July 2020

carrion Metacritic


The name of the game is survival, and the goal is to escape containment and leave no prisoners. It’s easy to cast victims aside in the chase for more power and expanding influence. The true horror of the mission in Carrion only sets in as the credits roll. Carrion is a unique game and one that is refreshing and fun to play. The gameplay is smooth, and the arcadelike aspect of hastily crawling around eating scientists is both humorous and satisfying. While there are portions of it that I found confusing and slow, the core gameplay was enjoyable enough to…

roki Metacritic


On its surface, Röki delightfully explores a rarely visited branch of Scandinavian folklore, but delve deeper into this thoroughly charming fantasy adventure and you’ll find a beautifully told, emotionally engaging narrative that’s sure to resonate with players of all ages. With its heartfelt story, loveable characters and unique setting, Röki is a special game. Its adventure will keep you enthralled from start to finish. Röki is challenging and captivating during each moment of gameplay. The narrative flows naturally alongside the puzzles, and the world acts as a beautiful set-piece that begs to be explored. Direction and backtracking can bring the…

mixer’s-last-day-was-a-ghost-town Twitch

Mixer’s Last Day Was A Ghost Town

It’s been a month since the news of Mixer’s closure hit streamers like a Microsoft-branded bag of hammers. At the time, it was heartbreaking. Some spent years building careers, only for the floor to fall out from under them. Today, the platform shuts down for good. Time for one last hurrah, right? Not really.

amid-backlash,-us.-army-retreats-from-twitch Twitch

Amid Backlash, U.S. Army Retreats From Twitch

The U.S. Army has dealt with sustained backlash over the past few weeks against its recruitment-oriented Twitch channel, which has banned viewers for asking about war crimes and hosted supposed giveaways that just dumped people out onto a recruitment page (which the Army has since claimed did enter viewers into a competition through other means, but which Twitch nonetheless forced it to stop running). Now, in response to this, it looks like the Army is putting a halt to all Twitch activity—at least, for the time being.

creaks Metacritic


Score distribution: Negative: 0 out of 11 Creaks renovates a well-worn genre, delivering one of the most satisfying indie puzzle-platformers in some time. Between its stunning visual and audio design, absorbing world, and perfectly-balanced puzzles, it’s hard to find serious fault with any part of this game’s construction. If you’re a fan of puzzles or Amanita Design’s past games, you need to grab a flashlight and delve in. Creaks has beauty, creativity and invention to spare, but don’t let its flighty facade fool you: there’s challenge aplenty here too. Edge Magazine Jul 16, 2020 Creaks may be a break from…

necrobarista Metacritic


Score distribution: Negative: 0 out of 19 As somebody who grapples with my mortality every day, Necrobarista helped me want to live each day to the fullest – lest my time be stolen away in the blink of an eye. And for a game to have that impact on a person, for a work of art to rattle the soul that thoroughly, is perhaps one of the highest forms of art that I can think of. Necrobarista is just a plain wonderful experience. The story is entertaining with powerful moments, the characters feel fleshed out and realistic (or as realistic…

rock-of-ages-3:-make-&-break Metacritic

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

Score distribution: Negative: 0 out of 14 Part racing game, part destruction derby, and even part tower defense, Rock of Ages 3 is all ridiculous fun. With a variety of gameplay modes and a map editor, there’s a lot of life to this game, too. Rock of Ages 3 is a game that focuses on just being plain ol’ fun and you know something? It really is. Part racing game, part destruction derby, and even part tower defense, Rock of Ages 3 is all ridiculous fun. With a variety of gameplay modes and a map editor, there’s a lot of…

panzer-paladin Metacritic

Panzer Paladin

USgamer Jul 21, 2020 80 Panzer Paladin adopts a bit of every NES platformer you played as a kid, and the result is a little chaotic, but a lot of fun. Panzer Paladin’s degradable-weapon mechanic adds a unique element of strategy to the mix, and playing as Flame outside of her Panzer suit lets you discover some cool secrets. However, there are times when the instructions are vague and the lives system doesn’t need to exist in this day and age, but it’s hard to stay mad when you’re surrounded by this much 8-bit beauty.

