September 2020

amazon-prime-day-2020:-how-to-find-the-best-hardware-deals Toms Hardware

Amazon Prime Day 2020: How to Find the Best Hardware Deals

Though Amazon Prime Day, the retailer’s annual sale event, did not happen this summer as it has in year’s past, it’s coming on October 13th and 14th. That’s before the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, but late enough for you to buy gifts for yourself or others. Whether you’re shopping for instant pots or Amazon Echo speakers, you’ll find significant discounts on mainstream consumer gadgets that day and likely for a few days thereafter.But what about PC hardware? Though the hottest selling items overall on Prime Day are usually Amazon’s own gadgets, there will likely be some great…

best-deals-on-computer-monitors-2020 Toms Hardware

Best Deals on Computer Monitors 2020

Find a monitor this holiday season with the specs you need at a price you can afford. With events like Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, now is the best time to locate a high-quality display at a great bargain. We’ll be updating this page every day with the best monitor deals we can find.We’ve seen an increase this year of individuals working from home and students starting the school year remotely. If you’re looking for a way to improve your home office, an external monitor is a great way to start. If price isn’t a concern, you may want to…

grounded-has-added-ziplines-and-halloween-decor Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Grounded has added ziplines and Halloween décor

The backyard is booming and boo-ing with new stuff in early access miniature survival game Grounded. Obsidian have added a new zipline structure to help your tiny little people with traversal and some spooky new food and décor for Halloween. They’ve made some bug fixes to the game’s many bugs as well. (more…)

sea-of-thieves-is-raising-funds-for-cancer-research-with-the-swanky-new-sails-of-union PC Gamer

Sea of Thieves is raising funds for cancer research with the swanky new Sails of Union

Sea of Thieves players who like swanky glow-in-the-dark sails and want to do a solid for the fight against cancer have until November 6 to indulge both interests with the sweet new set called the Sails of Union.Developed in partnership with the Stand Up to Cancer charity, Sails of Union are available for $6/£5 on Steam or the Microsoft Store. They look great during the day, but really (and literally) shine at night, when their hidden starfield patterns become visible. (They might even be actual constellations, but I’m not enough of a stargazer to pick any out. Feel free to…

apple-and-epic-agree-on-one-thing:-a-court-trial-sans-jury Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Apple and Epic agree on one thing: a court trial sans jury

Apple and Epic Games have been at odds over the past month and a half in the early phases of a lawsuit concerning Fortnite’s presence on the App Store. Epic has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple concerning their control of the App Store while Apple have returned a countersuit based on Epic breaking the terms of service for the store by adding a secondary payment option inside Fortnite to circumvent the App Store payment system. After a lot of barbs and posturing, they’ve at last come to agree on at least one thing. Both request that their cases are…

marvel’s-spider-man-remastered-has-a-new-face-for-peter,-spruced-up-environments,-more VG247

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered has a new face for Peter, spruced up environments, more

Marvel’s Spider-Man sure has been spruced up for the PS5.Sony has provided details on what to expect from the updated version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered which is included as a voucher with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Ultimate Edition on PS5.According to Sony, this version of Spider-Man is a “full next-gen remastering” with new assets, technology, updates, and three new suits.With the graphics, Insomniac updated the city’s environment wth improved models, materials, ray-traced reflections, and ambient shadows. With these improvements, you will see better reflections in the windows of buildings, along with new skies and weather.You can expect a high frame…

windows-xp-source-code-leaked,-posted-to-4chan-(update,-it-works) Toms Hardware

Windows XP Source Code Leaked, Posted to 4chan (Update, It Works)

Update 9/30/20 11:00am PT: ZDNet reports that the leaked Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 source code, which was largely regarded to be authentic, has now been confirmed as genuine.NDETV compiled the source code for both operating systems and was able to be used as a working operating system. The final compile is missing a few components, such as winlogon.exe, that prevent the OS from being distributed as a fully-working OS replacement, but there is room for additional alterations that could lead to full ‘retail’ versions of the operating system. Naturally, of more pressing concern, the authenticity of the leak does…

call-of-duty:-black-ops-cold-war-zombies-features-new-ways-to-progress,-classic-perks,-and-cold-war-weapons VG247

