January 2021

rust’s-streamer-server-shows-the-pitfalls-of-50-roleplayers-each-having-their-own-audience PC Gamer

Rust’s streamer server shows the pitfalls of 50 roleplayers each having their own audience

Rust recently exploded in viewership on Twitch due to dozens of popular streamers flocking onto a single server to play together. The streams have been very popular, but not without drama. It turns out that a crowd of big personalities all performing for their own audiences at the same time can quickly turn into a disaster, at least from a roleplaying perspective. Above is a clip of streamer Sodapoppin, who recently logged into the Rust server and headed to an arena to perform musical introductions for a number of 1v1 combat sessions that were scheduled. Also due to take place…

steam-lunar-new-year-sale-dates-have-leaked PC Gamer

Steam Lunar New Year Sale dates have leaked

Valve rarely announces Steam sale dates in advance, but that’s not really a problem for most thrifty videogame shoppers because the dates regularly leak well in advance anyway. I vaguely recall that it used to be a pretty big deal, way back when: A date would slip out from the darkest shadows of the internet, and we’d all huddle around to debate the likelihood of its accuracy, what we might buy, and whose head would roll when the leaker’s identity was discovered. It’s not quite such a dramatic thing these days, thanks largely to the ubiquity of Steam sales and…

sapphire-launches-fanless-radeon-rx-5700-xt-compute-gpu Toms Hardware

Sapphire Launches Fanless Radeon RX 5700 XT Compute GPU

Sapphire (via Coelacanth Dream) has released the GPRO X070 8GB GDDR6. The specialized graphics card, based on the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, targets professional and graphics-intensive workloads. The GPRO X070 8GB GDDR6 features a passive cooling system consisting of a herculean heatsink with four heatpipes. Sapphire specifically designed the dual-slot graphics card for GPU compute system,s so it relies on the system’s active airflow to remain cool. Weighing in at 800g, the graphics card has dimensions of 281.94 x 133.75 x 34.5mm. The Navi 10 silicon resides inside the GPRO X070 8GB GDDR6 and provides the graphics card with…

enormous-fallout:-new-vegas-mod-the-frontier-launches-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Enormous Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier launches today

Fallout: The Frontier is a huge expansion-sized mod for Fallout: New Vegas that’s been in the works for years now. It adds an entirely new map zone and storyline to New Vegas set in the wasteland of snowy Portland where three new factions are at war. The big project is launching today and it sure sounds like folks are excited to play it. (more…)

hitman-3’s-epic-store-exclusivity-means-hitman-2-levels-won’t-be-free-after-all PC Gamer

Hitman 3’s Epic Store exclusivity means Hitman 2 levels won’t be free after all

In August 2020, IO Interactive said ahead of the start of Hitman 3 preorders that players will be able to import their progression and unlocks from Hitman 2, as well as locations from the previous two games, at no extra charge. “We want to make it a seamless process for our PC players to enjoy Hitman 3 on a different PC platform and continue to enjoy the benefits of our World of Assassination,” the studio promised. The statement seemed intended as a reassurance that making Hitman 3 exclusive to the Epic Games Store—which does not carry Hitman 2—would not be…

what-is-nvidia-max-q-graphics?-a-basic-definition Toms Hardware

What Is Nvidia Max-Q Graphics? A Basic Definition

(Image credit: Nvidia)If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that’s able to handle demanding titles or high-resolution gaming but don’t want the thickness, weight and loud fans that often come with gaming laptops, a PC running an Nvidia Max-Q graphics card may be the answer. When shopping for a gaming laptop, you’ll probably run into models featuring some sort of Max-Q graphics card, such as an “RTX 2080 Max-Q.” Max-Q is a graphics card technology Nvidia first launched in 2017 that allows the rendering horsepower of the company’s higher-end graphics cards — previously reserved for desktop PCs or very bulky…

phasmophobia’s-worst-objective-is-getting-removed,-thank-goodness Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Phasmophobia’s worst objective is getting removed, thank goodness

