July 2020

how-to-use-an-android-device-to-write-raspberry-pi-sd-cards Toms Hardware

How to Use an Android Device to Write Raspberry Pi SD cards

Writing an SD card, the first thing you need to do to set up a Raspberry Pi, typically involves a computer, card reader and software such Raspberry Pi Imager. But what happens when you are away from a computer and need to write a new OS for your Raspberry Pi? Well luckily there is a very useful app for Android phones and tablets. Raspi SD Card Imager from Mike Redrobe is a tool to write operating system images for use on the Raspberry Pi. It can download and flash from a selection of images, from Raspberry Pi OS, to Ubuntu and…

asrock-pulls-amd-ryzen-4000-support-from-deskmini-a300-mini-pc Toms Hardware

ASRock Pulls AMD Ryzen 4000 Support From DeskMini A300 Mini PC

ASRock DeskMini A300 (Image credit: ASRock)ASRock had previously released a new beta BIOS (3.60L) for the DeskMini A300 that brought support for the Ryzen 4000-series (codename Renoir) APUs to the DeskMini A300. For reasons unknown, the motherboard vendor has since removed the BIOS from the mini PC’s support page.The fact that the system ever supported Renoir is surprising. The DeskMini A300 has an AMD motherboard with the A300 chipset, and Renoir only works on 400-and 500-series chipsets. According to Chinese publication HKEPC, ASRock’s simple workaround consisted of dropping support for old Bristol Ridge chips to make room for the new…

raspberry-pi-weasley-family-clock-from-harry-potter-runs-like-magic Toms Hardware

Raspberry Pi Weasley Family Clock from Harry Potter Runs Like Magic

Sometimes fiction inspires reality—such is the case here with Bryn Dole’s Weasley Family clock replica. It uses a Raspberry Pi to replicate the general functionality, going as far as to update in real-time based on your family’s actual location data.If you aren’t familiar with the Harry Potter franchise, the clock is found in the home of the Weasley family. Each section of the clock represents a location rather than a point in time. There is a hand for each member of the family which moves magically into position based on where they are at a given moment. If you aren’t…

report:-nvidia’s-getting-serious-about-acquiring-arm Toms Hardware

Report: Nvidia’s Getting Serious About Acquiring Arm

(Image credit: Shutterstock)Two weeks ago a report surfaced detailing Nvidia’s apparent interest in acquiring Arm. Now, it looks like negotiations are already well underway, as reported by Bloomberg. According to the publication, which cited “people familiar with the matter,” Nvidia is Arm’s only potential buyer right now. The companies are reportedly in “advanced talks” and considering a transaction of stock and cash, though no price has been set yet. Arm was valued at $32 billion back when SoftBank acquired the company in 2016. Nvidia would be able to afford this transaction thanks to increases in its stock price over the past…

best-vr-headsets-for-pc-and-gaming-2020 Toms Hardware

Best VR Headsets for PC and Gaming 2020

Hopeful enthusiasts waited years for virtual reality (VR) to become attainable for their at-home tech arsenal. And now with so many of us suddenly stuck at home, the idea of ‘leaving’ the home and entering a world of VR is becoming much more appealing.But it’s not just boredom that’s made VR more enticing; it’s the tech behind it too. A lot of things had to come together before at-home VR was plausible. Vendors needed to improve the experience of head-mounted displays (HMDs) so that VR gaming didn’t automatically lead to nausea. We also needed headsets that were somewhat affordable and accessible….

cyberpunk-2077:-beta-safe-than-sorry Toms Hardware

Cyberpunk 2077: Beta Safe Than Sorry

It is fair to say that Cyberpunk 2077 is a highly anticipated game and with the November 19 release edging ever closer we see some real life hacking going on.Eurogamer have reported that it seems some scammers are luring unwitting fans into a fake beta sign up to steal their sensitive information. This scam is not new, in fact it has been around for a year but a recent increase of scammers phishing for details has prompted CD PROJEKT RED to reiterate that they will contact you directly and not via a third party or agency.1/2 If you recently received…

fae-tactics Metacritic

Fae Tactics

While Fae Tactics could get easily looked over and story progression feels slow at times, it is still a fun play for anyone. Combat progresses and becomes increasingly strategic, which can be frustrating at times but also engaging and slightly addicting. Leveling up and evolving characters are simple enough for anyone to understand, but also allows for various modifications to your playstyle and strategy. Visually, the game may seem simple but the character designs and enjoyable atmosphere make it a very cool game to look at. While there are some issues with combat, selecting characters, and small bugs with the…

streamers-are-misusing-twitch’s-‘just-chatting’-section,-but-it’s-a-symptom-of-a-larger-problem Twitch

