like it’s casual Friday over in the village. The deadly baddies of upcoming horror sequel Resident Evil Village have all cast off their spooky faces and transformed into puppets. Yes, including your favorite large lady Alcina Dimitrescu. She’s joined by the felty faces of Mother Miranda’s other lords for a silly little skit. Actually, one of them’s a puppet twice over, somehow. They do look quite cute this way though, even when they’re murdering each other. Read more

queen-mary’s-college-esports-facility-becomes-first-in-uk-to-include-a-dedicated-yoga-room,-with-league-of-legends-themed-yoga-positions-planned ESports News UK

Queen Mary’s College esports facility becomes first in UK to include a dedicated yoga room, with League of Legends-themed yoga positions planned

A UK college is about to open a brand new esports building, complete with 52 gaming systems, an editing and streaming room, mini cafe… and even a yoga room. Queen Mary’s College in Basingstoke will open its new esports facility on May 27th 2021. It’s part of a £700,000 project that has seen the first floor of a pre-existing building gutted out with a fresh new interior added, while the IT and STEAM provision on the top floor will be expanded. Continue reading Queen Mary’s College esports facility becomes first in UK to include a dedicated yoga room, with League…

razer-blade-15-and-blade-pro-17-gaming-laptops-now-up-to-$500-off Toms Hardware

Razer Blade 15 and Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptops now up to $500 off

When it comes to picking the best gaming laptop for you, Razer’s powerful specs and sleek, premium aesthetics always make it a great choice. But those premium components usually come with prices that are just as high as their speeds. However, from now until June 26, that issue’s been resolved thanks to a deep $500 price cut across select models featuring RTX 20-series GPUs. More: Best gaming laptopsBest Gaming PCs and laptop dealsRazer Blade 15 Advanced reviewRazer Blade Pro 17 review Razer Blade 15 Base Edition: was $2,299 now $1,799 @ Razer This configuration features a 15.6-inch 4K OLED display…

apex-legends-season-9:-everything-we-know PC Gamer

Apex Legends Season 9: Everything we know

What can we expect from Apex Legends Season 9? We already knew that the game has loads of Titanfall stuff coming, but we now have a clearer understanding of how these shared universes will collide. One thing’s for sure, Legacy looks promising, and it’s just around the corner. We had our first look at hotshot Titan pilot, Valkyrie a few weeks ago, and Respawn has announced that a new weapon is also on the way, alongside changes to the Olympus map. Thanks to the lengthy patch notes that are now available, we’ve been able to detail further updates and changes…

fall-guys-delayed-on-xbox-and-switch,-but-cross-play-is-coming VG247

Fall Guys delayed on Xbox and Switch, but cross-play is coming

By Stephany Nunneley 30 April 2021 17:34 GMT Mediatonic has delayed the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Xbox One and Switch.According to the studio, the previously announced summer 2021 Switch and Xbox One release for Fall Guys is “just too soon” to include all of the “tasty new features” being worked on.Watch on YouTubeOne of the new features is cross-play. The delay will give the team time to add the feature so that when the game comes out on Switch and Xbox One, everyone will be able to play together regardless of platform.A new release window for the Switch and…

tfi-friday:-3-new-text-based-games-with-a-twist Rock,Paper,Shotgun

TFI Friday: 3 new text-based games with a twist

What a world, what a world! Recently I read a book called The Appeal, which I enjoyed very much. The framing of it is a couple of junior lawyers going through a bunch of case notes they’ve been sent, and so the book itself is mostly emails and messages between the central cast of characters. You have to figure out the shape of what you don’t have by looking at what you do. It’s very good! So, inspired by that, this week I’ve got three text-based games for you, but with a twist. They each do something a bit different,…

check-out-the-castlevania-season-4-trailer-before-the-final-season-airs-in-may VG247

Check out the Castlevania Season 4 trailer before the final season airs in May

By Stephany Nunneley 30 April 2021 16:11 GMT The final season of Castlevania on Netflix is almost upon us, and this trailer gives you an idea of what Belmont and Sypha have been up to.If you haven’t watched the previous seasons of Castlevania, or aren’t caught up with Season 3, you may wish to skip watching the Season 4 trailer because it could contain some spoilers.Watch on YouTubeHere’s a short synopsis:Dracula’s influence looms large as Belmont and Sypha investigate plans to resurrect the notorious vampire. Alucard struggles to embrace his humanity.The show will air on Netflix for its fourth and final…

apex-legends-valkyrie-guide:-top-tips-and-her-abilities PC Gamer

Apex Legends Valkyrie guide: top tips and her abilities

Excited to try out Apex Legends’ Valkyrie and her abilities? Season 9 introduces a new 3v3 Arenas mode, the Bocek bow weapon, adjustments to Olympus’ environment, and a new legend with deep roots in Titanfall lore. It’s always exciting to try out the new legend on launch day, but she’ll likely be very popular: Make sure you team up with some friends to take turns trying her out. While you may have to queue a few times before you can pick the new character, it’s a good idea to know what she’s capable of. I’m here to fill you in…