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies features new ways to progress, classic Perks, and Cold War weapons

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will include a Zombies mode, which was detailed today by Treyarch.In the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War four-person co-op mode DNA: Zombies, players can expect a fresh, new narrative along with a new cast of characters.The mode includes new ways to progress, classic Perks, and Cold War weapons.Storywise, it takes place in the early ‘80s, but its “roots reach back even further into the past.”Here’s more:As part of Requiem, a CIA-backed international response team led by Grigori Weaver from the original Black Ops story, operatives explore a World War II bunker…

msi-rolls-out-new-500-series-firmware-for-zen-3-cpus Toms Hardware

MSI Rolls Out New 500-Series Firmware for Zen 3 CPUs

MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi (Image credit: MSI)MSI announced today the availability of new firmwares for 11 of the brand’s AMD 500-series motherboards. According to MSI, the beta firmwares land with support for “future AM4 socket processors,” which we know is Zen 3.The updated firmwares incorporates AMD’s latest Combo PI V2 version BIOS and brings other improvements to the table. The firmwares come with an updated SMU module, optimizations for DDR4 memory overclocking and solve specific issues when overclocking.The first X570 motherboards that received the new firmwares include the MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wi-Fi, MEG X570 Godlike,…

genshin-impact-faq-–-play-with-friends,-update-failed,-slow-download VG247

Genshin Impact FAQ – Play with friends, Update Failed, Slow Download

Genshin Impact is Chinese developer miHoYo’s best answer to the question: what if Breath of the Wild, but anime? It plays a lot more like a single-player RPG than its online elements would suggest, and is free-to-play on PC, current-gen consoles, and iOS and Android – with a Switch version forthcoming. While the framing of Genshin Impact’s story does have more in common with an anime JRPG than an MMO, there are still some opaque systems which aren’t best explained in an always online environment. On top of that, we’ve also seen many of the dreaded server and connection issues…

dead-by-daylight,-celeste,-jotun,-more-coming-to-stadia-pro-in-october VG247

Dead by Daylight, Celeste, Jotun, more coming to Stadia Pro in October

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 30 September 2020 17:22 GMT Six new games are coming to Stadia Pro tomorrow, led by Dead by Daylight.Google will add six additional games to Stadia Pro tomorrow, October 1.The release of Dead by Daylight also kicks off Crowd Choice, a new Stadia feature that lets you take control of the action on YouTube when hosted by a creator. Here, you will team up with other users and vote and change the game as it’s happening.Crowd Choice is coming to more games on Stadia soon.Also, direct into the service October 1 is Human: Fall Flat, Superhot:…

amd-ryzen-5000-–-zen-3-cpu-release-date,-specs,-pricing,-and-performance PC Gamer

AMD Ryzen 5000 – Zen 3 CPU release date, specs, pricing, and performance

AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs (otherwise known as Vermeer) are pencilled in for the latter half of 2020, and that means we’ll be hearing all about them very soon. October 8, in fact. That’s when AMD will be holding an announcement live stream on its next-gen Ryzen CPUs and the Zen 3 architecture. Oh, you might be wondering why the leap to the Ryzen 5000 branding with this generation. Us too. The Ryzen 4000 branding was due a desktop range this year, yet a recent benchmark result on Ashes of the Singularity suggests it’ll be the 5000-series, and Ryzen 7 5800X, that…

best-as-val-loadout-in-warzone-–-plus-in-depth-as-val-stats Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Best AS VAL loadout in Warzone – plus in-depth AS VAL stats

A new Assault Rifle seems to be pretty much par for the course at this point, with the AS VAL being the 13th, by my estimation. Still, the Warzone team are finding interesting things to do with the gun class, and the AS VAL is a solid addition to the pantheon. With its integral suppressor a default part of the gun’s kit, our in-depth AS VAL loadout guide will help you make the most of the rest of the weapon’s attachment slots. (more…)

next-dlc-character-for-super-smash-bros.-ultimate-will-be-revealed-tomorrow VG247