Streamers Are Misusing Twitch’s ‘Just Chatting’ Section, But It’s A Symptom Of A Larger Problem

Of all of Twitch’s non-gaming categories, “Just Chatting” seems to have the most clearly defined purpose. It’s for chatting. That’s it. And yet, after the platform dissolved its ill-defined “IRL” section into 13 different non-gaming categories in 2018, Just Chatting became its catch-all successor. Now it’s a juggernaut—Twitch’s top category. But it’s also clear evidence that Twitch’s category system is busted.

galax-cooks-up-ddr4-5000-ram-for-performance-purists Toms Hardware

Galax Cooks up DDR4-5000 RAM for Performance Purists

Image 1 of 2Galax HOF OC Lab Diamond RGB (Image credit: Galax)Image 2 of 2Galax HOF OC Lab Phantom RGB (Image credit: Galax)Galax has expanded its HOF (Hall Of Fame) line with not one, not two, but three new series of high-performance memory kits. Meet the HOF OC Lab Diamond, HOF OC Lab Diamond RGB and HOF OC Lab Phantom RGB product lines.The trio of RAM kits stay true to their HOF roots. They come equipped with a black PCB that’s passively cooled by all-white heat spreaders. In the case of the Diamond series, the heat spreaders are adorned with…

raspberry-pi-gpio-emulator-simulates-physical-components Toms Hardware

Raspberry Pi GPIO Emulator Simulates Physical Components

This cool project was developed by a teacher known as Jan K. S. on GitHub. It’s an interactive visual interface built on top of gpiozero using TkInter to simulate wiring and programming Raspberry Pi components. This project proved useful for Jan’s students who haven’t been able to complete lab work in person due to the coronavirus.The device simulator was built in TkInter using MockFactory, a library of mock pins used by gpiozero. The tools proved to be the perfect asset for constructing a user-friendly GUI for the students to learn with.The library provides a wide selection of components to interface…

what-happened Metacritic

What Happened

Noob_Gamer Aug 3, 2020 10 Well, you should experience this game, this is the story of our teenage era, with all good and bad memories. 6 hours of most creative andWell, you should experience this game, this is the story of our teenage era, with all good and bad memories. 6 hours of most creative and high tense scenes with a strong story behind it, I love it, it’s totally worth it and I recommend it to horror fans.… Expand 0 of 0 users found this helpful

hellpoint Metacritic


Сетевой код сбоит, багов хватает, графика уровня playstation 3, но! Но игра действительно интересная, здесь просто интересно исследоватьСетевой код сбоит, багов хватает, графика уровня playstation 3, но! Но игра действительно интересная, здесь просто интересно исследовать локации, да и в целом геометрия уровней к этому очень располагает. Бэктреккинг присутствует в большом объеме, уже на вводной локации замечаешь множество мест, до которых пока не добраться, но понимаешь, что такая возможность предоставится в ближайшем будущем, причем не всегда возможность куда-то проникнуть отсутствует ввиду отсутствия каких-либо ключей или чего-то подобного, зачастую проход попросту весьма не очевиден. Да и в целом структура уровней воспринимается как…

fairy-tail Metacritic

Fairy Tail

Summary: Fight for Your Guild with Powerful Magical Abilities in FAIRY TAIL FAIRY TAIL, based on Hiro Mashima’s best-selling manga and anime series of the same name, follows the spell-binding plot from “The Grand Magic Games” story arc — enabling gamers to re-live, or experience for the first Fight for Your Guild with Powerful Magical Abilities in FAIRY TAIL FAIRY TAIL, based on Hiro Mashima’s best-selling manga and anime series of the same name, follows the spell-binding plot from “The Grand Magic Games” story arc — enabling gamers to re-live, or experience for the first time, the exciting episodes of…