thermaltake-the-tower-100-review:-affordable-itx-weirdness Toms Hardware

Thermaltake The Tower 100 Review: Affordable ITX Weirdness

Today’s best Thermaltake The Tower 100 and dealsAmazon UK View SimilarView SimilarAmazonNo price informationWe check over 130 million products every day for the best pricesThermaltake’s The Tower 100 is a new ITX chassis that comes with a totally different design from what we’re used to. It places the motherboard along the back wall of the chassis, GPU directly into the PCIe slot, rear IO at the top under a cover, and a large ATX power supply in the basement. It’s bigger than most ITX cases, but it’s got a unique design that may appeal to those who want to show…

fifa-21-is-coming-to-ea-play-and-xbox-game-pass-next-week VG247

FIFA 21 is coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass next week

By Sherif Saed 30 April 2021 13:45 GMT FIFA 21’s turn to join the EA Play library is almost here.EA has announced that the full game of FIFA 21 is joining the standard tier of EA Play beginning May 6 on all platforms. This also means that it’s going to be available as part of Xbox Game Pass on PC, and Game Pass Ultimate on Xbox.Watch on YouTubeTo celebrate the launch, EA Play members will get access to unique in-game challenges and rewards, as well as FIFA Ultimate Team kits and Volta Football gear. EA Play members also get a…

thank-god,-buildings-have-feelings-too!-fixed-its-controls Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Thank god, Buildings Have Feelings Too! fixed its controls

Most humans will instantly grow attached to any inanimate object if you put a face on it (preferably a sad one, as if it needs your help). This is possibly so we won’t immediately hoof any unattended baby into the oven, because using cold logic they are a helpless and easy source of food, but emotions tell us that they are cute and we don’t want the baby to cry at the oven being all hot. Buildings Have Feelings Too!, a puzzle/city management game that’s heavy on the puzzle, is the reason I will never again enjoy a video of…

intel’s-sapphire-rapids-could-have-72-80-cores,-according-to-new-die-shots Toms Hardware

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids Could Have 72-80 Cores, According to New Die Shots

Newly published images may reveal that Intel’s forthcoming Sapphire Rapids CPU might feature roughly 72-80 cores, considerably more cores than initially thought.   Hardware blogger YuuKi_AnS, known for various leaks, has published pictures of what is claimed to be Intel’s Sapphire Rapid chiplets. This time around he removed the dies from the substrate and exposed their flip side. To great surprise, this reveals a 4×5 group of similar elements which are believed to be Sapphire Rapids’ CPU cores. With each chiplet carrying 20 dies (or die candidates, specifically), higher-end Sapphire Rapids processors could have as many as 80 cores, whereas lower-end chips would…

amd’s-fidelityfx-super-resolution-may-be-finalised-but-won’t-be-compatible-with-all-games PC Gamer

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution may be finalised but won’t be compatible with all games

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution is surely the most eagerly anticipated feature for anyone lucky enough to have bagged themselves a new Radeon graphics card over the last six months. It promises to be the red team’s answer to Nvidia’s impressive Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) tech, and could be the saviour for AMD’s first-gen ray tracing attempts. But it’s still seemingly a long way out from a final version and, even though AMD has publicly said it’s yet to finalise precisely how it will work, 4A Games has already stated that FidelityFX Super Resolution is incompatible with its rendering techniques…

you-can-preload-resident-evil-village’s-demo-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You can preload Resident Evil Village’s demo now

Capcom, bless their hearts, have some funny ideas. They’re releasing a demo for Resident Evil Village this weekend, but it’ll only be playable for a week and will have a hard time limit of 60 minutes total. Heaven forbid people freely play a demo. But I’m still up for it because I’m well up for Village, so how handy that we can now preload the demo and be ready to get stuck right into our… limited fun? Read more

returnal-astronaut-figurine-|-what-does-the-astronaut-figurine-and-child’s-watch-do? VG247

Returnal Astronaut Figurine | What does the Astronaut Figurine and Child’s Watch do?

In the esoteric world of Returnal, the mysterious Astronaut stalks your every move. But while the motives of the full-size Astronaut are as opaque as the visor of his helmet, Selene can collect a tiny version to aid her mission of breaking the cycle of Atropos. Either after completing one of the brilliant house sections, or from a Fabricator shop, you can pick up an Astronaut Figurine, with the ominous promise that ‘it won’t let you go’. There are a couple of items that work similarly to this in Returnal, so here’s what they do. Watch on YouTubeReturnal Astronaut FigurineIn…