rapper-logic-signs-exclusive-deal-with-twitch Twitch

Rapper Logic Signs Exclusive Deal With Twitch

A few days ago, popular musician Logic, real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, retired, saying that it’s time for him to focus on being “a great father.” He must be taking inspiration from people like Ben “DrLupo” Lupo, the daddest man on Twitch, because his post-retirement fatherhood plans now include an exclusive deal with the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

twitch-forces-us.-army-to-stop-tricking-viewers-with-fake-giveaways Twitch

Twitch Forces U.S. Army To Stop Tricking Viewers With Fake Giveaways

The U.S. Army has a Twitch channel that it uses to fish for potential recruits. Last week, it came under fire for issuing bans to viewers who asked about war crimes. This week, a report by The Nation dug deeper, pointing out, among other things, that the channel had a habit of running fake controller giveaways that redirected viewers to a recruitment page. Following widespread scrutiny, Twitch says it’s forced the Army to stop.

superhot:-mind-control-delete Metacritic


[eurogamer]”The arbitrary amount [of locked-in time for the end credits] we shipped with was eight hours, a perfect time to sleep on the game you just finished we thought,” co-director Marcin Surma said. “You can leave it running overnight and have a fresh mind to see the results in the morning. We actually considered the eight hours quite lenient – we started with 24 hours but that felt a bit too restrictive: you’d end the same time of day you ended the game yesterday. And that’s no fun!” [/eurogamer] The idea that I’ll finish the game then go to bed…

beyond-a-steel-sky Metacritic

Beyond A Steel Sky

TL;DR Overall game tone, mood, and puzzles got more cartoonish/kid, a lot of dull uncanny valley characters, cheesy cliches, and bugs. All elements feel disconnected from each other. Lack of QA and lots of annoying bugs. I liked graphics, models, level design, and lightning, but it’s not enough for a good game. Verdict – Didn’t like it, get it when it’s on 70% sale. If you are looking for a good, smart and stylish cyber-punk adventure, check out oldies or indies like The Red Strings Club WHY? Just to get the idea of how relevant is my review could be…

hunting-simulator-2 Metacritic

Hunting Simulator 2

The Game is really not that bad like some Reviews say! At my End the Game looks very good you just need a good enough PC and turn everythingThe Game is really not that bad like some Reviews say! At my End the Game looks very good you just need a good enough PC and turn everything to Epic (Don’t ever activate Motion Blur! Its terrible). The Main Problem is the Price on Steam i guess its too expensive, I got it for 19 Euros and therefore it’s a blast. If the Devs now add QoL Updates ( this is…

rez-plz Metacritic


Screen Rant Jun 4, 2020 70 When it comes together right, REZ PLZ can be a very good time. It can be quite amusing to watch the two hapless brothers meet their end in comically grotesque ways, especially if you’re playing with a friend to laugh along with. Many of the puzzles are actually quite clever and there are a lot of very interesting design choices that simply aren’t seen in other games. The game’s humor may fall flat, and it might be lacking quite a bit in the way of polish, but at its core, it’s actually a pretty…

neon-abyss Metacritic

Neon Abyss

Gamepass (GAMERTAG alfonspartan 6hrs juego): Pros: Un juego muy divertido, el peso del juego no supera el Giga, el control es sencillo conGamepass (GAMERTAG alfonspartan 6hrs juego): Pros: Un juego muy divertido, el peso del juego no supera el Giga, el control es sencillo con teclado y mouse, los graficos son muy buenos asi como el audio son buenos. La mezcla armas y equipo son buenas, los escenarios ofrecen enemigos que iran subiendo su dificultad conforme avances en el juego. Hay variedad de personajes para desbloquear cada uno equipamento distinto del otro, asi que debes elegir bien al que se…

rocket-arena Metacritic

Rocket Arena

Score distribution: Negative: 0 out of 22 With a grand number of game modes, maps, and interesting characters with unique abilities alongside their personalized explosives, Rocket Arena certainly has more than enough personality to set itself from the pack. Rocket Arena might seem like a game you already know… but it isn’t. It’s actually something different within the shooter genre, and if you’re tired of playing games that just feel the same, we think you should give it a try. Rocket Arena is a lot more than it may seem on the surface. As a 3v3 connoisseur (i.e. someone with…

death-stranding Metacritic

Death Stranding

Score distribution: Negative: 0 out of 44 Death Stranding still stands as one of the absolute coolest and most unique games of this current generation, and maybe one of the most unique of all time. It is such a wild blend of third-person action, open-world exploration, inventory management, “fetch quests” and incredible cinematics. It stands out even among the other wild games that Hideo Kojima has created, which really says something about it. I love Death Stranding, and I recommend that everyone who has any sort of interest in it try it out, and if you have a PC capable…