fight-crab Metacritic

Fight Crab

Shacknews Jul 30, 2020 70 If you are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have buddies who would be into crab battles, Fight Crab offers a few different ways to get it on, including online co-op. It also supports most of the community features offered by Steamworks integration, such as achievements, leaderboards, and the ever-awesome remote play support. Objectively, this is barely a game but the events occurring within are preposterous enough that its $20 entry fee can be justified by interested parties. Equal parts fever dream and time-waster, Fight Crab may find a way to sidestep into your Steam library….

teacher-raises-$16,000-on-twitch-to-wipe-out-school’s-lunch-debt Twitch

Teacher Raises $16,000 On Twitch To Wipe Out School’s Lunch Debt

It is, to still somehow understate things, an incredibly difficult time to be a teacher. Around the country, many schools are set to reopen this fall, but with covid-19 case numbers continuing to soar, danger will inevitably lurk in familiar halls. What will happen once class is in session? Will things even get that far? For now, one high school teacher, Zachary “Jaychalke” McCarter, is focusing on injustices he can actually do something about—namely, the quiet ravages of lunch debt.

the-sims-4:-nifty-knitting Metacritic

The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting

COGconnected Aug 7, 2020 80 The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting was a pleasant surprise and had a lot more content in it than I had thought it would. I’m glad that EA is listening to the Sim Community and actually hearing what we want in the next packs. I hope that with these positive reviews, they’ll begin to do fan votes more often cause clearly we know what we want. All in all, I would put this Stuff pack in my top three favourites, with the other two being Tiny Living and Laundry Day.

maid-of-sker Metacritic

Maid of Sker

I recommend this game. If you like Outlast or Home Sweet Home Episode 1 or Araya or First Amnesia probably you will like it. MAID OF SKER isI recommend this game. If you like Outlast or Home Sweet Home Episode 1 or Araya or First Amnesia probably you will like it. MAID OF SKER is not super scary but tense. NICE GAMEPLAY – quite a lot and decently exploration + key items, solving puzzles to move on and possible backtracking – open world. Enemies are good for me, walking and chasing you in different ways, it seems like a random…

destroy-all-humans! Metacritic

Destroy All Humans!

Score distribution: Negative: 0 out of 18 Rebuilt from the ground up in every way, Destroy All Humans! (2020) puts every other remaster on notice — this is how it’s done. It may be a bit of a stretch to see if any game holds up after 15 years, but Destroy All Humans! is still a mindless romp of manic mass destruction that excels in the replayability department. A brilliantly polished slice of nostalgia, Destroy All Humans! knows exactly where to focus its energies with its silly story, updated gameplay and a graphical overhaul that is light-years ahead of the…

an-unreleased-indie-game-took-over-twitch,-but-it-didn’t-come-out-of-nowhere Twitch

An Unreleased Indie Game Took Over Twitch, But It Didn’t Come Out Of Nowhere

You might have had a good weekend—maybe played a video game and then moved to a different part of your home and played another game, because that’s quarantine, baby—but you probably didn’t have as good of a weekend as the developers of Fall Guys. The battle royale party game, which isn’t even out yet, shot to the top of the charts on Twitch and Steam. This didn’t come completely out of nowhere, however. Like so many other Twitch success stories these days, it staged its takeover of the platform through marketing that took advantage of Twitch’s specific structure.

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Score distribution: Negative: 0 out of 16 Othercide is a tactical roguelike with a flair for the dramatic, full of satisfying combat, careful planning, and sometimes heart-rending decisions. Othercide may challenge you harshly, but it also adequately rewards your perseverance. Regardless of its more technical flaws, Othercide promises a fresh and challenging TRPG experience for both new and veteran players of the genre. With captivating visuals and a unique take on turn-based initiative, Lightbulb Crew has given players a game more than worth its $34.99 price tag. Othercide is a flawed but generally fun strategy-RPG. It has some balance issues…