Yes, I know official spooks month is long past now. Yes, I am still playing Phasmophobia. The co-op ghost hunting simulation is just too much fun to mess around in with pals. The more familiar we’ve gotten with the game though, the clearer it is that there is one ghost hunting objective that is the absolute worst. It doesn’t sound like much, but snapping a photo of dirty water is an absolute pain in the rear and, glory to all that is good, Phasmophobia’s developer has decided to remove it. (more…)

everspace-2-is-inching-closer-to-being-a-modern-freelancer VG247

Everspace 2 is inching closer to being a modern Freelancer

When Everspace 2 was first revealed, I got a little worried. The original game is a favourite of mine, but it was very much a less-is-more kind of game. Everspace 2 promised RPG-like mechanics, loot and a few other elements that I feared could unnecessarily bloat it. Having now played the near-final Early Access build – which goes on sale on Monday – I can safely say that my fears were misplaced.Everspace 2 feels like the perfect sequel. All the usual baseline upgrades, from visuals to scale and scope have all been made, but the game’s biggest triumph is how…

what-is-a-motherboard-chipset?-a-basic-definition Toms Hardware

What Is a Motherboard Chipset? A Basic Definition

AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs use the X570 chipset. Living on the motherboard, a PC’s chipset controls the communication between the CPU, RAM, storage and other peripherals. The chipset determines how many high-speed components or USB devices your best motherboard can support. Chipsets are usually comprised of one to four chips and feature controllers for commonly used peripherals, like the your keyboard, mouse or monitor. PC chipsets are designed by Intel and AMD but are found on motherboards from a variety of third-party vendors, such as MSI, Asus and ASRock. Different chipsets support different CPUs, so when you’re buying a CPU, you have to consider that your…

apple’s-next-macbook-pros-rumored-to-regain-magsafe,-lose-touch-bar Toms Hardware

Apple’s Next MacBook Pros Rumored to Regain MagSafe, Lose Touch Bar

Apple has already confirmed that its next-generation MacBook Pros will use its own system-on-chips (SoCs). In addition to new SoCs, the new notebooks will receive a complete architectural overhaul both inside and outside, two reports claim. The revamp will reportedly include an all-new design, the return of a magnetic charger and a possible removal of Touch Bar.  Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a good track record who covers Apple at TF International Securities, said in a new note to clients that Apple is working on two all-new MacBook Pro models. One has a screen that’s “about” 14 inches and the…

twitch’s-rust-boom-is-the-streamer-crossover-event-of-the-century Twitch

Twitch’s Rust Boom Is The Streamer Crossover Event Of The Century

There is no predicting which game Twitch will catapult into the spotlight next. Last year, it was Among Us, a previously obscure party game about deception. Now, it’s Rust, a survival game that first came out in 2013, whose heyday was thought to have long since passed. These seemingly random flavors of the month have a major thing in common: The creation of the streamer cinematic universe.

figment-2-launches-a-free-prologue-chapter-with-a-musical-boss-battle Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Figment 2 launches a free prologue chapter with a musical boss battle

Figment 2: Creed Valley is the sequel to the whimsical and musical adventure about tackling the doubts and insecurities inside the human mind. It sounds grim, but was apparently pretty lighthearted thanks to its colorful, song-filled world. The sequel has now announced its plans to launch this year. Better yet though, you can try it out today in the free prologue chapter that Bedtime Digital Games have published today. (more…)

microsoft-lists-some-of-the-games-coming-exclusively-to-xbox-this-year VG247

Microsoft lists some of the games coming exclusively to Xbox this year

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 15 January 2021 19:58 GMT Microsoft has provided a list of games coming exclusively to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S this year.A handy list of the games coming exclusively to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One has been posted, and it gives you a quick look at just some of what’s heading to the consoles.As Microsoft notes though, you can expect more than that what you will find on the list. Below is just what has been announced so far. Adios – 2021 The Artful Escape – 2021 The Ascent – 2021 The Big Con –…