Next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be revealed tomorrow

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 30 September 2020 15:42 GMT Nintendo will announce the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow.The next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be announced on October 1. You can expect the stream to last around three minutes, which will be followed by a message from director Masahiro Sakurai (thanks, Nintendo Everything).Tune in at 7am PT, 10am ET, 3pm UK, 4pm BST.The latest DLC character to be added to the game was Min Min, a guest from Arms. She came with a new stage, Spring Stadium, and 18 music tracks from Arms.Min…

new-powerful-warzone-killstreak-shows-all-circles-in-a-match,-drop-rate-already-reduced PC Gamer

New powerful Warzone killstreak shows all circles in a match, drop rate already reduced

Battle royale games are all about making hundreds of micro-decisions—guesses, really—amid gradually escalating tension. It’s a big part of why they continue to intoxicate us: You never quite know where to travel next, whether the risk to you and your teammates is ever quite worth scouring a new area for fresh loot. The new Warzone Foresight killstreak changes that, and its drop rate has already been, well, dropped.Introduced as part of yesterday’s Warzone Season 6 launch, Foresight is a killstreak that, if picked up, allows you to see all the upcoming circles in the match in which it’s found. That…

cyberpunk-2077-team-working-six-day-week-to-meet-november-launch Toms Hardware

Cyberpunk 2077 Team Working Six Day Week To Meet November Launch

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed numerous times by CD Projekt Red, and for the most part, the community has taken the delays well, preferring a polished release over a rushed, bug-riddled experience. However, now, as reported by Bloomberg, the game studio CD Projekt Red has gone into overdrive for the final pre-release crunch.Part of this final stretch is that CD Projekt Red has informed employees that 6-day weeks are now mandatory — something the studio has previously promised wouldn’t be asked of its employees. 30, 2020Adam Badowski, the studio’s head responded to Bloomberg and tweeted, acknowledging that this goes…

xcom:-long-war-studio-hit-their-own-alien-invasion-game’s-kickstarter-goal-in-six-hours Rock,Paper,Shotgun

XCOM: Long War studio hit their own alien invasion game’s Kickstarter goal in six hours

The studio behind the excellent XCOM: Long War mods have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help finish their own game about alien invasion. Terra Invicta is not XCOM by a new name, mind. It’s a grand strategy game which starts with mysterious first encounters, leads to geopolitical manoeuvring as factions jostle for position and contend with alien influence, can develop into global war, then sprawls across the solar system with industrial colonies and spaceship battles. The devs say they plan to release Terra Invicta next summer, but could use a bit more cash to make it fancier. (more…)

best-external-hard-drives-2020 PC Gamer

Best external hard drives 2020

One of the best external hard drives is a must in a world of ever-growing game installs and storage hogs. That’s especially true of the best gaming laptops, where the default storage option could be a little on the small side. It’s also very important to consider exterior storage space for console owners. The next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X both come with plentiful 1TB SSD drives, yet even that won’t last long as developers eye up the wonders of texture streaming and colossal high-resolution assets. Just when you think you’re getting on top of this whole storage malarkey. Regardless of…

animal-crossing:-new-horizons-pumpkin-guide-–-how-to-grow-different-colours-and-find-all-the-diy-recipes VG247

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pumpkin guide – How to grow different colours and find all the DIY recipes

Pumpkins are finally being added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so here’s our guide on how to grow the perfect Pumpkin patch. The humble Pumpkin signifies the arrival of autumn and throughout October, you’ll be able to grow your own. Not only will you be able to turn your entire island into a Pumpkin farm if you wish, but you’ll also be able to create a bunch of new Pumpkin items, such as an Arch, different type of lamps and, of course, a Jack-o-Lantern.So, how do you grow your own Pumpkins besides from pinching a few from your best friend’s…