fortnite-book-locations:-where-to-find-books-for-week-7 PC Gamer

Fortnite book locations: Where to find books for week 7

Fortnite week 7 has brought a new batch of challenges for players to earn some extra XP, and thankfully there’s plenty that go beyond just eliminating more players. One of this week’s quests is to find books at Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands. Most players should already know where Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands are, but finding small books in such large locations will be more difficult. We’ve whipped up this guide to show you all the book locations in Fortnite so you can complete this challenge easily. Holly Hedges book locations (Image credit: Epic Games) Book location 1: The…

you-have-to-buy-hitman-3-access-pass-to-play-hitman-2-levels-on-epic-games-store VG247

You have to buy Hitman 3 Access Pass to play Hitman 2 levels on Epic Games Store

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 15 January 2021 17:55 GMT If you own the game on Steam, you won’t be able to carry progress over.If you want to play Hitman 2’s levels in the upcoming Hitman 3, you will have to buy the Hitman 3 Access Pass.That’s according to a post on developer IO Interactive’s website, which says that because Hitman 2 was never released on the Epic Games Store, you have to buy this extra content again. There’s an 80% discount on the Hitman 3 Access Pass that will be running for 14 days after the game is released on…

all-the-important-pc-gaming-news-from-ces-2021 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

All the important PC gaming news from CES 2021

Annual tech bonanza CES is over for another year, so I thought I’d round-up all the important PC gaming announcements right here in one handy location. The big theme this year was, perhaps unsurprisingly, lots of new gaming laptops to help more people get stuff done while working from home, and this was aided in no small part by the announcement of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series making the move to laptops, as well as several new mobile processors from Intel and AMD. Laptops weren’t the only big news from CES, though, so read on below to find our filleted highlights…

here’s-your-first-look-at-scorpion-and-sub-zero-in-the-new-mortal-kombat-film VG247

Here’s your first look at Scorpion and Sub-Zero in the new Mortal Kombat film

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 15 January 2021 17:01 GMT Has the transition from game to film been a fatality?We’ve finally had our first look at the upcoming Mortal Kombat film reboot.Entertainment Weekly, has published a number of stills showing off what some beloved characters from the bloody brawler look like on the big screen this time around.This includes Hanzo Hasashi aka Scorpion aka the Yellow Ninja, who is being played by Logan star Hiroyuki Sanada, as well as Joe Taslim’s portrayal of Bi-Han aka Sub-Zero – well, one of the Sub-Zeroes – aka the Blue Ninja.The film apparently kicks off…

persona-5-strikers-gets-a-new-action-packed-trailer VG247

Persona 5 Strikers gets a new action-packed trailer

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 15 January 2021 16:45 GMT A new trailer for Persona 5 Strikers has been released, giving you a look at all the action.In Persona 5 Strikers, you can play as your favorite Phantom Thieves character as the team takes you on a road trip where you will strike back against corruption in cities across Japan.It was released in Japan in February 2020 as Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers and is a collaboration between P Studio and Omega Force. The hack and slash role-playing game is a crossover between Dynasty Warriors and the Persona franchises. It…

noctua’s-getting-ready-for-intel-rocket-lake-cpus Toms Hardware

Noctua’s Getting Ready for Intel Rocket Lake CPUs

It’s no secret that Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake-S CPUs are nearing. Intel has yet to announce exact specs, pricing or even as much as a launch date. However, the vendor did dish out a load of juicy technical details on the Core i9-11900K flagship earlier this week for CES. CES also brought an onslaught of Z590 and B560 motherboard announcements for the new chips, which indicates that a launch date is nearing.  With that in mind, Noctua has started prepping its compatibility list for which coolers work on which boards. And it’s already made good progress. Thus far, the…